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I have never worked in a more deplorable work setting than this one. I came in as a temp, and although I'm permanent now, I'm still treated like a lowly temp. My co-workers two women, are "best buddies" and continually harass me, a male. One talks daily about her views on religion and politics as well as blasting Christian music throughout the day. She tells me to do things when she is not even my boss. She ignores my insight on new concepts hen takes credit as well as giving gifts and food to other co-workers while completely ignoring me. She constantly complains about her health issues and her "tough" past. My other co-worker complains and cries about her broken marriage and divorce on the regular to the point I want to throw up. Even worse, the management here will do NOTHING about it because she is also friendly with these impairing co-workers. I dread coming to work or even talking at work when I'm here. I am a recent college graduate male, there is a lot of age discrimination and sexist attitude towards males.

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      16th of Mar, 2012

    This place is, without a doubt, the worst place I have ever worked. The management is unbelievably inept. The director is an immature prima donna who is so out of touch and full of herself it's ridiculous. She has her 2 best friends in high positions riding herd on everyone. It's a very eliteist atmosphere with absolutely no respect for people. There is blatant discrimination occurring here as well as an overall unequal treatment of employees. If you're not part of "the girls club" you get treated like crap. My advice to anyone considering employment here - keep looking. You don't need the job that bad!

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  • Km
      2nd of Apr, 2012

    For sure. The top 3 people are known as the mean girls club. their nasty women who treat people like sh**

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