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I recently fell victim to Charlie Rose at Haffar and Associates. He told me my non owner occupied property qualified for a loan modification. He made claims that the process would not affect my credit, that my payment would go down several hundred dollars, and that it would happen quickly. Then I was assured that the company was in full compliance with california law. He insisted on an up front fee of 3500 before any results were achieved. 6 months down the road I find out from the bank a mod is not possible and now I cannot reach Charlie or anyone and get no calls from the orginization. Not only that but my credit is ruined. These people are liars and need to be shut down by the feds. Mohammad Haffar Bin Laden shoiuld be disbarred for endorsing such fraudulent practices. Thanks alot for making me lose my home. SCAM SCAM BUYER BEWARE.

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  • Cr
      Sep 30, 2010

    Feel free to give me a call anytime... you cannot get ahold of Charlie Rose? Thats me!... And my phone number has not changed at all... in 14 years...

    Lost your home? Who are you? Dont hide... my phone number is still the same feel free to give me a call you story is really not making sense... now some things out of our controll have changed... Lets start by ... if your loan was CHASE... well im sorry to say CHASE recentley decided they will not modify any investment properties...But that really isnt in our controll... is it?...

    Or perhaps... Wells Fargo announced last month they would no longer be stopping or posponing sale dates... That was also out of our control... And has caused almost a feeling of ...well the bank really dont have a heart...

    Lastly just to let you know recentley GMAC put a STOP to all foreclosures... and again we had no heads up about that at all and was out of our controll...At least this was something good for home owners... There is alot that changes and is out of our controll..

    I can assure you we never changed a phone number, address or hide. We also have the best staff working in your best interest to actually get results... Please share with me your name and phone number...

    I guess i have to chalk this up as a personal vandetta... i bet you dont even have a home loan... and you were probally never a client... Why not give us a call come to the office? Explain yourself... Dont make up false statements on the web... it really does nothing without proof... Every file is ran through underwriting making sure you qualify.. and you never PAY up front... common... not now not ever... 3 years.

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  • Mo
      Oct 10, 2010

    Charlie your eyes are turning brown...I am not the person who put up the complaint you refer to howver I can prove with receipts that Haffar and ### do charge up front fees of $3500. Initial contact was from Jim Grow one of the few people in your organization who has a command of the english language. I have asked to be contacted and get no contact and nothing but generic info provided to me. I would imagine you will either be indicted or close up very soon. I would like to hear from anyone who has had their loan modified by Haffar and be willing to prove it to me. By the way my loan is not through Chase, GMAC or Wells Fargo.
    Since you claim you don't take a up front $3500 fees then you won't mind refunding it to me...right ...since you have done nothing but profit from me...

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  • Mo
      Oct 10, 2010

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  • Sd
      Oct 24, 2010

    I was cheated by Haffar & Associates as well. We paid them $3500 for a loan modification (owner occupied home) and they could not help us. I contacted them for a refund and now they are avoiding me. I have contacted the BBB, CA Bar Association, Yelp, couple attorneys, local new stations, and anyone who will listen to me.. With so many people struggling in this economy I can’t believe that there are still companies out there cheating Americans out of hard earned money, they should be ashamed !!!

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  • Bi
      Dec 15, 2010

    I completely agree with the complaints above. I was foolish to pay the upfront money and have received nothing in return. Email and phone call returns do not exist. The direct line to my case manager is not able to record messages anymore nor does anyone pick up the office line listed on the webpage. Additionally, I was in San Diego for work today so thought I'd stop by the office. There is no Haffar Law office at 625 Broadway. The security guard said they vacated several months ago. I'm a client and never received any notice about the move. Kinda feels like the office is taking the money and running. If anyone could offer a rebuttal, I would love to hear one that makes this looks normal.

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  • Ch
      Jan 18, 2011

    Ok heres another disgusted and pissed off client of haffar and associates. I was ready to go to san diego and visit them myself. These people stole 4200 from me and I am going to get my money. As a matter of fact lets all get our money please contact me at [protected] It is time to put these guys in jail where they belong. I am also contacting news stations, bbb, district attourney, jerry brown, barbara boxer. Keep posting reviews maybe someone else can be saved from these lowlife's.

