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Hands N Paws / Did not receive merchandise

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This company is a fraud! Do not purchase from them no matter how convincing their website may look. I ordered, and paid for a dog collar a month ago and I have never received it. I cannot get a hold of this company. I have e-mailed them numerous times and have heard nothing. I have also called the number on their website about 50 times and no one ever answers. You only get an answering machine and there is no way to leave a message. I am calling my credit card company and asking for a refund. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

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  • Li
      23rd of Jun, 2007
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    Hands N Paws is the worst company ever.

    I just wish I would have seen the complaints before I purchased items. I am having the same problems: After inquiring on the status of my order after 2 weeks of no information I received this awful e-mail from their customer "service"--this is actually the original e-mail!


    Ok... then we'll cancel for you. There's no deadline on the order as requested, we notify you to use the help desk if you don't get a response to email because of spam and the processing time is indicated in the order confirmation. If you want to just be rude, we'd prefer to just cancel. A polite inquiry would have sufficed.

    And that was it. I am definitely contacting my credit card company as well. This is a fraud. Actually, on their "praise" page on the website a lot of the comments mention "understanding things get lost in the mail" and "that they were disappointed it took so long but they understand some things get backordered..." Pretty much this company just takes your money and decides to send you the merchandise if and whenever they feel like it! DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID!!!

  • La
      7th of Jul, 2007
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    I placed an order on June 17, 2007 and it is now July 7, 2007 and have not gotten my merchandise or any communication as to where it is. I just e-mailed them an inquiry and I am not so sure they will answer, and I am not holding my breath. Their ridiculous order status page has said the same thing "paid--approved." What the heck that really means I don't know. They have these lengthy explanations as to what these order status things mean but they are just words. Like Lily-monet, I wish I had read these complaints before I placed an order. I paid through Paypal so hopefully I can get my money back through them. Their site is just absurd, with all their excuses, such as if you pay by Paypal they don't always get notice that you paid so if you don't get anything it is your responsibility to contact them and tell them you placed an order--HUH? To me, it is the company's responsibility to make sure that they can get prompt notice of payment, especially if the payment is instant payment such as Paypal. Another lame excuse is that they don't get all their e-mails because of spam so if you don't get an answer to your e-mail then its not their fault. Um, quick fix to that--change your e-mail address Hands n Paws! These are all indications of Hands n Paws' crappy customer service and I should have known better than to place an order so now I am stuck. Hands n Paws is probably run by one 75-year old lady out of her basement as far as we know. THE OTHERS ARE RIGHT - STAY AWAY FROM HANDS N PAWS! TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  • Do
      8th of Jul, 2007
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    I placed an order with this company on June 25th and except for the confirmation page giving me an order number I have not received any communication regarding the status of my order or when i might expect to receive it. I sent an email to them about a week ago inquiring about the status as i expected to have it by now. I too did not receive any response to my email. I also called the website to no avail. When i searched the web for the website to email them again i found this site regarding complaints and was so surprised that other have had the same experience. So i sent another email saying this:

    "This is my second email to you people - i need a response - where is my merchandise - i am getting ready to call my cc company and stop payment".

    This is the response i quickly received:

    "Who do you think you're talking to like that???"

    Can you believe this???

    So i responded this "Are you kidding me??? Your customer service stinks!!! Wish I would have read some of the comments online about how you do not respond back from your customers. A simple response to the first request would have sufficed - an apology to the second email would have been accepted but instead you send a nasty comment - You can cancel my order and i will make sure that my cc company does not pay you - i will also post on line how you handled this situation -hope your future customers don't read the complaints either".

    Ridiculous company

  • Do
      1st of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    I ordered from this company also and they took the money out of my checking account and then cancelled my order on me and said they were out. Then they sent a nasty email saying that they don't charge people if they don't have the merchandise. WHICH IS A LIE! I contacted the better business burea in phoenix arizona which is where this so called company was and made a complaint and I think this is what everyone else should do. I have received several dirty and rude emails from them and I think this company is a FAKE company. DON"T ORDER FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mf
      4th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    This is exactly what is happening to me now. They took $400 out of my account over 3 weeks ago the day I ordered and now they will not cancel my order. I decided to cancel my order when I realized it had not even been processed after 3 weeks. They say they have already shipped. I knew this was a lie and they admitted as much. Now I cannot get a tracking # or get the order cancelled. They said I will just have to wait until they decide to ship my $400 + order and I receive it before I can apply to them to return. They expect me to pay shipping when they could have easily canceled order and still can cancel order and have the items (if they have even been shipped) returned to them. This correspondence started 5 days ago and still have not received so They are playing games with my $400. This company needs to be shut down. DO NOT MAKE MY MISTAKE AND ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. hey have several other pet store web site under the main name of Sophistication ally ltd. Stay away from them. There are tons of bad reviews of this company all over the net. Do a goggle search. NO one deserves being treated like handsaws treats customers after they take your money.

  • Do
      7th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    I am going through the exact same thing. Their return policy is contradictory and boils down to " there are NO RETURNS". Their 45 day "processing time" for returns will run you through the time frame that most credit card companies allow for Chargebacks. I am going to file a Chargeback. My husband just told me that he will give me the $50 that I lost just so he doesn't have to hear me complain about it anymore, but it's the principle.

  • Ke
      30th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Same as all the above complains. Ordered and a month later I still haven't received. I paid through paypal and am hoping they will help. Sure wish I would have read this info on this site prior to the order...

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