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Our Company shipped a package to :
Mostafa Hamouch
12611 Memorial way
Moreno Valley, Ca 92553.
A Warning to Stores: please do not ship to this address!

Nine months later, I get a charge back stating that the buyer denied buying anything. YES, you can get a chargeback after 9 months. With nothing to lose, I googled the address only to find that it’s a Hampton Inn’s and Suites. I contact the manager, he gets very nervous and says “umm Mostafa wouldn’t do something like that” and “why did you ship before getting payment” Steve sounded very familiar with Mostafa. I explained that I was paid but the payment was taken away when the buyer claimed he didn’t make the purchase. Steve was very defensive and supportive of his co-worker Mostfaf.
While waiting for Steve Diaz the manager to return my call, I called the Hampton Suites Corporate Number and spoke with a representative. She stated that Mostafa was an employee and would be fired and removed from the property and that Hampton has nothing to do with it anymore. Another responsibility dodge was, if you were robbed on the property we could help. Hampton stated that they are not responsible for guest receiving fraudulent orders while working at their hotel.
After a while, Steve called back stating that I was harassing him by calling the corporate office to report fraud. Sorry Steve, I have the right to recover 1500.00. Steve had Mostafa on speed dial and quickly communicated the fact that I had contacted the hotel regarding the fraud.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Moreno Valley, CA According to Steve, Mostafa Said He bought a wallet on Ebay and returned it, he claimed to not be disputing any charges. Hampton’s General manager, Steve Diaz and Hampton/ Hilton Corporate went into lockdown/coverup mode in an effort to stop me from speaking to their EMPLOYEE Mostafa. Steve denied that Mostafa was an employee and insisted he was a guest in May. What kind guest stays at the Hampton Inn from May 2014 to Feb 2015? What kind of guest is immediately known by the general Manager? Why did corporate say he’s being interrogated, investigated, fired and removed from the premises? How can you “fire’ a guest? I filed a police report but Hampton Inn’s & suites made sure Mostafa was off the premises and that there was nothing to investigate. Hampton Inn’s has chosen the “Penn State” method for dealing with crime. Instead of being an ethical, moral and law abiding company they chose to help the criminal hide. The correct action to take would be, Hampton Inn’s Manager or Corporate office would call the police and report their employee for defrauding a store while at work. I had proof that Mustafa received the order then denied having anything to do with the transaction. It’s obvious that he’s a criminal and has committed fraud. It’s also obvious the Steve is helping him and no one helps for free. A cheap hotel is a perfect place to commit fraud, divide the proceeds and disappear with the Hotel’s assistance.

Update: Steve says "The lawyers" told him not to talk to me. Not only is Steve hiding the criminal but Hampton Inn's Corporate Office and Lawyers are in on it also. Classy !!

Hampton Inn’s Inns And Suites Hilton

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