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Hard To Find Films at is a scam. I ordered and paid $29.99 for a DVD on 6/25/2007. I never received it. Seller stopped communicating when I demanded a refund. I noticed that 9 complaints had been filed with the Better Business Bureau which has not been able to contact the seller since his listed address is fake. Other complaints have been made to Vendio which refuses to do anything. BEWARE!

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  • De
      Oct 29, 2008

    I can confirm my friend Brett Gaddes was scammed by J.R. Burgos of Jersey City. (Hard To Find Films.)
    Because I wrote under my e-mail account posing as a potential buying and they quickly replied to send them money, then when I told them about Brett they blocked my e-mail account with an automatic reply service and changed their e-mail details.
    They're still listed on the google search engine.
    They're right down the bottom 4 below this complaint website. (still accepting orders!!!)
    My friend Brett sent them a money order, they cashed it, he never heard from them again.
    That's their website
    Old e-mail address [protected]
    Then changed to this one [protected]
    Postal address 2978 Kennedy Blvd #157 Jersey City, NY 07306
    Don't send them money orders or you'll never see your money or your purchase again!
    They even had the hide to call Brett a weirdo!

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  • Br
      Oct 29, 2008

    JR Burgos and Dean of Jersey City NJ at Hard To Find Films like to scam people out of their money and turn blind eyes.
    We're the suckers in this and there's nothing we can do and the law will probably protect them because they have rights.
    I bet it's the one guy - bet there's only one of them and he changes his details every few months.
    Aren't we suckers in life?

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  • Br
      Oct 29, 2008

    I mean MARK! Not Dean! ###s!

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  • Br
      Oct 29, 2008

    Read this JR Burgos reply to somebody who complained back in '06.

    I see that ths complaint was placed in 2006. Back in 2006, I was hit by one 'disaster' after another, both personal and business which even resulted in our business closing for over 6 months.
    However, I fought back and we've been back in business for over a year and a half now with literally hundreds of happy customers since our re-opening.
    When I lost everything, I also lost some order information at that time and was unable to fill some orders of which this is obviously one. Since our re-opening, we've periodically been contacted by buyers such as this one telling us that they never received their order. Once contacted, I gladly send the delinquent order to the customer.
    I will be more than happy to do so in this case as well. All this customer needs to do is to contact me at tastyp57 AT (we even temporarily lost this email address, but I just recently got it back, but with all previous emails gone) and I will gladly send them UNDERWORLD as well as a sincere, heartfelt apology for what happened. Thanks... J ;)

    Seems he's no stranger to this type of behaviour.
    He hustles his way out when push comes to shove and makes up some ### excuse.
    This guy makes me sick and he still refuses to acknowlege my e-mail enquiries.
    He's from NJ enough said!

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  • De
      Oct 30, 2008

    Here's their replies before they block you.


    Due to ISP problems, we may be offline for a week to 10 days or so. As such, we will be unable to answer emails during that time and will get back to you as soon as we're online again. Right now we're on, but if you don't get a response to your email, the above is why. Thanks...~ Mark ~ :)

    And here's another reply I received from them in e-mail.

    No need guy! Your money is on the way back to you if it arrived. My silence is because I don't want your business. In my opinion, you're a 'weirdo' and I do NOT want to do business with you.

    I certainly did NOT 'scam' you because I did nothing to get you to send money in the first place. In fact, I certainly did not expect you to send it if I wouldn't answer any more of your strange emails, which by the way, I've had ENOUGH of.

    If I see your money order, or if my business partner deposited it, the money is going right back to you. I do not need your money nor want your business nor your wacky emails numerous times per day. Good bye!!! J.R. Burgos.

    He seems to put the blame back on the buyer.

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  • Br
      Oct 30, 2008

    He claims he never received my money order in the first place. I sent it express to him, which cost me a fortune, and I've never heard anything from him in 3 months now and he claims he didn't receive my money order?
    I've since faxed Western Union in Colorado and when it comes back to me that he ''has'' cashed my money order I'll be sending it to that lady in Trenton.
    I know beforehand that when Western Union get back to me it'll say money order cashed!
    You're a ###ing ### JR Burgis.
    I'd like to fly over to the states and confront you one on one!
    I guess you figure because you're way over there and I'm way down here nothing can be down.
    Can anybody do something about this thieve?
    He's a ###ing dirty five finger thieve and his mother rared him this way he also uploads computer viruses to your computers as well.

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  • De
      Nov 03, 2008

    I think in know what these guys are doing.
    They're accepting money orders from people and they hold on to them for a year or two then cash them at a later date.
    They pretend that they don't receive your order and sit on your money order and cash it at a later date.
    The fair trading in Trenton told me they are unlisted - address - contact details and all.
    Even their phone they can't be reached through.

