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First, I loved hallmark and never had any problems. Im a gold member and had many items before they were lost.
second, excuse my anger, but hell with it.
Today, I went to hallmark to find last minute keepsakes. After looking at the 'hotdog' display i found a cute peppermint hotdog that I was planning to buy...till I saw a Phantom of the Opera and a cats water music box. It was perfect for my friend who was allowing me stay at her house.
It was also beautiful, I couldnt see the price and didnt know what song it play so I went to find an employee.
I was SO excited that when I saw the lady I asked her 'can I see that?"
"Its expensive." she said right away.
Well, laa dee freaken dah!
"I want to know what song it plays."
She sighs in frustration and says she needs to get the key. I noticed she was a cranky old lady and I figured me being there wasnt helping. So what?
I waited 10 minutes and went to find her. She was chatting with another coworker*another old hag* "Can I see the music box?" I figured she forgotten but they both glared at me and blew me off. "some people need to go away when were busy." the white haired lady said and turned her attention to a white blond hair lady. She was more nicer to her then me but she was a white lady and I was brunette.
I found another lady and said 'hi, excuse me.."
She walks off, apparantly another white old hag. I saw the writing on the wall but at a store that I never had a problem with?
Okay, I dont know why you hire people who judge you quickly when I'm willing to spend money.
I figured the only thing I did wrong to offend her was my presence*skin color*
I'm here in SA, since I evacuated b/c of ike, my house gone.
Im staying with family with basically what I have on my back and fit in my car.
I wanted to buy a beautiful gift that cost a freaken $58.
You guys lost a customer. You can take your keepsakes and shove it.

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  • Li
      Apr 01, 2010

    My sister started working at a Hallmark when she was 18 and I was 16. At the time, that Hallmark employed a lot of younger women who were all very nice to customers. A few months later I started working at the same mall where this Hallmark was located, so naturally I spent a lot of time wandering around Hallmark visiting my sister or waiting for her to get off of work so we could go home. I actually really enjoyed shopping in there because you can find some cute gifts at good prices. So I started going to other Hallmarks if I saw them because I liked the store. But I noticed that although the Hallmark my sister worked at employed younger girls, most of the other Hallmarks didn't. 9 times out of 10 it was a group of retirement age women working. They weren't always mean but most of the time they were. I never understood if it was because of my age or what but they would follow me throughout the store like I was about to steal something and give me attitude when I checked out. Like it's that unbelievable that a girl in her upper teens might want to purchase a birthday card instead of draw one with crayons? After a few years I got annoyed with the behavior at the other Hallmarks and stuck to my sisters.. that is until her whole store got unexplainably "restaffed". Everyone there was fired or harassed until they quit and replaced by, you guessed it, elderly, not very nice, women. I don't know why Hallmark thinks this is the way to employ but they lost my whole family as customers and my sister has had numerous loyal customers come up to her in the last year and say they stopped shopping there to because the atmosphere wasn't friendly anymore. Goooo Hallmark.

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