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High-Tech Institute / Scam and rip off!

441 Donelson PikeNashville, TN, United States Review updated:
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I started to attend High-Tech Institute in September of 2001 for a computer networking degree. When I first went to sign up for classes they told me that the degree was accredited and I could have transfered to any other school after I graduated from High-Tech. It was all a LIE! The lady who spoke to me told me that they will assist me on finding a job after graduation, they never did anything. She told me most of their student go on to find 50k+ jobs when they graduate, how stupid I was to believe them.

The teachers there were horrible. They rarely came to class on time and most of the technology equipments in the lab were outdated. A lot of the times they did not have the right lab equipments for the students to complete a lesson.

Now I am stuck with a 15k loan that I am unable to pay off because I cant find a job working in my profession. If I were to find a job in my profession, I would not have the necessary skills to perform that job. High-Tech does not teach you anything at their schools, all they do is lie to you.

My teachers gave the answers to 99% of the tests they gave at that school, that was the study time. A day before the test the teacher goes over the exact test and gives you the answers to the questions, all you have to do is memorize them.

I wish a law suit is filed on High-Tech. I will give any necessary information needed to do so. People are still being lied to there and it needs to stop.

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  4th of Sep, 2008
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I have been going to High Tech Inst. since July 23rd of 2007, and there way of teaching continues to stay the same along with the lies. These teachers do not teach us, they give us the answers to the tests, all you have to do is memorize. this is not structured teaching at all. I am out of school more than I am in. This is horrible, my loan is costing me over $23, 000 dollars for a Degree that is going nowhere. Please this needs to stop! Isn't this illegal? So many people are being taken advantage of at High-Tech Inst. in NASHVILLE, Tn.
  1st of Oct, 2008
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Yes High Tech Institute is full of incompetent, lying employees! I was approved for a loan, and they failed to send in the promisory note paperwork, and my loan was cancelled. I re-applied with added information they needed, and the lovely brainless ###s that worked in the Finance Dept., faxed the paperwork, but didnt take the time to verify that they received it at the other end. The loan company didnt get it, so they cancelled the loan a second time. They stated I needed a co-signer if I wanted the loan, which was supposed to be 4% interest. Several weeks before I was to graduate, they told me I come up with $900.00, or they will eject me from school. I was forced to sign and "in-house" loan with 5% interest. I finished school, but they never had a graduation for us. THEY FORGOT! They even took 2 extra weeks to complete my paperwork, causing me to miss the deadline to apply for my massage license. When they printed my diploma, it said I passed the Dental Assitant program. Told them it was not correct, and they said "People make mistakes!" They sent me the correct diploma, but never asked for the wrong one back! They even let a student stay in school when he missed more classes than the state allows, because he paid for it! They are law breakers..
  17th of Oct, 2008
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I attended High Tech in Memphis, TN and their way of teaching is the same there as well. They just told us what to highlight in the books and then on Thursdays they would go over the questions on the test. Most of the tests weren't even on the chapters that we were going over that week. If they didn't go over the questions there's no doubt the whole class would have failed. They lost their accreditation so I only could get a diploma in medical billing not a degree. I was there for 8 months in the classroom and had 4 teachers, I didn't switch classes it was all the same one. We even got one that even said she didn't know how to do this she was only an office manager and that we would be learning this together. How are we going to learn anything valuable like that. I didn't get approved for a grant because they made me use my husband's and my tax returns but we weren't even married and filed single and then made me use my maiden name and wouldn't change it. I think they just wanted the money because now I had the get a loan from them. I know of several times when they charged students more then they were supposed to because they didn't think that they would get caught. They charged one girl room and board when they don't even offer that, it was $900. When they received too much from the loan co. they are supposed to send it back, they would tell you they did but the loan co. would tell you different. When someone caught it, the financial dept refused to show the paper work and the loan co. said they had to by law show you anything that you had signed. So the loan co. had to talk to them and tell them they were wrong. Another student received a pell grant but the school cancelled it and made her get a loan she can't afford and didn't even tell her about the grant. I have one more day and I will be done with my externship and I learned more in 1 week from them about coding then I did at the school in 8 months. I had to find my own extern site because nobody wants High Tech students anymore because they don't know what theyr'e doing. I wasted a week waiting on them to find one for me. I'm not sure I even know what I'm doing and I don't remember what I was "taught". I even finished with a 4.0. I really do believe I wasted 9 months and $11, 000. I haven't gotten paid in a month because of the externship and now I don't know if i'm going to even find a job soon. By the time I figured out what a crock this school was it was already past my week to get out. I will tell any I know or hear of that's even thinking about going there to run as fast and as far as they can. They be wasting all their time and money because they are going to seach the web for 3 hrs a day and learn nothing. That's really all we did in class anyway, searching the web (not about anything pertaining to school), along with the teacher. Hell I could do that at home. Oh well, you live and you learn. Hopefully I can find a way to get my money back.
  17th of Oct, 2008
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I forgot to add that our books were added into our tution but we couldn't keep them and they are the books that I need in order to be in my profession. Plus they don' t pay for your certification test and they don't even tell you how, when or where you can take it.
  20th of Oct, 2008
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I enrolled in high tech in sept. of 2008 and started in oct. of 2008. First of all, I had to pay them 400.00 dollars to start, at the time I started I did not know that I could take medical coding and billing at the school. So, after being in the x-ray class one week I went to admissions to see about changing my course of study and they have given me the run around. Today is oct. the 20th and I am going to try and withdraw. It seems like it is going to be difficult and I am ready for battle. I have dealt with nothing but incompetent and unprofessional staff and lies. What a shame in this day and age that we have people sacrificing to get and education and this is the thanks that they get. I will post back later to tell of outcome, when the truth is had I did my homework on this institution I would not be in this position. They are selling lies and it needs to stop. I would happy, if things don't turn out okay to join a class action lawsuit.
  30th of Oct, 2008
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Wow. I dropped out of Allied College (while going there for Dental Assisting) once I found out that my credits WOULD NOT transfer. I specifically asked if my credits would transfer to other main colleges before I signed the papers to register for the school, and they claimed they would. As soon as I found out I wouldn't be able to transfer any classes, I decided I didn't want to waste my time teaching myself out of books (my grades were great, but not from the lack of help from the teachers). They still charged me for everything. Honestly, I am so upset my money went towards something that I got nothing out of. The school is awful. I overworked myself only to find out that NOTHING came out of this school.