    Hey JR Burigs - I know you're reading this, you're a dishonest ### you know that, ###ing thieve!

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  • Ha
      Nov 20, 2008


    This claim is COMPLETELY bogus and I can prove it. There are two complaints on this site about us...the first from 2006, which is legit. I responded to that complaint as soon as I found out about it and to this day still have not heard back from the customer in question.

    This second complaint from Brett in Australia from a couple of months ago is completely bogus and if you do not remove it, we will be forced to take legal action.

    A couple of months ago, I started getting emails from this guy Brett in Australia asking about some movies. His emails started out okay, but then he started emailing as much as 3 and 4 times a day with every email getting weirder and weirder in my opinion.

    I came to the conclusion that he was perhaps mentally disturbed ( opinion) and stopped answering his emails as I had NO intention of doing business with someone who I had concerns of that nature about.

    Imagine my surprise when in spite of my discouraging him from buying from us, he sends us a money order! It took me awhile to realize who the money order was from, but after I realized who it was, I mailed his money order back as I definitely did not want to do business with this guy.

    His money order WAS NEVER CASHED and we took no money from this man.

    We have 2 email addresses and he wrote to the other one pretending to be someone else. When I wrote back, he revealed who he really was and at that time, I was completely honest with him and told him that in my opinion, I thought he was strange, did not want to do business with him and had sent his money back to him.

    He went ballistic, totally ignored that I had said we sent his money order back and began a stream of threatening emails (threatening us with bodily harm and worse...which I have kept and given to the authorities) and since that time, he appears to have found this site with the 2 year old complaint and also appears to have added about 3 or so more comments (you'll see that the new comments are all from around the same time) to his own bogus 'complaint' saying that he was 'ripped off' and then adding the additional comments pretending to be other people who agreed with him. He also attempted to pull the 'pretending to be other people' scam on us.

    He made the ridiculous accusation that we had 'changed our email address' when the fact is that we have and had 2 email addresses always. In fact, people can and do still write to us at the one he claims we 'changed'.

    From the counter on the first page of our website, you can see that we've had close to 60, 000 hits on our website. That's a lot. It takes years to get that many. We've had the website for over 5 years now. If we were 'scammers', we would not have lasted even close to that long and would have changed our business name and address repeatedly as 'scammers' do. We have NO intention of changing our name after building up a solid reputation over 5 years as we have.

    In the past 2 years alone I've processed approximately 2000 orders ranging in size from one item up to 50. the past 2 years alone we've had 2000 orders and your site has only one legitimate complaint from over 2 years ago, which I've attempted to rectify.

    We don't have any kind of 'feedback' forum for our site, but we have gotten a number of compliments over the years. Here's just a few:

    1. Wanted you to know that the DVD arrived on Friday. We already watched it and it is in surprisingly good condition!! THANK YOU!! - Athena H.

    2. Will be ordering again soon and wish you God speed with your business. That GREAT, CARING personality will take you many, many miles in this mean old world and things usually go well for those who go the extra mile to help someone
    I truly cannot thank you well!!! Regina B.

    3. wow i got them today they look much better that i expected the quality is really good. thanks rick

    4. ...Anyway, the dvd arrived safe and sound and I couldn't be happier with it. Thanks for all your great communication and thanks for having copies of those OOP films available for the fans. It really has been a pleasure doing business with you.

    All the best to you, too!
    Rachelle K.

    This next one came in last week from a gentleman named Alan B. who ordered 15 titles from us:

    5. Hi Mark,

    I am really enjoying the films! The Monster (Chaney 1925) is an INCREDIBLY clear print! I really enjoy this much more than my old tape. It is more complete also. Thanks Again, Alan B.

    And finally...this one came in just today:

    6. Mark, I recieved this morning Porgy and Bess, thanks, i’m happy with the DVD’s!!! greetings Anneke.

    These are only 6 out of about 50 emails such as this I've received over the last year and a half. be precise...the Australian guy sent us a money order when we did NOT want him to. I personally sent it back. I can not only prove that I sent it back, the postal clerk saw me fold it and place it in an envelope, which I then handed to her to send back to him. She was kind enough to photocopy the envelope and the postmark can be clearly seen on it.

    Brett the Australian will be completely unable to prove that we took money from him and then did not send his order. He will be unable to prove it because he will be unable to show that we cashed his money order.

    If we took no money from him, that means we did NOT 'scam' him or 'rip him off' as he claims. As such...that makes what you have from him about us on your website nothing but SLANDER...pure and simple.

