[Resolved] GVRD Roofingsales practices and harassment

I recently sent an email regarding a major issue regarding Yellow Pages business practices.

In brief:

I was contacted over 30 times to advertise with this company.

Extremely high pressure sales tactics

Was made to agree to a verbal contract over the phone even after saying I wanted to have them send me a email stating what I would get.

Was told I would get 30 or more calls from this advertising. (Didn't get one call or hit in my SEO)

Couldn't find my advertising on-line or on there website.

Told them I felt under extreme pressure as a new business owner to work with them and told them to stop calling many again over 30 times.

I was in a meeting with a client and strapped for time when I got the final call and felt under duress when I finally said yes but wanted to see what I would get first.

Also was told I would be on the first page and again never could even find my advertising

I was also never given a log in to right description so on.

Please respond back to me via email and look forward to speaking to someone.

Subsequently they have taken me to collects and and again harassing my company with 5 calls a day.

Best regards

  • Resolution Statement

    This complaint is against Yellow pages not GVRD Roofing... It seems like when I made a complaint it was on my own company??? Please remove this complaint or help me edit so it reflects on Yellow pages not GVRD Roofing... Please Thank you...

Apr 28, 2017

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