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I am writing this post to inform Hannoush customers or soon to be customers the terrible experience I had. This POST is NOT about the Hannoush that's represented on this Facebook page located in Albany, but the Hannoush that's located in Newburgh, New York.
My Fiance purchased my ring back in December, and proposed on Christmas Eve. When purchasing the ring, he was offered 12 months financing, but asked for 18 months, and they agreed to it. The salesmen signed next to where he put 18 months in the contract and my fiance walked out with my ring, and was beyond happy that everything was working out.
HOWEVER, a few days after the proposal, his bank statement from Wells Fargo, the bank that does the financing, sent him his first bill, but said the bill has to be paid off in 12 months. So, my Fiance called Wells Fargo asking what had happened and why the 18 months wasn't listed on the bill, and they said they don't do an 18 month financing with Hannoush. So, he then proceeded to call Hannoush to speak to the owner, who goes by the name, Travis. He told Travis how his salesmen told him he could get the 18 months, and signed off on it on the contract. Travis then began to raise his voice at my fiance (and I was on the other phone listening in, because I knew this wasn't going to be pretty), he began to tell him that he can't change the financing, and if he can't do the 12 months to just return it. Return it? So he expected to just take away the ring that symbolized us getting married, and that was it? So, my fiance calmly said that couldn't be an option, and that he should be given the 18 months that he was promised given to him by his salesmen in a contract. And, he told him he can't afford the 12 months; he's a full time college student, trying to finish up his last semester, and has just a regular job at 8.00 and hour. So, Travis then fired at him, saying that it wasn't his fault that he's (my fiance) a low life piece of sh** who can't get a real job, and that he's a little bit** for not being able to take the 12 months and afford it. --I KID YOU NOT PEOPLE. I swear he said that. It took everything in me not take myself off of mute and fire back at him for talking to not only my fiance, but a human being with such disrespect. How can you treat someone like that? And that's exactly what my Fiance asked. How can you treat a customer like that? He replied, I don't really care what you think, your a little bit**. My fiance was taken back, and just simply asked, is there anyone else I can speak to that's higher than you? And Travis's response was, you got to school right? You should know what owner means right?- and hung up the phone! My fiance and I were just sitting there after he hung up in complete awe of what just happened. We then called the corporate Hannoush, and got in touch with a women, whom I forgot the name of, she took down our information, apologized, and said she was look further into it. She then called back and said that the owner, Travis apologized to her, and admitted to his actions. And then she began to explain that he bought out the store, so it's not an actual Hannoush, its franchised, but she's still going to see if she can help with our situation. Well, a few days passed, no call back. We must have called at least twice a day, leaving voice mails, and we received NOTHING back. And she was supposed to be part of corporate??? So then, we finally called Wells Fargo and spoke to someone of the "higher up" and emailed her all the paperwork we had from Hannoush, and the contract of the 18months. And THEY took care of this, and gave us the 18 months. THANK GOODNESS! Really sad, and quite pathetic how we were treated, and the company practically acted like cowards and did NOTHING for us. It's been four months, and still nothing from them.
About a month ago, we went to a real Hannoush, owned by Hannoush, and told one of the store managers our story, and he was speechless, and apologized up and down for what happened. He then wanted to inspect the ring to make sure what my fiance paid was the right price, and see the condition. Now, for someone of your company to want to double check to make sure we didn't get scammed, now that should be a disgrace! The ring was originally priced at around 3, 000, and was marked down and my fiance purchased it at 1, 800... So, upon this store owner, who was great, friendly, and willing to explain and work with us, as he inspected it, he noticed that the prongs were extremely dull, and that a diamond has a high possibility of falling out. He showed us the difference between my ring, and a ring that was sitting right in a glass case, and wow, what a difference in my prongs. So, hmm, maybe that's why it was marked down? Cause I highly doubt in the three months I've had it, the prongs would drastically be that dulled. The store manager was taken back, and worried that a diamond would fall out. He suggested that we get the prongs fixed and send the ring out. Then he asked to see all the paperwork the store gave us upon the day the ring was sold, and he said we were missing a few pieces of paperwork, especially the one that the store is supposed to sign off on every time I get it cleaned/inspected- So, we got treated like dirt from a store owner of Hannoush, they left out paperwork we were supposed to get, corporate blew us off, got sold a ring that had dull prongs, and now I have to send out my ring for a few weeks, and spend a few hundred dollars in getting it fixed?? To me, that is completely unacceptable. If I wasn't in love with my ring, I would kindly, and gladly give it back. Now, I'm not sure how to fully take this up with someone, but I just think that customers should see my experience, and I truly HOPE it doesn't happen to you! Cause no one, no human being, should be treated the way we were treated!
The reason why this post sparked, was to not only make people aware of my experience, and also because my fiance and I are looking at wedding bands, and I really enjoyed the selection at Hannoush, but I will never do business with this company again, and that's upsetting, because like I said, I really REALLY enjoyed the selection Hannoush has. And unfortunately, from mistreatment, they lost our service, and our friends and family service.
Everyone deserves a special happiness with their jewelery they buy, not a terrible experience!

Apr 29, 2013

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