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Higbee and Associates led by Matthew Higbee is literally the worst of the worst.

Here's what they do:

The comopany RM Media intetionaly SEO'd their pictures to the top of Google "free for reuse" or "no copyright section." They did this to bring in as many copyright infractions as possible. The SEO trail is easy to see. They even out rank the big pictures houses in most image searches RM Media is the number one free image. They put a lot of effort into SEO ing all these pics to the front of Google free image search.

But, at the same time they were commiting a massive fraud.

They were not acting in good faith. They put these pictures up for free use on purpose to bring in lawsuits. Thats the new business model. Then when people inivitable use them because they were intentiaonlly SEO'd to the top of free use. They threaten to sue them.

Who are you gonna call to complain Google?

They know this and brag about their settlement rate because of it. This firm knowingly commitied a masive fraud and should be disbarred or sanctioned. No one should pay. Everyone should file a bar complaint.

They could have got away with it if they didnt purposly SEO the piuctures to top of free search. Hard to argue you have damages when you spent time and money pushing your photos to the top of free search. This is the equvilant of purposly causing a car accident and then filling a personal injury law suit. A total fraud and the lawyers are either to dumb to realize or in on it.

Higbee & Associates
Higbee & Associates

Jul 31, 2018
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  •   Jan 11, 2019

    I got sued!!!

    I got hit with an RM Media demand letter too. I used 3 of their free creative commons images without giving credit to RM Media. I ignored their letters and about 6 month later, I got sued. Apparently, we are not the only ones. Higbee sues hundreds of people. I saw a judge in California gave RM Media almost $20, 000. This is insanity.

    This attorney offers help, but it is not free or cheap,

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