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Halo Debt Solutions / Do your homework!!!!!!!!

1 TX, United States Review updated:

I signed up for the debt solution process through Halo Debt Solutions a little over a month ago. Since signing up I have had over $4, 000 withdrawn from my bank account and not one creditor contacted by Halo Debt Solutions. In other words I am suppose to lay out over $12, 000. BEFORE they do anything. The Attorney Generals office in my state are telling me that this sends a HUGE red flag up and they want to know more about Halo Debt Solutions. I have e-mailed Halo Debt Solutions, at the request of the Attorney General's office to see what they have done so far. After (2) e-mails there has been no reply!!! (Another red flag)

My bank has promised me that the money will come back to me! This story is not unusual. Credit solution companies make everything look great on paper, almost become your BEST friend with promises, but they will not begin doing anything if at all until they have taken thousands of dollars of your hard earned money.

I call on Halo Debt Solutions to refund my money immediately and appoligize for not contacting any of my creditors as of yet. For anyone seeking relief from debt, my advice is to lay out a budget for yourself and begin to talk to all of your creditors. They will work out a good plan for you. One of my credit card companies immediately offered to settle with me for 50 cents on the dollar of what I owed. I think that is because I contacted them, told them my story, and told them what I could afford to pay. I will soon begin doing the same with all of my creditors. Do your homework! Call the BBB of your area, contact your states' Attorney General to see if the company has complaints against them, and do not be in a rush. Search the internet and you will find what you need to make a better decision!!!

Richard T.

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  • Cu
      18th of Aug, 2008
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    Who was the person who signed you up?? Mike Maguire??

  • Cu
      20th of Aug, 2008
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    Who was your sales person?? Mike Maguire???

  • St
      22nd of Dec, 2008
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    Beware of Halo Debt Solutions!!!

    I am also an "EX" client of Halo Debt Solutions. I also fully believe that this company is a scam. My debts, $30, 000 were estimated to be settled in 3 years. However, after 1 year of faithful payments not a single debt of mine was ever settled, negotiated, or even addressed by Halo. Many false promises were made to me during my enrollment. I was lead to believe that this would be a simple process. Quickly I realized that the creditors do not stop calling, do not stop pursuing, and do not care of your enrollment in Halo's program. Kemarie McMinn was my "Specialist" and Deenie Daley was my "Service Rep".

    So my outcome of this experience is, all of my accountS enrolled in the program were referred to attorneys. An Arbitration Claim was failed against me which could have resulted in wage garnishments. I have decided to file bankruptcy instead and when I informed Halo that I wished to cancel the program they informed me that I would not be refunded a penny!!! After I have paid them over $3000 and they accomplished absolutely nothing for me in return!!! Their contract states that the "enrollment fee" is nonrefundable but it does NOT clarify that every penny you ever pay them is theirs to keep. I have involved my bank and they are investigating fraud and I may have to take them to court to resolve the rest of the money they are keeping. What kind of company refuses to refund money that was paid to perform a service that was never performed???

    On a side note, Halo and Mr. McGuire will site laws regarding debt collection practice etc (ex. wage garnishments and house leins) that pertain specifically to their state of Texas. However, they accept clients across the country (I live in California) and we are all bound by different laws.

    Point in short... DO NOT TRUST HALO DEBT SOLUTIONS!!!

  • Da
      3rd of Mar, 2009
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    I think this complaint is bogus. I personally signed my parents up with Halo and in 3 months they have already settled one of their accounts at 39% of what they owe. I think these complaints are from people that never used the service...perhaps the competition.
    Halo also gave my parents a written 100% money back guarantee and they also pay for my parents to go through credit repair once they complete the program.
    It's sad that a company that is truly trying to help in this current economic crisis is getting such negative responses just because the industry isn't regulated.

  • Pj
      28th of Mar, 2009
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    I am also a victim of Halo Debt Solution (HDS). My sales person was Mike Maguire and customer service rep was Deenie Daley. Davo suggest that stefenys compliant is bogus. I'll like to add my own testimony that my compliant is 100% legitimate and true and anyone can take that to the bank.

    I started with Halo Debt Solution (HDS) back in July 2008. The sales person Mike Maguire told me that Halo Debt negotiates millions of dollars of debt with Citibank and they have strong negotiating power that regular folks like me do not have with these banks. He told me that HD typically settle for 40-60% with Citibank and I can be debt free in 36 months.

    I asked him what happened if Citibank sued me and he assured me that the probability of that happening is extremely low and even in a lawsuit, HDS can still negotiate with the lawyers and they can still settle for 40 - 60% because the lawyers do not want to engage in a lengthy and costly judgment and may not even get to collect any money. So I thought this is the holy grill to my debt problems and gladly signed up with them.

    Fast forward 8 months later and I have already paid $5000 to HDS, Citibank threw out 2 law suits against me. During the entire 8 months, HDS did nothing for me except calling and emailing me once a month to see how I am doing. They did sent a letter to Citibank to stop calling me and to contact them directly regarding my debts. Of course, Citibank doesn't want to deal with HDS and I am still hounded by daily calls morning till evening from Citibank. HDS suggest I do not answer or speak to anyone representing Citibank, and I gladly obliged, believing that HDS will continue to represent me and work out a solutions with Citi. When I was presented with the summons, HDS told me that the best they can do is 80% of my total debt when it ends up in a lawsuit, and this is not 80% off my original debt amount, this is the total debt including all interest compounded, late fees, finance charges, and all the works that these banks can top up to your original debt amount over the entire time you are trying to save up to pay off your debt. So what happened to the 40-60% of my original loan amount? What happened to No Interest accrued due to HDS debt settlement program?

