Holsted Jewelers / Never received merchandise, representatives lying and credit card charging with out merchandise

So Dec 16, 2015

I received a notice in the mail stating that if i wanted to cancel the membership to fill out the bottom portion of the form and send it back to the company way before 11/26/2015. On 11/30/2015 i saw a charge on my bank statement for $72.98, which i called the company to let them know that i sent the notice back and to give me back my refund. The representative stated that the shipment had already been sent out. She stated that when the merchandise comes to write on the envelope "return to sender" and when they receive the merchandise that they would reimburse me the money into my account and that they never received my notice to cancel either. On this date i cancelled my membership. I never received the merchandise, then on 12/4/2015 i saw (2) payments of $72.98 from this company. I called the company again on 12/5/2015 to state that i canceled them and the representative stated that she saw it. When i spoke to the representative she stated that a shipment was sent out on 12/1/2015, which in turn i stated that the other representative lied to me on the phone. The representative stated that when i do receive the merchandise to write on the envelope "return to sender" again. When the company receives the merchandise back then i will be reimbursed. It is now 12/16/2015, i still have not received any of the merchandise and i am paying for something i did not receive. This company is just about getting and scamming people out of their money. The company allows the representatives to lie to potential and future customers. I took a lost and i am tired of all the lies. Someone needs to check them out before buying anything from them. It is not fair to honest working people trying to make it in this unfair, struggling world. I still want to be reimbursed my money. I was paying a bill and when they stole the money out of my account it gave me an overdraft from that bill.

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