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Mr Vacaville, CA Review updated:

I am disappointed in the steak being served at the Vacaville Home Town Buffet. First, it had none of the appearance in the advertisements. Two, all ads appeared to show a full size steak available to be served. While at the Vacaville franchise on 7-18-12, I spoke with the Manager about the fact that a full size steak was not being served. They instead wanted to slice in half or just cut off a portion of the available steak. The manager informed me the ads are a bit deceiving and actually, we are only served a piece approximately 2 x 3 inches. He did allow me to have the full steak which was on the table, but it was thin, overcooked, and had no real taste which I look for in a steak. In fact, the majority of the food was really tasteless and mediocre at best. The salad bar was very good and possibly the saving grace for Home Town Buffet. I know your corporation has an extremely difficult job of providing quality meals at an affordable price, but don't advertise and show a nice thick, plump, juicy steak if your intentions are not to serve one. Thank you.

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  •   Jul 19, 2012

    if you want a GOOD steak go to a steakhouse. if you want a unlimited sized meal, go to a buffet. but dont expect the buffet to serve steakhouse quality meat. simple as that. did you actually think that you were going to get a $20.00 ribeye for a $8.99 buffet price ?

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  • Th
      Jul 19, 2012

    If you want crackers just ask Molly.

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  • Ra
      Aug 05, 2012

    Ditto what Mollyemt said.

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