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  • Tr
      Feb 01, 2011

    Just double checked that address and called Mr. Haffar myself he is available [protected] and you can see from his website and if you go down to 10052 mesa ridge court he is NOT located at 10052 Mesa Ridge Court, I have a court appearance for my modificaton tomorrow in bankruptcy. He can easily be found at 555 Beech Blvd San Diego Ca 92101 or [protected] or [protected] He is not a flight risk as he is an American citizen and muslim and if you have an issue go ahead and go to arbitrtion or ask for mediation before filing a lawsuit as it less costly, and if you file suit, you may as well go ahead and include your mortgage bank as well, as the first thing he is going to do when he gets your lawsuit is counter-sue you and include your bank. He has had it with the crap on the web and the servicers lies and will aggressively fight anyone who is saying he is a scammer and has ripped anyone off. In fact there was an outfit out of Minnesota that was shut down and another one out of Los Angeles who can't be found, who was using his firm's name, haffar and associates with a fake bank account and logo for document returns, and stealing folk's money and he didn't even know it. He was ranked #1 most viewed attorney in San Diego for a while on, so if you have the courage to try to sue him over a loan modification you better have your bank saying it was his fault and willing to show up in court for a deposition as well as actually have proof you paid the real haffar and associates under a real contract as that has also been faked the past year. Imagine the attorney getting scammed, thats a new one and that did happen as he has the proof of the fake bank account and fake contracts etc. I happen to be a friend of his who prayes at his mosque who like some people lost my job and who sought his help with my BK and modification with GMAC which is going well now that I have work again. He is helpful and wants to help but not those folks who come on here and post annonymously and try to deface his name, his religion or his background.

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  • Jn
      Feb 01, 2011

    Whether Haffar is scamming or simply incompetent is not the issue. It is illegal in California to accept any payment for mortgage modification assistance until all services are rendered (CA Civil Code § 2944.7). Don't sue, report to the Attorney General and the State Bar, and make sure you can document payment of upfront fees and that Haffar & Assoc. were negotiating or otherwise handling a loan modification.

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  • Do
      Feb 07, 2011

    I cant say Haffar law is incompetent, because they're pros at getting your money and if you do get a mod it is purely luck. Sure you can do it yourself, and they do tell you that, but it does take a lot of time and for someone who works all week my not have the time or energy to do it themselves.
    That's why I hired Haffar back in July of 2010, at that time there weren't a lot of complaints against Haffar Law on this forum.
    Well $ 4, 000 and seven months later still no modification. I have done everything just as Haffar law has instructed me with no result. When I email the person handling my case, I only get some BS reply and telling me I need to wait.
    Now Joshua at Haffar Law tells me it is his last day with the company, great, now what. GMAC, my lender tells me we sent your attorney a notice of foreclosure a month ago, of which I have not been informed of by Haffar Law.
    So, after getting tired of dealing with the BS and the constant asking of more money to re submit my workout I finally told them to eat ### and I 'll do it myself.
    I am on my second attempt myself, after 4k to Haffar, and seem to be close to a workout. Now I know why Haffar's workout package would have never been approved for my situation. They push your case through their system so fast no wonder no one had time to actually open your file and look at it.
    Save your money, do it yourself or contact HOPE for assistance.
    Haffar &Associates Lawfirm's new address is 555 W. Beech St. ste. 503 San diego CA 92101, Mohamad F. Haffar Esq. [protected]
    Good luck.

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  • Sa
      Feb 10, 2011

    I do appreciate all that Haffar and Assoc has done on my behalf. If
    we go forward, I have lost all my patience with the banks and dealing
    with them, which is why Haffar's team was so valuable to me. I have
    such a bad taste in my mouth with the controls, dishonesty and
    avoidance tactics of the banks in our country that if I never have a
    conversation with Bank of America as long as I live, I would be very
    happy. I know you guys know how to deal with them

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  • Sa
      Feb 10, 2011

    I just got off the phone with Aurora today and they have approved our loan Mod. I just started crying over the phone!

    They will send us out the packet soon.

    I would just like to THANK ALL OF YOU!!! for working so very hard on this on our behalf. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

    I will keep you posted as to when we get the packet from them. Merry Christmas to all of you. And again, thank you so very much.

