Histyle Cattery - Kitten with Jaw DeformityJaw Deformity

Took my new 11 week old kitten to the vet for a kitten check expecting to walk away with a big thumbs up having bought her from a reputable breeder called Histyle Cattery (or so I thought!). Only to discover that she has an eye infection and a jaw deformity. The vet said that weepy eyes are common in the breed because of the 'squashed' face and it could be a lifetime affliction or clear up with a little cream and TLC. The jaw on the other hand was either the result of a fractured jaw that didn't heal well or a birth deformity. If she was an outdoor cat she'd fail dismally as a hunter and without food wouldn't live very long. But as an indoor cat, with a special diet and a visit to the vet each year for ongoing teeth cleaning and tarter removal, she'll live a long and happy life. The insurance company won't the vet bills because the breeder took out 6 weeks free kitten insurance and claimed the kitten didn't have any known health related problems which was a lie. The breeder claims "The jaw displacement is complete news to us and we have no comprehension as to how this would have occurred." I've asked for a complete refund of $850.00 which they are fighting unless I return the kitten which I have no intention of doing.

Jan 08, 2015

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