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i have been a student at heald college for over a year now and have come to realize that the school is very money oriented. not just through admissions. about 8 months ago there was an admissions advisor who was "let go" his name is michael macneill. he is the person who puts on the central coast throwdown mixed martial arts fights located at a local high school here in salinas. he and his girlfriend who currently works as the LRC coordinator, Rocio Rodriguez have been running their own private business out of heald college for MONTHS NOW, and are using students and security staff to work these events. mr. macneill would advertise these fights all over school campus, he and his girlfriend both sold tickets while on the clock to both students and staff, profiting all the money and hiring students and security to work these events. i was told by mr. macneill that i would be getting paid $100 to work security at the front door, but not to say anything to anyone else working because i would be the only person getting paid. at the end of the fights after all was said and done, i asked mr. macneill and rocio were my money was and they both told me, you knew this was a volunteer event, if you dont like it you dont have to work it anymore. not only were they pulling this scam on the students, but they are also using the security hired through heald to work the events as well. since nobody was paid, nobody from the staff or student population feels they should take part in this little scandal. if you go into the student lounge, rocio rodriguez puts up flyers for every fight as well as sending out emails to students to remind them of ticket sales. mr. macneill has been doing this to students and staff that are unknowing of his plans at the end of each fight, he tells the individuals im only paying you so dont mention it to the other, this way nobody mentions anything to one another about receiving compensation for working the fight. he expects us to work a full 10 hour shift, without at least supplying as much as some food and bottled water for his workers. rocio rodriguez even has flyers posted on her wall behind her desk of each fight that has taken place. together both they have gotten students to advertise their fights promising them commission for every ticket sold and for every 100 flyers put up. im sure some of you have gotten these flyers on your windshield after coming out of your local grocery store or mall here in salinas. those flyers were put up by students who were told they would be paid but never were. each of the security workers and students that have worked the event all stated that if they knew they werent going to get paid, they would have never agreed to work the event, but being in the economy that were in, the offer presented by both mr. macneill and his girlfriend was to good to pass up at the time. i am writing this letter in hopes that heald college representatives from the local office research these fights you can even go to
and visit mr macneills upcoming events as well as previous events, im sure rocio probably even has old flyers sitting in her envoy as we speak.
i just want honest people working for a college that has honest students that shouldnt have to worry about getting screwed over like this from a staff member, especially one who was fired because of this and another that is still continuing his dirty work around campus. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP OUR SALINAS HEALD COLLEGE STUDENTS BY GETTING RID OF THESE POISINOUS LEECHES THAT WANT SOMETHING FOR NOTHING BUT YET PROMISE INCOME IN RETURN...

Heald College
Heald College


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      Nov 11, 2010

    I would love to get in touch with you more about Heald Colleges. This is very interesting to me and I feel that we can help one another out. I work for a firm in Los Angeles and I would very much like to exchange some emails with you discussing your complaints, as we would like to be able to help students who have been wronged by this company. Please feel free to contact me at [protected] I look forward to hearing from you.

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      Nov 15, 2010

    To those who misunderstood, this has nothing in general to do with this particular post, but rather just a general insight. This particular students complaints are not what I am concerned with, rather the quality of education that Heald delivers and the ease of job placement afterwards. Thank you again for any help that may be provided.

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      Nov 16, 2010

    We know it's you Henry Rojas. Why are you name dropping? These accusations are not cool and your handling of this is immature and cowardly.

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      Jun 27, 2011

    I have been a Heald student for a little over a year myself now, and i do agree with him this school is nothing but money hungry and oriented only at Mrs. Pierce having a bigger office chair. I have been waiting on my financial aid check all quarter, (It is outlined to be distributed NLT week 4) now at the end of the quarter they're saying it'll be another two weeks. Yet they complain about attendance, what they don't realize is that some students who drive 80 miles a night to attend, need that check for gas money and vehicle maintenance. Some students that were moved to the North Campus are FORCED to park on one specific side of the campus only facing Apple Bee's. The problem with this is: It's too far away from the campus, the parking is far too crowded, we have to worry about careless people smashing their car doors into our cars and security guards peering into our windows and trying to open our cars. There are no parking signs saying where we need to park, yet we are threatened by tickets/getting our cars towed/kicked out of school. It's even worse for day students, they cant even park on campus without Heald being embarrassed by them from the near by businesses. North campus get's very little time for dinner break with how far/overcrowded any near by restaurants are, initially when the campus opened they had subway there with pre-made food for $5, this lasted maybe the first month as their sales were small because of lack of variety. They won't allow the food truck to come near the campus, because apparently "It looks too tacky and unprofessional" well so is starving students who cant think straight on tests because their brains are starving for nutrients.

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      Aug 10, 2011

    so for those of you who have gone to heald know that there have been alot of changes..., well the balckmailing, unethical mental abuse from staff, as well as false hopes and broken promises are all still there...all they did was change the bathroom fixtures and the lights in the hallways and our tuition went up because of that. Other than that welcome and be prepared to dump a whole bunch of money on an ADVANCED HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION, come to heald were the teachers smoke weed, get drunk with students and talk ### about other staff memebers, ITS GREAT!!!

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