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Hair Cuttery / harassment by stylist to buy salon products

I have been a customer of the Hair Cuttery in this area for many years. I've had a couple of unsatisfactory cuts there, but overall, I've been given decent service. Except for the last couple of times I've been to get my hair done. Tonight is the last straw! I am so sick of the stylists harassing me to buy their OUTRAGEOUSLY EXPENSIVE salon products. She no less than 4 times asked me to buy different products and kept telling her I wasn't interested, but she WOULDN'T take "no" for an answer! Finally, I did decide I'd buy a jar of hair texture paste for my new short haircut. She told me the product was on sale with $3 off. I couldn't believe when she rang up $12.99 (with the $3 off) for a jar of paste (different brand, same stuff) at Walmart for $5!!! The haircut was only $16 and the jar of paste is almost as much - that's insane! I'd already told her I'd buy it, my better judgment told me to tell her to forget it, but I don't like to go back on my word. Well, after tonight I'll NEVER have that problem again!! I used to enjoy going to the salon and getting my hair done, but now I dread it because I know I'm going to be bombarded and harassed the entire time I'm there to buy expensive crap I don't want or need. They REFUSE to take "no" for an answer and the next time I'm just going to have to tell them "NO, and if you ask me again I'm going to have to contact your company headquarters and report your harassment in trying to sell me crap I don't want or need!".

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