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  • Sa
      Feb 10, 2011


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  • Sa
      Feb 11, 2011

    We live in Modesto, CA and Wells Fargo did exactly the same thing to us after owning our home for over 12 years.
    We were told to hire legal counsel to facilitate our HAMP agreement late 2008. After $3500 paid to attorney Mohammad Haffar of San Diego, CA, we waited for months for the trial HAMP agreement, sending documents at their every request. When the trial HAMP agreement was set, we paid the first 3 payments in a timely fashion, and when we inquired and no final docs were received to confirm our HAMP agreement, Mr Haffar advised just to keep sending trial payments. Over a 12 month period they accepted our payments, but after the 11th we began receiving harassing phone calls from Wells Fargo daily. We too began to worry, the attorney advising as long as they accept payments they cant foreclose. The last of our "trial payments" was then returned by Wells Fargo to our attorney (supposedly) and that check was WASHED and our bank account embezzled. The stress and worry took its toll, my husband has his first of many strokes, and soon was unable to keep his job. We were informed we did not qualify for the HAMP program, and they would accelerate foreclosure. We discovered by the "demand letter" that none of our trial HAMP payments went towards mortgage payments, fees, fines and whatever they deemed profitable to them was added, and the loan amount increased $30, 000 and counting. We felt Wells Fargo stole the government money for bail out, our money under the guise of HAMP payments and defrauded all of us. Our lives will never be the same. They should pay for their fraud!!

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  • Ma
      Feb 12, 2011

    I approached mr haffars firm for a bankruptcy. He provided me with competent and quality care. He was responsive and was caring
    Thank u mr Haffar for everything!

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  • Ch
      Feb 12, 2011

    Good strategy to try to rebuild your ruined reputation, but it isn't working for me.After talking to haffar on the phone I know he has no remorse for his terrible buisness practices.

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  • An
      Feb 14, 2011

    Moe Bedard is desperate for cash. Initially his idea was respectable
    to help struggling homeowners on However, like usually happens
    greed came into play. SHAME ON YOU Martin Andelman
    trying to fleece struggling homeowners with the REST report...
    and Moe for allowing this man to run your website.

    Once a con (Moe Bedard) and Martin Andelman (Shyster extraordinaire)
    ALWAYS a con!!!

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  • Un
      Feb 14, 2011

    Easy to get the truth here, the link below is for the BBB, they have 31 complaints, they are rated on a scale of A+ to F being the worst, a 'F-'

    and this is ONLY for the San Diego BBB. You can also file a complaint on this same BBB website and are encouraged to do so, if Haffar has wronged you, help others by stopping him in the future.

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  • Li
      Feb 18, 2011

    Moe Bedard of is his advertising "arm". It is just a matter of time before
    both these crooked cronies will be caught.
    I suggest calling the San Diego police dept fraud division
    the CA Attorney General.

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  • Un
      Feb 18, 2011

    A common practice among companies offering loan modification services is accepting a fee prior to commencing work. On October 11, 2009 Governor Schwarzenegger signed Senate Bill 94 stating companies are NOT allowed to take advance fees for loan modification or mortgage loan forbearance services. Formerly real estate agents were issued a "no objection" letter from the Department of Real Estate to collect advance fees. This agreement is no longer in effect. Attorneys were formerly allowed to accept advance fees, but are also not allowed to take advance fees for loan modification or mortgage loan forbearance services. More information regarding this bill can be found at

    Beware of individuals or companies that ask you to sign a power of attorney or ask that you transfer the title of your home. These actions allow the party with the power of attorney or title to evict you, sell your house without your permission, or strip any remaining equity from your home. The BBB encourages you to read and understand ALL documentation before signing. If you have any questions and/or are unclear about any terms and conditions, contact the appropriate licensing agency. High-pressure sales tactics, instructions to miss payments, and claims that sound too good to be true are signs that you may be dealing with an unscrupulous individual.

    Check with your local BBB for company reports and further tips and referrals to sources that can help.

    This is from the BBB site, mayube you want to sue them too Haffar?, You are an unscrupulous individual squared.

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  • Un
      Feb 19, 2011

    Stick a fork in Haffar...He's done!

