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Heights Finance / Rude harassment

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Heights Finance in Paris, Tennessee is a company I will never deal with again, and hope you won't either!

This company makes unsecured loans. But trust me when I tell you, once you sign that check and put the money in the bank, this woman thinks she owns you. Her name is Barbara. I was late on a payment. I admit that. However I also never received the payment coupon in the mail. This woman called my job over 20 times even after I had talked to her and asked her not to. When I did call her back, she talked to me like I was a filthy liar because I told her I hadn't received the coupon, which was the reason for my late payment.

She would sigh, and clear her throat and repeat over and over "Well you need to come in and pay the interest on this payment then". I told her at least 4 times I couldn't do that until my next paycheck. Single motherhood doesn't leave alot left after bill paying each time and I would get the payment plus the late fee to her as soon as my next paycheck arrived.

After we repeated that little conversation 4 times, she actually wanted to send someone to my house to pick up the payment that I already told her I didn't have. It stressed me so much I changed jobs twice trying to make more money to be able to pay off the $1000 loan and get her off my back.

Then they sent another woman to my house who left a nasty letter on my car! She continued to call my latest job every single day, texted me, called my cell phone. Over an $81 payment that I was 6 days late making. Yesterday I finally told her I needed her to completely stop calling me at work. She insisted I give her another number, which she already had. She then told me she would have "no choice but to send my account through for garnishment". The kicker here is my payment was sitting in the mailbox, maybe even the truck at that very moment to go to her office.

People, do not use those unsecured loans. 25% interest and a deal with the devil is going to put me in bankruptcy court next month. Just plain don't do it!

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  • Pl
      31st of Oct, 2014
    +1 Votes

    It is NOT OK to be late with your payment. Not having a COUPON is a very WEAK excuse. Had you read ANY of the information which they provided to you at your closing, in particular the CONTRACT which you signed; not only would you have KNOWN your PAYMENT AMOUNT AND your PAYMENT DUE DATE you would also see the PAYMENT MAILING ADDRESS. HAD YOU NOT taken the time to read the contract at your closing, I know you were sent home with a very legible contract to read at your leisure. FACE it YOU DEFAULTED ON the CONTRACT WHICH YOU AGREED TO at the TIME they PUT MONEY (CHECK) in YOUR HANDS. I know this business quite well as I have been a customer for years. When I need a quick sum of money, rather than go to the bank and wait for a while before I am approved and the application funded, I go to HEIGHTS FINANCE and have a check in my hand within an hour of submitting my application. YES, I too live paycheck to paycheck, however I DO NOT over extend myself with credit. It sounds to me that you have done just that. I also know that HEIGHTS FINANCE does NOT just HAND OUT CHECKS. They review the information which YOU provided on your application AND they Run a CREDIT CHECK with the CREDIT BUREAU, as well as verifying your income, employment, living situation, among other things. Yes, they look at the ALL IMPORTANT CREDIT SCORE to make certain that you qualify for the LOAN which YOU ASKED FOR and WHICH YOU AGREED TO REPAY based on the TERMS of YOUR CONTRACT. I ALSO KNOW that HEIGHTS FINANCE follows the FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES ACT, which is the LAW which the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT established to direct the FAIR COLLECTION ACTIVITY of ANY ORGANIZATION which YOU MAY OWE.. YOUR COMPLAINT IS HOG WASH !!! FACE IT, you are another DEAD BEAT who makes excuse, after ridiculous excuse for NOT DOING what you AGREED to do when SOMEONE AGREED TO HELP YOU !!!

  • Pl
      31st of May, 2017
    0 Votes

    @PLEASEALLOWMETORESPOND WOW. This COMMENT above is extremely RIDICULOUS and WRITTEN VEry StRaNgLy. I'm fairly sure someone at Heights Finance office (Barbara?) wrote it and it was not actually a client living check to check as it claims. I work in finance the the average check to check consumer would not know the back end on credit checks, terms of contract, fair collection activity, the FDCPA laws or other such information. Plus the level of hostility would not be warrented from someone that claims to also be struggling with living with debt. I call HOG WASH on you and your company Barbara. Good day to you!! I SAID GOOD DAY!!!

  • Je
      24th of Jun, 2018
    0 Votes

    @PLEASEALLOWMETORESPOND Do not understand how people who accept money from these companies don't read the contract and make sure that they can make every payment on time no matter what. I received two checks within a few months I am going to cash one. I googled every thing I could on this company. Read the entire contract, if you default they can legally do all kinds of [censored] because you agreed with your signature. Sadly they prey on desperate people who they must hope do default. I have a steady government income so I know it comes every month. This is my only option at this time so I hope I informed myself 100% of their policies. GOOD LUCK TO USE ALL

  • Bi
      26th of Nov, 2016
    0 Votes

    Umm, yeah they do sometimes just hand out checks. I never applied for a loan through them, in fact, I had never heard of them before. I got a check a few days ago and I'm trying to find info on them. A check for $1415.03, with attached terms and conditions, a deadline to cash it, and instructions for the cashing/depositing bank. It says that it is a real check and I can just go cash or deposit it.

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