On top of that, the teachers weren't great. Like I said, I had to teach myself out of the book. But in the teachers defense (which does not explain any poor teaching) they were overworked, working almost full-days (early mornings, to late nights), and this could have obviously concluded in overtime. And I've read somewhere where the teachers were having problems getting paid this overtime from the institute.

What is there we can do? I've read about these lawsuits. Honestly, I don't like the fact that they've gotten away with so much. This can't be right, especially with so many complaints. If you guys know of any information, or anywhere we can file something, feel free to E-mail me and let me know. Thanks a lot.
  30th of Oct, 2008
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Also, they would pull students out of class for around an hour to collect debt or payments towards their tuition.

Basically, these schools are just money grabbers. Something really needs to be done.
  18th of Nov, 2008
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Private educational instutute looking to gain profit, not train students

I'am a former student graduate from 2004-2006 Graphic Design...

My choice to attend this institute was based on a recruiter’s statements of job placement and accreditation. Both statements were later discovered to be false. I came to Tennessee all the way from North Chicago suburbs and feel like I was suckered. Straight up bamboozled!!! The instructer were nice people. Just not trained or qualified to teach, especially with old tech. My instructor was a not a graphic designer, he was a general contractor and he assisted his brother run a few sites. They used Old Dell Pc to teach graphics and they would shut down or lag. I didn't know until I graduated the world of design runs on MAC. I went to several different schools after and none would take my credits. I notice that they all were equiped Mac labs. Every job I looked into required you to know MAC. The only used of MAC is two old G3 that sit as two giant paper weights. They are never turned on. I never saw anyone used them...

Their job placement was not very helpful. It consisted of websites. Mainly "Craigslist." It took me months on my own to find a internship, it was more if a job shadows. There view I job that I was not prepare for. I'm not say that i could've learn how to get it done, just saying I was not given the tools to accomplish the job. Now, I'm 23K in debt and back in school. For two years I let High tech hold me down as I tried to move foward. I wasn't getting no where with a High tech AAS degree.

Well, i'm not really looking to cash in on the lawsuit. I just would like them to paid off my loans or help take them off my back. if there is anyone with any infomation please email me. Times are hard for everyone especially students looking for carreers.
  23rd of Nov, 2008
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I am a former Program Manager at High Tech Institute and I am going to keep my name private. I must say that you are all right in your complaints and I apologize to all of you. High Tech (like many other for profit post-secondary career schools) is all about getting money from their students and they don't care at all. They tell the teachers and managers that we need to keep you in the seats and really we cannot fail you. Our job is to give you the answers..not really teach you. I would get in trouble because I tried to actually teach..and I had too many students getting C's... Well C is average actually but other teachers were getting stuents with all A's (because they gave test answers out) and those teachers were getting praise. I was making students actually learn and I was getting in trouble. Funny though my former students actually have jobs...some of them are managers in clinics now...

High Tech has lost its accreditation in many of its schools and quite frankly many of its instructors don't have the qualifications to be teaching. It is horrible. Also, they pay the instructors salary but treat them like hourly...no overtime. again very bad. If I were a student I would look into getting my money back...try to start a class action suit against them.

