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Health Care in Dutchess County N.Y / Denied health care!

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I would like anyone who will read this to know in Dutchess County N.Y you can be denied all health care even with full medical insurance. I fell down 3 times in early 2005 unable to walk or speak, tasting metal. I was drugged with out consent (Keterolac tromethamine inj.) and told on the 3rd e.r trip to St. Francis Hospital, (2 times by ambulance) that I could not be admitted they would have to run more test.That did not stop them from giving me 500 mg. pills of methocarbonal and nabumetone for my STRESS I was under. I tried to get help from my primary doctor, Dr, Nardi's office. Their diagnosis for my spine incontinence. I saw 2 Dr.'s for my back and spine here are the results they told me to learn to live with I was only depressed/ C5-C6 broad based posteriordisc bulge with spondylotic ridging. Disc osteophyte complex extends into the right lateral epidural recess and neural foraman recommend clinical correlation for C6 nerve root impingement.They told me I was only depressed so they could not treat anything.So Dr. Barrick said I had to see a neurologist Dr. Gerber. He ran test here are the results from my EEG (24 hour test) 1, 346 spikes/137 rythmic spikes/7 spike bursts 1 loc (loss of consciousness) that was in 24hours. They ran that test 3 months after I went to the E.R trying to get help. 3 months later I was still passing out. Their diagnosis- that is all normal they wrote that right on my eeg paper. They told me that's normal and to go ahead and drive and do all normal activities. I have to guess now that they wanted me to drive, crash my car or die to cover up their mis diagnosis. I learned to treat myself since then. I still believed them at that point so I went to therapy I tried to tell the therapist about my medical problems and harassment. Her advice when I told her I had been harassed in state parks/ (which by the way started all this) You are foolish and stupid to use State Parks (N.Y) they are not safe here. I have not seen any of these Dr.'s since August 2005 I have treated myself since then.Once I had acold so bad I used a walk in clinic. They were kind and gave me antibiotics. I was thank ful. I have all the paperwork to prove what I am saying but no one will look at it or speak to me. That is the REAL N.Y the one no one wants to see or talk about or do anything about. And they can make up all the lies they want but their OWN paperwork they tried to hide tells the real story. Thanks for letting me tell this maybe I can help someone else from having to go through the same thing here in Dutchess County N.Y.

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      8th of May, 2008
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    Medical abuse and negligence is rampant EVERYWHERE in the USA. And doctor's "notes" are always a maneuver to cover up wrongdoing and to make the patient look like a liar, ### or a fool. You will never get an apology, or redress. Your original problem is probably still a mystery, and nobody in the medical racket will ever care about it. It's happening to EVERYONE.

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