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This is not a complaint against HCR Manorcare. I have never done business with them. This is a complaint against someone using the HCR Manorcare name to create a job scam.

First I received an email from Pamela Fisher ([protected] claiming that I am up for a job opportunity. At the same I received a text message from Kenneth Edcorf [protected]) claiming the same thing. Both asked if I had an Instant Messenger and told me to talk to a David Ham ([protected]

I had an interview with David Ham but it was all type through Google Talk. Having experience in management and hiring this seemed really odd he did not want to see me face to face or hear my voice. After a bunch of questions he had me wait 45 minutes and told me I got this work from home Admistrative Assistant job. I was going to get $40 an hour plus benefits. He also told me he was going to mail me a check to buy a laptop and a bunch of software and to please keep $100 of it for myself. He then told me to check in the next morning at 8am for information about the check. The next day was a Saturday.

I checked in the next morning. He made no mention of the check. Instead he emailed me some interview questions. He then told me to check in Monday morning at 8am.

This was when something didn't feel right so I Googled his name along with HCR Manorcare and several warnings about this scam popped up. To make double sure I called HCR Manorcare's corporate office. They are already well aware of this scam.

May 11, 2015
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      13th of Jan, 2016

    Mrs Patricia Woertz contacted me via email then to add her to my Google talks, just as above I got the whole low down on the "company" with common interview questions. She then told me these positions: THE POSITIONS AVAILABLE ARE : Front desk, Human Resources, Marketing, Personal assistant, Healthcare, Office Assistant, Data Entry, Clerical Admin, Administrative Clerk/Assistance, Medical Billing/Coding, Customer Service, Receptionist, Accounting, Payroll Clerk, Book keeping, Typist Clerk, Management.Which of the above is your field of specialization? Then after answering more interview questions she stated: Alright I need you to hold online while I have your answers forwarded to the head board for proper review and consideration and in order to see if you're you fit for this job..It will be for just 5-7mins and I will get back to you. Do not stay far away from the device you're logged on...while waiting I Googled the company work at home scam...and of course, all sorts of reports popped up. She wanted me to send my full name, address, city state zip code and cell number. I replied: ust one more question...can you address this following statement, as you know people who desire to work from home must investigate the job this is just one of many reports on the work from home position with the company..I am sure you understand; as I have a family to feed and really don't feel like engaging in fraudulent scams, and added three links reporting the work at home scam...needless to say she didn't respond.

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