Just my 2 cents...
  2nd of Dec, 2008
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Thanks for saving me time and money. I was looking at them for a job as a career advisor, but your comments have told me the truth. Thanks for your honesty. (I live 2 miles from the Nashville Campus)
  11th of Mar, 2009
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Im so excited to have found you guys and your storys. people look at me crazy when i speak the truth. No one like the school and everyone feels like they've been bamboozled but i'm the only one that can prove it. They promised me a degree they don't even offer!!! I received "cancellation notices" about my pell grants that i didn't know about, they removed me from class and told me i needed to pay the full amount or stop coming to school.. everything mentioned here, they hit me with. I'm currently speaking to lawyers, if anyone wants a voice please contact me.
  27th of Mar, 2009
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My name is Edward Harrington Heyburn, Esq. I am one of the attorneys representing students against High-Tech. Unfortunately, many of your problems are identical to the fraud High-Tech, Chubb and Anthem perpetrated on its students, If you would like to be included in the law suit to recover your tuition, please contact me at:

Law Offices of Edward Harrington Heyburn, PC
37 Robbinsville-Allentown Road
Robbinsville, NJ 08691
(609) 259-7600
  4th of Nov, 2017
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@Edward Harrington Heyburn Hi is this lawsuit still in effect, I graduate from High-Tech in Memphis Tn, In March of 2006. I went to them from June of 2004-March 2006. And I found out that none of my credits are transferable when I talked to another school so, What would I have to do in order to have some of my loan swipe away that started with that school? my email address is barnettangela54@yahoo.com, Please let me know Thank you
  31st of Mar, 2009
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I agree with everyone that went to this school. Half the time we didn't have teachers we were given all our answers to the test and the staff is full of b.s...This school is the worst school is a total rip off !!!
  31st of Mar, 2009
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If there is a class action suite please email me asap. I am a single mom of 3 i thought going ba ck to school would better my life but it has put me in debt. I feel like i was used just to get my money and graduate placement is a joke!!! This has me so depressed!!!
  31st of Mar, 2009
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I am a practicing massage therapist, who returned to school to futher my education and discovered I took extra degree classes that are useless and in return I have had to start over. when I could have saved over 10, 000 dollars with just recieving a diploma in masssage therapy since it is, after all the state who must certify you to began with, I was so upset to see that I wasted my time on pointless psychology classes and critical thinking, commication classes and math. When I could have gone to a community college to reiceve it cheaper and they would in turn be accreditable and transfer over to other colleges. JUST DON T DO IT... There assoicates of science degree is pointless, if any thing just do the degree program, they told me more money and that was a lie... Amanda Presley LMT.
  6th of Apr, 2009
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i too went to HTI i got a gegree i couldnt use and 30k in debt. they filled me full of hope push you through and guess what you owe ...i want to sue as well but mine was in 1998.. but will give testimony for who ever..
  12th of Aug, 2009
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I started High-Tech on July 13th. I had to pay 50 bucks to start, but that wasn't a prob for me. Long story short, I droped out today and they said that I have to pay 470.69 and I'm still a teen with a job that pays less than what they're asking for and I don't evn get to spend my check. I help out my family and if I pay that, then I wont be able to help my mom nor little sister. Someone tell me that I don't have to pay it.

P.S. I turned 17 before going to high-tech, if that matered.
  19th of Aug, 2009
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I lost my very good paying job in 2005, and as a single mother with a baby, I didnt know where to go from there. The same week I lost my job, I heard HTI being advertised on the radio. I always wanted to go to school to take MRI's, so when I went in to meet with the HTI counselor's, they told me that the X-ray program would be the best for me, and that I could advance later to take MRI's and CT scans. They told me I could start in 2 weeks, and that made me feel good. They told me that I scored VERY high on the intake test and that it was rare for them to place people in the X-ray program so I should feel very good. I attended school, and as I got half way through the program, I began to hear people complain that there were no jobs in the X-ray field, and that most people ended up working in Chiropractic offices answering phones or drawing blood as a medical assistant, which is not what I was going to school for. My instructors were very nice and helpful, but they were licensed Chiropractors, not X-ray techs! Long story short, I now am being garnished from my already low pay checks from an administrative assistant job for this 17, 000.00 loan that I cannot pay, and frankly, do not feel I should pay. The job placement was horrible, the director kept sending me job adds that I was not qualified to do or even think about apply for. WHAT A JOKE! I dont even want my money back, but I want my life back. I want the remaining balance to be forgiven. I cant even go back to school now because I am in default on this loan.
  23rd of Aug, 2009
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Although I can say I have learned a lot at the school and I do enjoy the hands on environment, do NOT go to this school. Save your money. The management could care less about the students or teachers, all they care about is making money. The administration will fill your head with lies that make their program sound great, but be warned, it is not. Financial aid is useless and you end up with thousands in student loans.
I have seen several AMAZING teachers leave because the management use and abuse the teachers and they do not agree with changes that the management are making. The teachers that are left are worn down and because of that their rude and could care less about the students. I have also seen several students who have finished school but come back to class on our lab days to get a "refresher" on their lab skills because they have been out of school so long and can not get a job.
Also a few classmates and I have been looking for a place to do our externship and after calling hospitals and speaking to several HR departments we discovered there are two hospitals in Dallas that will NOT accept people who went to school at High Tech. Period. Not for extern and not after you graduate.

I wish I would have known all of this before I threw away $13, 000 of my money. Please, please take this advice seriously. Go to a real school.
  5th of Oct, 2009
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Can someone please tell me what the true mission is at HTI.Is it a diploma mill, where greed and profit comes before education.Whatever happened to training students for careers that are meaningful and helping someone make a better life?
Former HTI Employee

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