Holiday Inn Expresscharged after I cancelled reservation

Sc Frackville, PA Review updated:

Do not stay at this hotel!!
The gm noreen oboyle will steal your credit card information and charge a no show fee after cancelling your reservation. I cancelled my reservation I called 10 times to double check and I called at 10:00am 07/28/2012 that morning to cancel and these coal crackers still charged my card. Again do not stay at this holiday inn or at any of the franchisee hotels that this hotel owner owns. Noreen oboyle had charged my credit card $126.14 that is fruad! Any other customer that was ever charged a no show fee please email there will be a lawsuit against any hi express that ever charged any guest a no show fee. The hotel has admitted that I had called that many times and stil wony refund my money. Noreen oboyle is a theif and a liar. Michael lawyer the so called manager who was working on this case to refund me my money he admitted that yes I did call in that many times and wanted to know why I did not trust those customer service people in the phillipines, I advised him this is the reason why. Also it is the same reason why I called the hotel too. This is the ihg corporate headquarters address to write to:
Ihg corporate headquarters
3 ravinia drive
Atlanta, ga 30346
The more customers who complain about this issue of the so called "no show fee" the sooner this will stop and every customer will be able to fight to get their money back. There needs to be a class action lawsuit against this company
Also the holiday inn express claims they don't remember me calling in to cancel the reservation, but they so called have it logged I called in 10 times. Wow!

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      Sep 02, 2012

    there is usually a 72 hour cancelation policy and if you do not cancel it by that're charged. you can dispute your credit card. good luck!

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