Hertz / unethical behavior and very poor customer service

On Friday 19th Feb. 2016, I rented a Sentra mid size vehicle from Hertz of Baytown, Texas, 77521 for the weekend to return on Monday 22nd. Rental Record # [protected]. Within 1 hr of receipt of said vehicle it stalled in a Walmart car park. The vehicle was only shutting off when you tried to start it. Frustrated I immediately contacted the manager of Baytown Hertz at 5:50pm. Closing time was 6.00pm. I was told there was nothing he could do and he said I should call roadside assistance. OK. I called, told they were coming in 15 minutes for there was some one close by. I waited 50 mins for the tow truck. I decided to give the vehicle a try again and presto it started. i called back RSA and told them but I said I would still wait for the assistance. Assistance finally came and they said they cannot find anything wrong. I was concerned to drive the vehicle but I drove it home and it did not shut off. Next day I contacted Hertz to update them and asked to change the vehicle. They said it was working but they would notify the manager on Monday. OK. On Sunday the vehicle overheated and I switched it off and called Hertz again. They do not work on weekend so I called roadside assistance again. They came but told me I have to find my way home on my own. I had 2 children in the vehicle. Mr Elliot gave me a taxi # and said I should go to Hobby airport to get a new car for he cannot assist me. The taxi cost $85. which I could not afford to pay so I had to beg a friend to pick us up and take us home. This is my first time renting a vehicle and it would be the last. Hertz were not helpful and customer service was extremely poor to say the least. I was severely inconvenienced and the experience was truly horrible being passed around from agent to agent. I have to go the office on Monday and I do not know what I will meet. I forgot to say that I was charged for pre-purchased fuel which I did not agreed to at all. I immediately called them and told them that and they apologized saying it was done in ERROR...uhummm. ERROR my foot! I further called "customer service " to voice my dissatisfaction and was told that an area Manager would be notified of my complaint and I would get a call immediately. They never called! My weekend was ruined and today is Monday and I will be going in to Hertz and request a refund and let them know of their utterly poor customer service. I will update this soon.

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