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Heeltastic / Credit card fraud

1 United States

I have just read several pissed reviews of Heeltastic -- the cream advertised on TV. Well, I have already ordered the product, but haven't yet received it. However, I HAVE received a different surprise: a fraudulent charge on my credit card that peculiarly corresponds to the online charge from the Telemarketers selling Heeltastic.

Specifically, I used a credit card that hadn't been used for a very long time and which never left my house. About a day after the Heeltastic charge went through, the same amount was charged from Strawberry.Net for approximately the same amount! In other words, if a careless consumer got a report that this amount was charged from Strawberry.Net (a site from which creams may be purchased), s/he might just assume that it was for the Heeltastic lotion! Fortunately, I provided a needless bit of false info on my order form and the, apparently, vigilant Strawberry.Net and my credit-card company noted the fraudulent activity. From what I could glean, the illegal operation may be working through The Netherlands -- but that's not a definite.

In any case, I need to have a new card issued and all the grief involved with that process. To deal with this feeling of violation, I'd just like to know if, in addition to any problems with Heeltastic itself, any other consumer experienced a similar problem from and online Heeltastic order.


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