    Taking into account the amount of money I have paid to HDS, the negotiated settlement amount, and court fees I have to pay, I ended up paying more in total amount than I originally owe. When I asked for a refund, guess what, I was told there is no grounds for my request for a refund. In fact, if I do not continue with my monthly payment to HDS, they will cease providing anymore service to me! So everything that I have paid in the past to HDS doesn't count towards future services. In retrospect, if I have taken the initiatives to speak to Citibank and explain my current financial difficulties and work with them on an agreeable solution, I would have avoided all the finance charges and the ugly lawsuits, and I would have save $5000 that I paid to this ### HDS company.


    The banks are not as bad as these debt settlement companies make them out to be. They are willing to work out a viable solution through low monthly plan and stop accruing late fees, interest, and finance charges. I can't say that is the case with all banks, but I was able to work out a solution with Chase and Bank of America. I wished I would have done the same 8 months ago with Citibank. It could have been worse if I also included my Chase and BoA debt to my Citibank debt and I would have paid much more out of pocket to HDS and end up with 4 - 5 lawsuits from all 3 banks instead of just 2 from Citibank.

    HDS is a scam that pretends to be a legal company. Stay as far away as you can.

  • Gi
      15th of Sep, 2010
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    First of all, most of the complaints against legitimate debt settlement companies are based on lack of information and a misunderstanding about how a debt settlement program works. Here are important points to remember. Typically, if a legitimate settlement company accepts your debt into thier program it means that you have qualified for a HARDSHIP program. That means that YOU have created enough personal unsecured debt that you really arent able to keep up with the payments. It is a program designed to provide you with some relief, and get you out of the debt. In other words, a settlement company is going to negotiate with your creditors to get them to agree to only accept about half of what YOU owe them and close the accounts. Yes, settlement companies will charge a fee for doing this. Of course this will effect your credit. Virtually anything you do to get out of paying off your debt in the, long term, high interest, program you are in will effect your credit. Even if you are making your payments on time, you are going to pay a lot more in the long run when paying back your debt. With your high debt load, your credit score is pretty much useless. Debt settlement programs cannot wave a magic wand and make your debt disappear. It takes time to reach the best settlment possible. It also takes time for YOU to have the funds available. During this period it makes the most sense to collect the fees. That is why the number one complaint is from people who terminate the program early. Of course they are not going to see settled accounts. You have to give the program some time. These programs work. Doubt that? Well I work for a company that has settled well over 100 million in debt, with 35, 000 satisfied clients. It is frustrating when people dont take the time to fully understand a program or how a company works before they complain about it.

  • Gi
      15th of Sep, 2010
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    Oh yeah, and the banks that are not so bad? Really?... First of all they want you to be in debt and pay as much interest as possible. Why? because that is how they make money from you. Sure they will work out a lower interest rate with you. That is called a credit management program or debt management program. These programs will typically take 5-6 years to complete. The lower interest rate is usually temoporary then it goes right back up. The accounts enrolled will be closed. It is unlikely that you will be able to get new credit during the 5-6 yr period of time. It also will most likely be reported to the credit reporting agencies, sometimes as a TPI (Third Party Intervention), and that looks real bad -almost as bad as a bankruptcy. Yeah, the idea is to keep you in that long term credit program as long as possible. Banks get all of thier money back regardless of your choices. They are largely responsible for the state of the economy. Americans are enticed into acquiring more debt through advertising and consumer spending pressure. People have been duped into believing that your credit score is the most important factor when actually it is the amount of debt that you have that has a greater impact on your lifestyle. Banks are syphoning billions of dollars from struggling Americans who are trying to keep up with thier minimum payments and suffocating under large debt loads. They are syphoning most of this money in the form of INTEREST. People, do your research first, then comment or complain based on the facts. If the fact is that you discontinued a program because you panicked and did not see the program through to its full completion, then you are the one to blame, not the program.

  • Gw
      21st of Mar, 2011
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    I really don't have to cite what happened to my husband and I when we signed up with Halo Debt Solutions to work in our interest with our creditors to settle our credit card debts. It has all been said by the other people complaining about their treatment by Halo. When I began to get letters from Atty's. about not taking care of our payments to these creditors, I became so upset, I called all of them to find out what Halo had done to try to get a settlement agreement for me. I already had a strong feeling nothing was being done. I also had been informed not to talk to our creditors. Anyway, $5, 000.00 dollars and many tears later, I found that our credit card companys were not even aware that we were supposedly working through a debt solution company. Result, we have three liens against our property and three debt collection agencys we are working with to pay these debts off ourselves. Halo stated no refund of monies paid to them by us.

    I have a copy of everything I have received from Halo and everything that was sent to them by us. One day I will get to take some kind of action, I am sure. This can't possibly be legal. I just feel so foolish along with desperate.

  • Md
      23rd of Apr, 2012
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    I signed up through Linda Berry. They never ever contracted no body. I got court papers and they said that it was to scare me. Right on. The next couple of months my checks get garnished. Don't loose your money. Do it yourself.

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