Hair Clubstuck with a bad contract

Ma Apr 08, 2015 Sandy

Before we signed the contract, my husband and I asked them about their product and how does it work. They made us think it was permanent it is glued to your head and it is not a wig. They called it Matrix. They said don't worry you'll love it, we said ok as long as its not a wig. To us it was a wig. It looked fake, but they told us he has to come back for pretreatments and he has to learn to keep it up. We live 3hrs away and they knew that. They did not tell us we had to keep coming back. We argued with them that it was a wig and they kept telling us no its real hair that doesn't touch the floor, its matrix. I don't care what they call it, it's a wig glued to your hair. We couldn't get out of the $4500 contract, but we can invest in another product, but it had to match up to $4500 or more so for $700 more I could get the same product on a 9 month program with vitamins, and shampoo system. The main point is that your stuck with this $4500 dollar contract with with results that are not noticable and if you can not make it there for the treatments within 9 months your bleep out of luck. Bad Business and yes we should of been smarter and read the fine print, but this is not something they teach you in school.

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