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I ordered a supplement from Herbal Groups and was to get it free and to only pay $5.95 shipping. Had 30 days to try their product but after only fourteen days they billed my account for $99.86. I have tried to call them to cancel but no one answers any of the numbers listed. I faxed them and told them to cancel, I have emailed them to cancel my order but have heard nothing. I went to my bank this morning and had my card (hotcarded) so that they cannot charge anything else to my account. I have noticed that I am not the only one who has had problems. They were at least able to talk to someone but to no avail. Do not get scammed by this company.

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  • Ka
      Jan 21, 2009

    I too have been charged by the Herbal Group, when I should have only paid the $5.95 for a sample to try. Nothing came in my package, therefore I had no phone number or any way to know I would be charged. I called my bank to dispute and they gave me a phone number that was listed for this company. The number is [protected].
    I called and they claim if I mail the bottle back, I will receive a refund within that week. We'll see.

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  • Vs
      Feb 04, 2009

    I ordered vitamin supplements for $5.95 including shipping. 14 days later my account was charged $99.86. At the same time I received some sort of trial kit in the mail. It was almost impossible to reach them by phone but I finally did. I was told that if I returned the merchandise I would be refunded. I've called several times since then but they just keep saying that it is out of their control...that the product must still be in "shipping". The asked if I would like to cancel my subscription...otherwise, I would be billed another $99.86 the next month. I cancelled, and sent the merchandise back 2 day delivery. The company is a total scam. Please do not order from them.

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  • St
      May 12, 2009

    I ordered a sleeping aid for my husband that did not work. I was told by a representative to return the product for a full refund. Before I could send it back, I received another shipment and was automatically charged on my bank card. I have sent both orders back and cancelled all new orders, and have YET to receive my refund. Please do not order from this company. You can reach someone by phone but nothing gets done. [protected].

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  • Gu
      Jun 10, 2009

    I was to get a one month supply for 9.95 whic hthey billed me for. I never received the item &called to cancel any future shipments. They claimed I was "not in their system" and not to worry; I would not be billed any further. Two days later I was billed $160 for three months of a product I did not order!!! I left messages on all their lines but no response. I think the skipped town.

    I had to "block my bank card" & change my account number. How do you get these people? Does the FBI have a site for them? They are in Philadelphia & I am in S.C. That is interstate fraud.

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  • Gu
      Jun 10, 2009

    If you want a chilling denoucement of the Herbal Group sales of Prostalex Plus
    you can go to the following site for a formal warning letter from the government.

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  • Na
      Aug 24, 2009

    They billed me $88.64 for a months supply of products when I accepted their trial offer for $5.95. They billed me before I even received the trial products and AFTER I cancelled the order. I had to cancel my card and my bank is trying to recover the money. None of the online "trial " offers seem to be legitimate.

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  • Bl
      Dec 08, 2009

    They billed me for $6.95 for a free trial. I called to stop the free gas card for 10.00 and other needless things. The 888 # is on the west coast and I'm on the east. I called 5 times to talk to customer service and left 3 voice mails to return my call, which they haven't. They have billed my checking account twice, once in November for $65.90 and in Dec. for 29.95. I have received nothing from these purchases. These people or company is a scam!!! I'll have to block my checking account so they can't take any more money from me.

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  • Kc
      Mar 31, 2011

    My 94 year old father has had the same experience and has been billed repeatedly. He has lost sleep (a serious issue at his age) over this and has had to spend hours trying to sort this out. Visa has reimbursed him for some of the shipments, but he is still getting billed by Herbal Group! Is there anyway to file a group suit against these criminals?

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  • Th
      Mar 01, 2012

    Boy am I glad I told her I wanted to look them up online first, since I didn't initiate the call. They called my cell number and also knew I was having hip joint pain. She said probably my doctor gave them my name. Well it all sounded good, but I didn't want to give someone my ATM card number when I didn't ask them to call me. So I asked her to give me her name and number and I would call her back. Well there was no web-site and so I googled just herbal group. Which is where I found all of these complaints! Thank goodness for the Internet!

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  • Di
      Sep 21, 2012

    I am considering a lawsuit after being talked to in a disgusting manner! I got several calls at least twice a day from this 904 number so I finally answered, a guy said Hello maam I see that you inquired about our herbal weight loss product..I said no I did not..he interrupted me and said well hey lucky you won a free trial of our product I just have one question how much weight are you trying to loose..I said I'm not trying to loose any can you please remove my number because I don't want anyone to keep calling me he said (sexual voice) hmm you sure you don't want your body to look all toned or all good! I said can I speak to a supervisor he said ok maam and hung up! I called back and got the same guy I said do not hang up on me transfer me to a supervisor I going to sue you he hung up on me again! I called back pissed off and got another guy and asked to speak to supervisor which all this I am recording now on my phone! I told the guy the situation and he said yes that isnt policy and not how he should have spoken to you! I said again can I speak to supervisor finally after 11 mins on hold he said maam can he call you back he is on the phone I said no he needs to answer this phone call! Finally Robert came on the phone as a supervisor and was extremely rude and basically told me that I was rude to his staff and was trying to tell him how to do his job! we are having a yelling match at this point! and then then he hung up! He refused to give me Company address and telephone and name of guy I spoke too!I I called back the guy I spoke to at first was laughing! and then hung up So I call back and get Nick who told me the guys name and address but would not give me telephone number!! So yes I am one highly pissed off individual at this disgusting service!(I recorded all of this action and do have names of all individuals now just wanted to let my complaint be heard since noone is available but my lawyer)

