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Upon checking into the motel just after midnight on 12-25-08, the night shift clerk informed me that I could smoke in the room but there would be a SMALL fee for cleaning (this is standard with most motels at $15). After just falling asleep at 2:30am, the night clerk woke me up banging on the door to drop off my bill (which stated the room charge was $124.03). I was very upset about being woken and could not get back to sleep until 5am. Upon checking out, I tried to complain, but was ignored. Days later I checked my bank account and there was an additional charge of $150 on top of the room bill. When I called the night clerk, he stated that was for smoking in the room and was very hateful to me. He claims I signed a paper agreeing to pay $150 to smoke, but refused to provide the document. I called the next day to complain to the manager, but the manager would not take my call.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in New Bern, NC I called the 1800 complaint line for the motel. They stated they would have the manager contact me within 48hrs or the motel would be fined more money than the amount in question. This did not happen, and the manager still ignored my calls even after leaving a voicemail with my complaint. Two days later I called the 1800 complaint line back and they said I had to allow 24 more hours because of the holiday. After another 24hrs, I called the complaint line again stating the manager refused to call me and they said too bad that it was not their place to do anything and for me to call my credit card company. This is very poor practice and they refused to help get me a copy of this supposed statement they say I signed. I have contacted my credit card company to file a dispute, but while I wait my $150 is tied up and is causing me financial grief. If nothing is done I plan to sue the motel for mismanagement.

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  • He
      May 27, 2009

    I work at a holiday inn express, and they have you sign a bunch of areas when you check in for no smoking, but they are supposed to tell you. If they didn't tell you, they can't charge you without telling you. The practice of managers at these hotels is intolerable and unprofessional. Take em to court!

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  • Ti
      Oct 04, 2009

    First Holiday Inn Express' are HOTELS not MOTELS.

    And they don't have to verbally tell you your being charged a smoking fee. If you signed it you signed it. Maybe you should READ what your signing.

    I bet you the night clerk said this is a non-smoking fee. If the room was smoked in there would be a fee for cleaning. No Front Desk Rep would ever say "hey, you can smoke in this NON-SMOKING room but theres going to be a small fee."

    And this standard motel $15 smoking fee is nonexistant. There is no hotel that would only charge you $15 dollars for smoking. Do you realize how much cleaning has to be done to be able to sell that room to a non-smoker and not have them complain.

    If you want a smoking room... rent a smoking room.

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