    We've been in business for years and plan to be here for years to come. Two years ago, I suffered a series of devastating losses that took their toll on me and have left 'scars' on me to this very day. I fought back hard to get the business back up and running and to make it even better than before.

    I have NO intention of letting someone who we did not even want to do business with in the first place, come here and place a bogus accusation for the entire public at large to see and not do anything about it. I will fight this tooth and nail.

    I must insist that you DEMAND proof from Brett in Australia that we took money from him and did not send him anything.

    Let me be specific so that there is no misunderstanding here. I am not saying he cannot show that he sent a money order to our address. I freely admit that.

    What I AM saying is that it was never, ever cashed and we are NOT guilty of the accusation he has made and we demand it be corrected as that is only it not?

    Both John and I trust that you will do the right thing and remove this bogus accusation made by this man. If you like, I will provide you with a copy of the posted envelope that contained the money order that we sent back to him.

    I look forward to hearing from you in regard to this matter promptly. Thank you...Mark :)

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  • Ro
      Oct 30, 2010

    I sent a Postal Money Order in the amount of $113.93 for seven films that I expected to receive by Halloween. I had been informed that six weeks are required before the DVD's will arrive, so I mailed my order in plenty of time for the items to arrive before Halloween. The items were classic, though hard-to-find, horror movies. Halloween has arrived, but not the films and I realized that, having sent a money order as required, they have my money and it is unlikely that I will ever hear from them again. It was in searching for their site again, so that I could write to them, that I found this site about complaints about the J. Burgos site. Though I can hardly afford to throw away my money, I have learned a lesson from this disappointing situation. I do intend to write to them, but I'm afraid I will never receive those movies. [protected]

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  •   Dec 19, 2010

    I know for a fact that ABSOLUTLEY NO relation to
    Whoever is running the scam "through" (as an outside user) is simply "hiding" behind a legitimate company. We all know in the Internet world that this happens all day, everyday.

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  •   Dec 19, 2010

    ANYONE who wants to DENY what is posted as follows PLEASE contact me: I know for a FACT that Has ABSOLUTLEY NO relation to (WHICH WILL BE UP SOON!)
    Whoever is running the scam "through" (as an outside user) is simply "hiding" behind a legitimate company. We all know in the Internet world that this happens all day, everyday.

    Please feel free to contact me!!!

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  • Ja
      Jan 01, 2011

    I AGREE, thank you for clearing up the fact that this group of people that affiliate themselves only by adding a forward slash to the name, are NOT THE TRUE organization of !

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  • Ja
      Jan 01, 2011

    I am with you on that one... I will never submit my info. to a company that will not even give there real adress etc. I will continue my search elsewhere!

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  • Sa
      Jan 01, 2011

    If you guys figure out who the real is let me know, I could use a good source!!!

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  • Ka
      Jul 20, 2011

    what a scam! we really thought this person was genuine and was also going to help us with another hard to get film. I shall be making a complaint to Pay Pall

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  • Ma
      Dec 03, 2012

    I just got my order from them, ya it took a month, but I still got my order. These people are NOT a scam.

    I feel REALLY bad that this is a real company, but they are having their business hurt by one obsessed guy by the name of Brett Gaddes. Look at all the complaints online, they're all started by a guy by the name of Brett Gaddes. Thats sad.

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  • Fl
      Apr 07, 2013

    Too bad I found these too late. Same EXACT situation. I ordered, then got some ### and bull story that their server was down, then another story in April that he had been in bed sick for a week with some nasty flu. His excuses go on and on. It's now been almost 2 months, and I've received nothing. I don't expect I ever will.

    The comment placed on 12/3/12(Mary Hagerty) must be some other name or friend he uses. This Brad Gaddes that she cites probably just got really ticked because this guy so blatantly defrauds consumers. Bottom line, This "Mark" at Vendio / dba: Hard to Find Films and whatever other names he's operating is just a low life, plain and simple. One of the many bottom feeders of society. Always will be.

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  • Kc
      Sep 03, 2013

    Total scam... ordered a 19.99 dvd in April. First response was a email that stated he couldn't get to the post office but once every two week. And that it takes 4 weeks to deliver. I waited - no dvd. I called left message - "Mark" called me back and said - he would email another out in a week or so... 4 weeks later still no dvd September now- emailed again - requested refund - no reply-... Just called and got a song and dance about how CBS shut him down and he is trying to get back up and running- website is gone. Marks number is [protected]... he told me he could not refund because he doesn't have the account anymore - (He could have paypaled).. but he suggested that I try a charge back on my CC. Ya like they are going to allow a 6 month old transaction to be recalled. Thankfully it was only 20 bucks. I should have know when the first email was an excuse... BEWARE of this seller! BBB contacted.

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