Hollywood StarzTakes money-promise of Production of commercials, infomercials...Production Company does not exist!

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Owner-Ron Dener

Cons people with a promise of if they give him money he will put them in one of his 'many productions'. He does not have a production company. He does not produce films, commercials, infomercials or anything else! It is all lies.

He takes your money and gives you a contract that is useless. Some people have given more than $2, 500 because he 'promised them a secured place' on what he was 'producing.

He has 'workshops' that he charges $25-$30 each week and if you go to them he tells you that you must keep coming so he can 'cast you' in one of his 'many productions' such as "Heaven" - "Welcome to South Beach" - "All Day Energy Drink" - "Celebrity Pets" - etc. the list is endless and all phony!

He has a website that he tells people the must have their photo (or their dog's) taken (for $130) and it will be on the site for a year. That so many 'click on to it' that you will be chosen quickly for a job. The website is and is awful and NO ONE gets a job off of it!

When he gets shut down he opens up again and changes the name. The License is TA685 BEWARE OF RON - THE CON MAN!

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  •   Aug 28, 2009

    Ron Dener of "Hollywood Starz" is a flim flam man and a crook, he is taking money with promises that are lies. I want to retrieve my hard earned money from him and start a grievence against him, please e-mail me at: [protected] and lets get back our money before he flies the coop...
    Judi Huard

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      Sep 05, 2009

    My dog Angel is on Hollywood Starz website. Guess I got ripped off $75 worth. I'm glad I never got to take his workshops.

    Susan Abrams

    ps. I know you said P model management was bad but they did book me twice as an extra on "Burn Notice" and I did NOT get burned - they paid me twice. Their photographer was bad, though. Good luck to you Jayne.

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      Sep 09, 2009

    Billboard Magazine named Peter Bennett the #1 Promoter in the World! He was promoter for and managed (but not limited to) the following stars: The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Brooke Shields, Gloria Estefan, Bob Hope... the list goes on and on.
    Here is what Mr. Bennett had to say about Ron Dener of Ron Dener Productions:
    "I arranged Mr. Dener to direct Bob Hope's last and final appearance as well as join me to direct my show, 'The Pete Bennett Show' at the Margo Largo featuring Donald Trump and Marla Naples.
    I know Ron Dener is an Excellent TV director whom I would recommend to famous stars and I was so pleased with his work that I asked Mr. Dener to direct me on camera. He has real talent and a way with people.
    I was also privileged to have visited several of his Acting Workshops and I believe no one gives more to the actor in the knowledge of getting the job! I've known Ron Dener for over 6 years and he is, in my opinion, a very gifted and talented director & teacher whom I look forward to working with in the future."
    For Validity of this statement please visit Mr. Bennett's website,

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      Sep 12, 2009

    Hello, my name is Adriane Clare. I created and started our agency during the Miami Vice days.. My job is to be the agency director and I am currently a consultant to Hollywood Starz and see that the agency runs smoothly and successfully. It has come to my attention some negative comments has come from an ex independent contractor. Lets get the record straight. First of all listen to the people denying some statements of the complaints. Do you want to listen to someone who is angry, bitter, and has never been in a commercial, TV production, or film? Someone who has only been with the agency for 5 months? OR people who have worked and been on payroll for years and years that are known professionally in the industry. This Ex-employee got paid by her contract and absolutely no money is due to her.
    Comments such as "no one got work from the website" are not valid, being as 3 weeks ago some of the animals got straight booking without auditions. We have cast auditions for speaking parts such as Jello, Toyota, Singer Sewer Machine, Stride Rite Shoes as well as numerous other auditions that our talent booked.
    For your information, we moved to our south beach location and just booked a talent for a major music artist's production. In short, our agency, not including 5 years on Miami Vice, has booked 362 Local & National TV commercials, 41 major movies and we recently placed 222 people on the 3rd season of Burn Notice. We are now in the works for casting for productions such as our new energy drink partner and a show called "Heaven." And anyone reading this is invited to come in to our new office in south beach by appointment. (same phone number) Ladies and gentlemen, you can either become a part of our success or we can put you in our inactive file. I hope you all see both sides of this situation and listen to the people who have known us for years and are making a living working with us right now and doing what they love. You decide what you want to do, with us or not we wish you the best of luck.
    As an affidavit to this statement you are welcome to call me at Hollywood Starz [protected]

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      Sep 16, 2009

    Hi, this is Ardel Dalpe and I have known and worked with Ron Dener for about 20 years, back in the "MIAMI VICE" days.. when I met Ron I was a senior (which I still am, only older) After meeting Ron Dener and the Agency Director, Adriane Clare, I was given a chance to work with their agency and it was an experience that changed my life! I was booked and paid for 11 movies, 8 major promotions and 48 Miami vice episodes. I also was active in Ron Dener On-Camera Workshops, where to this day I try to abide by what i was taught.This has helped me fill a void in my life. As far as I'm concerned, Ron Dener has always done what he said he would. I think people don't understand how much time it takes to produce TV productions. That's why Mr. Dener is a great producer because he works a long as it takes to do what he says he will do every time. a very special time for me was when Ron produced "the Bee Gees reunion" starring Andy Gibb and as an opening act, The Solid Gold Dancers. It took over 8 months for him to produce the live televised concert in the Miami Knight Center but he was successful again! He provided 16 band members as well as all the talent from around the world. the Miami knight Center had 5000 seats for opening night. He had 6000 people for this show which benefited American Diabetes.
    Not many people can produce and create major events booked solid. I believe in Ron Dener and those who don't miss out on so many opportunities. I cant wait to work with him again soon.
    For validity of this statement I would LOVE to speak to you on the phone! call me at [protected]

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      Nov 10, 2009

    I've taken acting lessons from Ron Dener before. He's half legit and half scammer. Here is how he works:

    You come in for an acting test, and then he makes you feel like you passed the test and can take the classes. In reality, he'll accept anyone. Now this is not so bad, just kind of shady marketing. However, what follows is the bad part:

    When you get in the classes, he tells the students about all the plans he has for movies, television shows, and so on. Much of it is lies, but some of it is true. However, the films or shows he does make are horrible. He will use the amateur actors taking the classes, knowing damned well that they can't act and that the film won't be commercially viable.

    But the larger reason for making these shoddy films is to satisfy the investors who he lures into giving him thousands of dollars convince them that he's going to produce something that will be a hit. He tends to prey on senior citizens to get this funding, including ones that are taking the acting classes. He promises them he's going to make a great film or television show, but his plan is just to throw something together with the bad actors just to be able to show for legal reasons that he did make a film. Most of the money is pocketed, rather than used for the project. I know of one elderly woman that invested $25, 000 with him and lost it all. She was left empty handed and crying when she realized she had been scammed.

    He seems to be a bit of a sociopath. He also seems to take pleasure in being cruel to some students. He'll single out a few of the weaker students to pick on and ridicule, I suppose to make himself feel like a big man. He's also very sexist, as I personally found out. What's so amazing is that almost all the students for his lies hook line and sinker. I knew he was full of it the whole time, but just wanted to take some acting lessons. I stayed for a few months, then left because he's too miserable human being to bear being around.

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      Jun 12, 2011

    WAS Miss FLORIDA. He also COACHED Gloria Estefem From the miami
    sound machine! for ACTING TEACHER ENDORSEMENT please call

    Eye Witness News on ABC TV ask for Mr Ed SCHULZ for his coments

    He was Camera Man for 5 years for The RON DENER SHOW on WKID TV

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