Hawthorne ManagementUnethical and Deceptive Company

K Charlotte, NC Review updated:

Deceptive, Immoral, Unethical and lacking any Integrity.

Hawthorne has 24 reviews made up of 16 people ranking them 1, 2 ranking them a 4 and 6 ranking them a perfect 5 out of 5.
The company is owned by Joe Aiken. The Manager is Sam Hicks.

Here is the problem. Almost all of the 4- and 5-Star Ratings were posted on August 8. More concerning is of these they were all posted sequentially between 9:03AM and 9:09AM. Then they were all refreshed and updated within the last few weeks to keep them on the top of the list. Is this a random 1 in ten million event in which a half dozen unrelated customers happened to create accounts, logon and post glittering reviews of Hawthorne, which are contrary to most of the poor reviews on the Internet. Or is this by design and staff members of Hawthorne Management Company purposefully deceiving the public, clients and prospective clients.

Just read the 4- and 5-Star review and they read as written advertisements. Just look at the phony titles of the probably staff created reviews:

Honesty and Integrity
Best in the Charlotte area
Best Management Company
Impressed with level of service
Superior Service - Not false reviews
Fast Friendly Service
Professional and Responsive

That is not the purpose of this site and it lacks any integrity, morals or ethics on their part. It is also blatantly lying and false pretending to be a customer. Hawthorne Management is an organization without class. No reputable company would ever do something like this. Further, on other similar sites I found the same disturbing pattern.


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      Jul 06, 2019

    hawthorne management fined me for not trimming a $175 on jun 19 2019, this was a genuine reason delay as it was due to rain. hawthorne management fined me for not trimming a $175 on jun 19 2019, this was a genuine reason as i have all the proof that the mowing company couldn't mowe due to rain and for the delay in mowing they have fined me $25 per day for 7 days. what kind of fines are these ripping off the customer with unexplained fines. these kind of delays are prone to happen through out the year which is not in my hand. hawthorne managemnt is hoa have to amend their rules in fixing these. i understand a fine but these fines are not reasonable which is purely not due to our mistake. i have a picture that they sent, its clearly mowed properly except trimming on the edge.

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