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  • Bo
      Dec 18, 2012

    They just called me out of the blue. Glad I didn't give them any credit card information from after reading these Comments . I also won a so called FREE TRIAL diet patch, what a joke!

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  • Wa
      Mar 05, 2013

    I received a call and it showed as a local number [protected]. When I called them back they told me I could receive free supplements and only be charged shipping. I specifically ask if I would receive any additional shipments after the first one and was told no. So I gave her my credit card number and just before hanging up she read something very quickly that said after 14 days I would receive another shipment. I told her to forget it and she said she wasn't able to cancel the order. I argued with her for some time and she finally transferred me to her supervisor who tried to pull the same thing. I had to be transferred 3 times before getting my order canceled. This place is a joke. I don't know how they used a local number to call me because they said they were on Pacific Time and I am on Eastern Standard Time. Their actual number is [protected]. Be aware of any calls from this number.

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  • Em
      Apr 07, 2014

    I had received a phone call after browsing the web for some great weight loss products. I ordered the 2 week trial and gave it a shot, I was billed the 99.95 afterwards the following month and had already received that months supply with my trial, super convenient and I have lost so much weight. i will continue using this product until i do reach my ideal weight. No diet or exercise has been needed although I have noticed I now have a great amount of energy and have a FANTASTIC outlook on life :) Please give it a try, it might be a little expensive but it is totally worth it to look absolutely AMAZING !!!

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  • Fa
      Nov 04, 2014

    well, I ordered and didn't get the confirmation in my email. so, I was trying to find a number so I could call and found this complaint sight. I called and asked for them to refund me and not send anything. they said it was cancelled and a refund was submitted, no arguments, after the first person I spoke to who started to tell me it would take two days to get the email. He transferred me immediately when I told him that was ridiculous since the charge for shipping had already hit my account. I was passed to a manager who told me I had to call the 1-800 number I hadn't received. She gave me the number I called [protected] and it's suppose to be cancelled.

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  • Mu
      Apr 27, 2015

    I am not at all comfortable with receiving a call out of the blue about me wanting to loose weight. The deal sounded good but I am really hesitant in giving my credit card info out unless I thoroughly check out the company etc. I am glad I did check it out, I only see 1 positive submission about this company so needless to say I won't be trying their free trial for weight loss.

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  • Vs
      May 26, 2015

    I was just called by this company and they wanted to send me the standard "free" sample for pain patches. I agreed as long as it would not be a recurring charge. She agreed as long as I paid the shipping of $6.95.

    Then she said the charge would be recurring unless I called in to cancel. When I still disagreed with their process she got the "strong arm" manager who tried to get me to agree. Finally he hung up saying I had been on this call too long (15 minutes).

    After reading the other comments here, I called my bank right away. When I found out the charge of $6.95 had already been processed, I blocked the card. I suggest the rest of you do the same thing or you will be facing charges of hundreds of dollars. How do we stop this company?

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  • Ja
      Aug 19, 2015

    This company is not a god business. When I ordered a free 2 weeks trial of a diet match the customer rep was very rude. When I got the shipment I was charged a day earlier than I had for the 2-week trial. When I called to ask why and for a refund I was told that I ordered the product over a month ago and that I was being charged for a full month's supply and the trail. They told me in order to get a refund I had to return the product (in a generic email that I did not understand because I had already used the some of the 2-week trial package). When I called they said that they also included a month's paid shipment in the same box as the trail and to get a refund I had to return the month's supply. I told them I did not agree to get a full month along with the free trial, but they said was a part of the terms and conditions and that I couldn't get a refund. This company has rude customer service rep's, unclear advertisement, and bad record keeping. Do Not Order from Them!

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  • Ru
      Dec 04, 2015

    I just received a call from this Herbal Group company out the blue about getting a free trial of patches to lose some weight and all I would have to do is pay for shipping of 6.95 unless I wanted to get the buy one month and get the second month for free special for only 69.99. They told me that it was money back guaranteed if I don't lose any weight. Then provided me with a 1-800 number to call and tell them about my weight loss. When he asked for my card? I told him that I didn't feel comfortable giving my card number over the phone and hung up then they called right back from the same number. I checked online and found all of the nagative comments about them and only one fake good comment from someone at the company itself. I'm glad I didn't fall for the okie dokie. The number they called me from is [protected]

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