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  • Ex
      Mar 31, 2011

    rest report and haffar are not connected i went to the office at 10052 and there is NO haffar or Mr. Haffar there he was at 555 beach i guess he was in the same building before but not same suite... So just so you all no Mr. haffar is at 555 beach san diego, i went down there myself. He was very nice in person, and explained some things that made sense. Bottom line i still want you to know where he is located now. I went there thinking rest report was them, i waslked around the office just to find out its a totally different outfit. 2 of the guys who left haffar were there running rest matters charlie and mike. both really nice, and explained to me where mr haffar was, and if i needed anything they would be happy to help but can not charge. Charlie said he feels bad that mr. haffar did not defend imself vs tavey because 1000+ mods so he says and 34 complaints if this is true. i guess mr haffar according to them quit paying his normal staff case workers. charlie was an underwriter but not for haffar. mike i think ran the case managers. Still finding out more. Mr. Haffar did not have answer as to refudn my money or not said he would get back to me. I actualy got a mod but i do not think it was because of them. the bank told me they could not reach them at times. who knows maybe they did do it. just no cmmunication

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  • Ja
      Jul 23, 2011

    The REST Report is a major swindle involving a number of prior criminals and mortgage modification scam operators. They have enlisted a Mr. Martin Andelman who purports to be a foreclosure defense activist as their front man.

    Much information about the REST Report swindle can be found by Googling "REST Report complaints" or "REST Report scam". But BEWARE. The promoters of this scam are numerous and they have been SPAMMING the message boards to improve the search relevance of their numerous web sites.

    One good discussion about the REST Report swindle and some of the perpetrators can be found at:

    Rest Reports

    Other message threads at the MS Fraud site also include discussion about this scam.

    If you are approached by fraudster Christian Dix, of Colorado, notify this law enforcement official right away:

    Jennifer Miner Dethmers
    Assistant Attorney General
    Colorado Department of Law
    Consumer Protection Unit
    1525 Sherman Street, 7th Floor
    Denver, CO 80203
    Telephone 303.866.2296
    Fax 303.866.4916

    Mr. Martin Andelman is operating out of California.

    DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY MONEY!!! Report contacts and solicitations to state and local law enforcement!!

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  • Au
      Sep 02, 2011


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  • Se
      Oct 17, 2011

    I don't know Haffar and Associates nor did any business with them; however, I do know one thing - the idiots that point their finger at the attorneys for "losing their home" should look in the mirror closely. It's just human nature to point fingers and blame everyone for their woes. Why don't you "man up" and admit that you became financially irresponsible. Perhaps you lost your job, perhaps you used your house as an ATM during the housing boom, perhaps you over-extended your finances and got greedy keeping up with the Joneses. Whatever your pathetic reason is, you are to blame for your bad financial decisions. They "evil" attorneys weren't the ones at the escrow table with you and forcing you to sign that Note when you knew damn well that you couldn't afford it & were living way beyond your means! Regardless, everyone seems to forget that there's no guarantee in life except death and taxes. Did everyone forget who are the real crooks that caused this real estate meltdown (besides the greedy lazy entitled son of ### beaners)? Hello!!! The banks are the ones that got smart and creative. They created the subprime loans and the ever enticing negative amortization 1-2% loans! Tell me why the general public is not attacking the greedy banks for their fraud and disception? Why the f-ck is the CA BAR, DRE, BBB, etc attacking the attorneys that try to assist these pathethic losers? Can anyone answer me how many homes did the CA BAR saved or how many banks did that ### Kamala Harris go after? It is not the attorneys that can't get your loan mod approved, it's the freaking games that the banks play. You guys should really appreciate and thank the few attorneys that actually go to bat everyday in court and defend the homeowners. Just sit in court one day at an unlawful detainer hearing and you your jaw will drop at the judge's bias rulings. I saw with my own eyes in Santa Monica Courthouse a few weeks ago (I forget the judge name... Steve L?) an elderly lady had less than 3 months to live (had doctor's note) and begged the judge to let her stay in her house for 60 more days so that she can die in peace. That son of a ### Judge denied her request and evicted her. There should be a riot and we should RECALL that heartless judge! The energy you guys spend on attacking the defense attorneys is truly sad. You should all be rioting in the streets against the greedy banks!

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  • Wi
      Mar 29, 2012

    I fell victim to this scam as well and have EVERYTHING documented - receipts, emails, fax records. I lost $3, 500 to these crooks and ended up with ruined credit. Charlie Rose, Theodore Cooper, Mohammed Haffar, Pam Lafleur and Elizabeth Guevara were all involved in this scam and should be held accountable!

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