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On December 18, 2006, my cognitively handicapped husband walked into a room full of people who were there, he had been informed, to help him obtain resources for his challenged teenaged son. This was called an ACT 264 meeting. He was immediately greeted with glares of loathing and disdain. He was bulllied in heartbreaking ways, and humiliated in front of his teenage disabled son. The abusive interrogation was intended to extract a confession of abuse, so that they could send our son into state custody, to live in a foster home.

After the interrogation, my husband staggered (in a state of shock) while a social worker approached him and explained that they were doing this for funding, not because they really thought he had abused a child.

After he got to work an HCRS counselor, Linda Heimerdinger, called and harassed him at work by demoralizing him for "raising your voice" at his loud and rebellious teenager. She used herself as an example of having teenagers and yet never, ever raising her voice at them. He must "change" if he wanted his son back.


  •   Aug 14, 2009

    Arthur, you have borrowed the complaint word for word (except the heading) that I made on Why did you do this? Have you had trouble with HCRS too? I would like to hear your story.

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