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Halo Debt Solutions / Fraud

1 CA, United States Review updated:

Beware of Halo Debt Solutions!!!

I am an "EX" client of Halo Debt Solutions. I also fully believe that this company is a scam. My debts, $30, 000 were estimated to be settled in 3 years. However, after 1 year of faithful payments not a single debt of mine was ever settled, negotiated, or even addressed by Halo. Many false promises were made to me during my enrollment. I was lead to believe that this would be a simple process. Quickly I realized that the creditors do not stop calling, do not stop pursuing, and do not care of your enrollment in Halo's program. Kemarie McMinn was my "Enrollment Specialist" and Deenie Daley was my "Service Rep".

So my outcome of this experience is, all of my accounts enrolled in the program were referred to attorneys. An Arbitration Claim was failed against me which could have resulted in wage garnishments. I have decided to file bankruptcy instead and when I informed Halo that I wished to cancel the program they informed me that I would not be refunded a penny!!! After I have paid them over $3000 and they accomplished absolutely nothing for me in return!!! Their contract states that the "enrollment fee" is nonrefundable but it does NOT clarify that every penny you ever pay them is theirs to keep. I have involved my bank and they are investigating fraud and I may have to take them to court to resolve the rest of the money they are keeping. What kind of company refuses to refund money that was paid to perform a service that was never performed???

On a side note, during your enrollment process the Representatives will site laws regarding debt collection practice etc (ex. wage garnishments and house leins) that pertain specifically to their state of Texas. However, they accept clients across the country (I live in California) and we are all bound by different laws.


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  • Sp
      30th of Oct, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Absolutely true! When I first signed on they withheld vital information from me. I was under the impression they were actively working on my behalf. They were not. Excuse number 1 from them was they couldn't negotiate for me until the debts went to collections so they knew who to negotiate with. One creditor sued me and even up to the court date had never been contacted by HALO. Another had their own internal collection department and despite giving HALO the names and numbers of the people they needed to talk to and assurances from HALO that they would contact them, no contact was ever made. I also found out that I would be served a summons and have to go to court for each creditor when I was made to believe being enrolled in their program would prevent all that. Excuse number 2 on why they didn't ask for a settlement, I found out that the savings program means nothing to creditors and that when settlement offers are made that they are only good for a few days to a month. If you don't have the funds available to immediately pay, it's useless. HALO returned fewer than 25% of my calls, answered less than 50% of my emails, made NONE of the check in calls to me that were supposed to be made monthly. The kicker was an email before my court date that if I could get a settlement on my own I could afford, to take it. Remind me again of what they were hired to do? By the time the court date arrived one creditor had added over $5000 in interest and penalties to the debt. Two weeks after I fired HALO they sent me a settlement offer that was 225% of the original debt. Even in looking over the package they sent me, the settlement amounts are specified in exact dollars and cents. In reality, they were just numbers that they snatched from the air. The whole thing is smoke and mirrors, a deception, a lie. I am reporting them to the State AG office on November 1 to try to get my money back because they did NOTHING they promised they were going to do. I hope I am successful.

  • Ca
      12th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I was lucky to have come to the conclusion that HALO was a scam. I was only a client for 4 months and that was to long. I had just received a summons from one of the creditors, called HALO and the said here is what
    YOU can do. What was I paying them for. The company stated that they
    would be able to settle all my debits for half of what I owed, all i had to do was put $667.00 in my account monthly HALO took 80% as payment and
    the balance stayed in my account. When the I called HALO, HALO stated
    that I could settle with the creditor for $15, 000.00 and make payments. As
    you can see the rest of my creditors were only get $10, 000.00 plus dollars
    LOL yea like the creditors would go for that. By the time I paid HALO I would have spent $6400.00. I should have hired a Lawyer.

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