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Helio / Stupidity

1 Los Angeles, CA, United States
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GREATEST HELIO SCREW UP!! Where to start...I thought I was the only person that was dealing with idiots at HELIO, but it makes me feel a little better that everyone's receiving the all-around dumb-### Helio service. Literally, Helio reps are pretty stupid. My latest dispute? Lost my phone after having it for close to two years now...almost done with my contract too! Well, I call Helio, and tell them I've lost my phone and need the fastest way to get a replacement. It's like asking an elementary school student "What's the square root of 69, 000?" I was given a shrug and told to speak to (Helio's handset insurance company). Signal wanted me to go on their website, download a pdf, print it, fill it out and fax it back! Did they come up with this policy in the 80's...ever hear of online forms with a submit button? Also found out "Authorized Helio Dealer" signs, you know that crappy blue sign they hang in the stores? That doesn't mean squat...they don't give a rat's ### about Helio customers. Even Helio reps say "oh they're a third party dealer...third party third party..." What is that!? Is that a nice way of saying they don't give a damn about Helio? Then why would you make them "Authorized Dealers"?! All in all, no loaner phones, even with insurance you're looking at getting a replacement in a few days. Also Helio is closed on Sundays?! Was told they're closed tomorrow too (Martin Luther King Day...come on! really!? Is Helio related to the postal service??) That's what one of the "Authorized Helio Dealers" told me. They said they couldn't even shut off the service on my lost phone?! But when I called Helio, they were able to do it right away...but I had to tell them to do it. I called Helio twice today and told them lost my phone, need a replacement. I guess that doesn't warrant them to shut off service on my lost phone, cause they just passed me onto Signal and my phone was left ON?!?! I lost my phone with Tmobile once, when I called Tmobile and told them, they asked if the service should be turned off. Helio...haha...nothing like that, they just don't care?! Both times I called and told them I lost the phone...service was just kept on! I called Helio a third time to see if they had turned off the service (as common sense should dictate)...nope they didn't. I had to tell that rep, Look lost my phone and before you haul me off to Signal, can you please shut the service off? Thank YOU! This isn't my first "sigh of grief" when dealing with Helio. Previously, called Helio to pay a bill for just one month (and not pay inadvance the next month, I was very clear abou that), but what do you know they overbill and charge me a month in advance, when I specifically said "No, I am only paying the portion due at this time"...found out my bank card had an overwithdrawl from...guess who? Helio! Okay, just a small mistake...just credit me for the $35 overwithdrawl fee and we'll be squared away. Took me four months to get that $35 overwithdrawl fee! During those four months, I scheduled at least two supervisor call backs (because the supervisor was too busy to take my call). First time I tried to speak to a supervisor, was left on hold for over half an hour, only to be told that the supervisor was too busy to take my call and if they could have a supervisor schedule to call me back. Each time I scheduled a call back, that day came and passed without a call back. Great service HELIO! What was really amazing was one of the times I spoke to a member rep and requested a supervisor, I was left on hold. He came back to say the supervisor would not be able to take my call, but if I'd like he could credit me $30 for my overwithdrawl fee. I was stunned! I asked, "Are you trying to bargain with me? Look, I got charged $35 for your mistake! I'm not a friend of yours to bargain with..WOW! SPEECHLESS! Trying to bargain with me?! Some other mistakes made by Helio... got some country song ring-back that I never ordered. Got a $30 credit on my phone bill even after I turned it down and said "No, I don't want a $30 credit, let me speak to a supervisor..." I guess if I was speaking ###, Helio might've mistaken it as meaning "Sure, give me the $30 credit!" I spoke with Helio earlier this morning and was given two options: file insurance claim and get a new phone in a few business days or option two: buy a new phone and connect it to my service. Although I had that really crappy 2 year old model Helio Drag, I mean Drift. The "authorized Helio Dealer" wanted $200 for a new one! hahaha! Then I called again a couple hours later and low and behold this member-whatever rep gave me a third option! What was that third option? Get any Helio device for free, or get that old ### ocean crap for like $40...but the drawback? I'd have to renew my service for another 2 YEARS! HAHAHAHAHA! I'd rather take a bullet in the foot. I'm one of the first people to have signed up for HELIO...I know about thirty people that all are planning on leaving HELIO this year. Let's all LEAVE HELIO. Let's hope that that gay guy Sky, CEO of Helio...has to be gay with a name like Sky...let's hope he starts blowing dck for coke soon.

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