Holiday Inn Express, Lawrenceville, GA / horrible service

Me Sep 05, 2014
Contact information:
Phone: 877-859-5095

Holiday Inn will not allow you to review on their site if you book through Hotwire, probably because you do not get their best rooms, as it was our experience. We had to call the hotel for our confirmation number, and it would not let us post a review on their site. We complained to management there regarding multiple issues and no one cared. You just got the ah too bad fake concern with no action. We then filed a complaint w/ corporate and asked to be able to post on the site. The woman there will see if they "can let that happen." We felt like second class citizens! We are both handicapped, but never ask for a handicapped room. In fact, we stipulated that we did not want one. We were told we had no choice, but we were there early and could have been accommodated. It was horrible. We had stayed there before in a regular room next to the elevator, but this room was the furthest from the elevator. It was a hike. Being next to the stairs (furthest from the elevator), brought stair traffic to the ice machine and people ringing the doorbell on the handicapped room all night. It was a loud bell with blue flashing lights. It was alarming to be woken up like this. This room did not have a sink in the kitchen like the regular rooms, so you had to go back and forth between the kitchen and bathroom to fill the coffee maker. The closet was missing a handle. And, they were well aware there was a leak in the bathroom sink area (flooding the floor each night). We used most of our towels cleaning up leaking water that came from the sink base, down the counter, and soaked the kleenex box. This was just not accessible by any means. The breakfast was not a great experience. People pushed and shoved me in line. We were never offered assistance. I would stand in line to ask for someone to clean a table. They were filthy. My husband would sit and wait holding a table as I hobbled through line with my cane twice to find most things gone and unreplenished. I made sure he got something. By the time I got through the line twice, I settled for oatmeal, but had to ask for hot water. They were not keeping this filled either. Then, you could not load or unload your car out front, because there is a bench out there that has become a designated smoking area. You could smell the smoke to the handicapped parking area. Walking through it to get in the building was horrible. It is not a welcome greeting for someone with asthma or a non smoker. When I asked for management, I was told they were there but had stepped out. I assume they did not care, because I had to file a corporate complaint. Usually management wants to avoid this??? The manager blasted us for daring to file a review on TripAdvisor. He claimed we had told no one of these issues. I told two front desk staff of multiple issues each morning (one named Mary). No one would let me speak to the manager. And housekeeping knew of the leak. Yes, they rented the room knowing it had a leak (room 200).
Room Tip: Avoid The Handicapped Rooms At All Costs!!

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