Hairclub Jacksonvilleliars

Hair Club in Jacksonville is such a crock of sh--! Like everyone is saying they are super nice people during the consultation and because you need help with your hair loss they make you feel you have come to the right place. Mindy talks about her kid and ex-husband making you feel really comfortable with her. Then she gets you to sign a contract tying you to hair club. Even though the system is expensive, you are willing to pay the $2000 and $95 for a service because you want your confidence back. Now here comes the kicker, Mindy does not tell you that it is actually $95 an hour (of which she said she did-LIAR) and more hair will cost you $1500 when it is time to replace it. She then says you can join a club which starts $300. I thought the $2000 was all you would have to pay for hair. I told her why wouldn't you tell people the real cost up front so they can decide if they can afford this or not. Mindy said it is company policy not to discuss that up front. What the heck! This would keep you from waisting my time and me waisting yours, but wait their time isn't waisted once they accomplish their goal of getting you to sign that railroad of a contract.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Jacksonville, FL They then point out the facts of the contract when you complain about not being satisfied. Mindy also somehow gains amnesia when you confront her on what they agreed to do. My hair was not quite right once and Mindy told me that it's not so bad. Who wants, "that's not so bad" as much as this system cost. Mindy flat out lies about remembering anything and I am not crazy because I remember what she said. Mindy assured me that you can part your hair anywhere and it won't be noticed, yet another LIE because even thought it is noticeable a little, I like the hair, but why make me look good only to have me in a position that I can't afford to keep up this look. Hair Club needs to understand that they don't have to LIE to people to get their business. Hair Club wouldn't be bad if you knew the complete details before service so they just be honest, up front and stand by their words! We only go to hair club because we are at our wits end and want some assistance to continue to look good and not be taken advantage off! Not a lot to ask. I see no update info on filing a lawsuit, count me in when you do! Oh yeah once you start complaining you become the problem.
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