H and M / staff attitude

1 Bluewater Shopping centre, England, Kent, GB

to whom it may concern my name is alexandra kate ellison and i am a regular shopper in your Bluewater store however i visited the store last week and recieved appalling service.

i asked about getting another size of top whilst i was in the changing rooms, i didnt want to leave my handbag in there so i politly asked the assistant if she would be able to get me a larger size, i got a disgustingly dirty look and a sigh she then said to me

'does it look like i can leave the changing rooms?' i replied
'oh okay well could you maybe make sure my handbag is okay whilst i run to get one?' when she responded with
'if anything goes missing i aint gunna take responsability!!' i said no problem i will just put this one back.

whilst i was changing i heard a collegue ask the changing room attendant what that was all about when she replied
' come on does it look i can be arsed to get a bigger size, she should just stop eating ### then she will fit in our clothes'. (i am a size 14 and the girl in question was roughly a 6 or 8) i didnt stay in the shop long enough to respond to the girls comment although i was extremely offended by this.i wanted to send you this email to make you aware of your staffs attitude towards customers and maybe they should be taught how to interact with them before being put on the shop floor.

i have spoken to a few of my girl friends and they regularly shop in there and say they find the staff pretentious and judgmental witha bad attitude but i have never come across this till this incident.

i will definatly think twice before i enter your store again or recomending your store to friends for certain items.

i used to spend a minimum of £80 per visit which would be once or maybe twice a week so its not as if i am a sale shopper.

i would like to hear back from you as i did like shopping in your store and buying lovely outfits

many thanks



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