Gulf Oil / adulterated gas

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On Saturday, October 7, 2017, the low fuel indicator on my Honda Odyssey went on. I pulled off at the next exit of the Long Island Expressway, and stopped at "E-Z Pumpers, " a Gulf station at 3775 Expressway Dr., Ronkonkoma, NY 11779. I pressed "Regular Unleaded" and filled the tank (20.145G). I noticed smoke coming from the back of the car. I wasn't sure what was going on, but continued onto the expressway. It seemed to chug a little, but then all was well - until I accelerated to pass another car. It chugged again, I heard a pop, and more smoke appeared. Everything was fine after that happened (I was alone and was nervous about pulling off the road), until I reached my destination (about 30more miles). Just as I got to my appointment, the "Check Engine" light started flashing. I went to the nearest Honda dealer, and the service person took the car in for a diagnostic check. He told me (1.5 hours later) that I had accidentally put diesel fuel into the tank. I told him I was sure I hadn't. He said everything checked out on the computer except for the gas in the tank. He said I could get home and that when I did, to go to my local mechanic to have the tank drained. I left, and the car seemed ok until I was close to home. I pulled into my local Honda dealer, who did the diagnostics again and tested the gas -- he confirmed that it was diesel/bad fuel. I had to pay Apple Honda $597.70 to have the tank drained, treated and refilled. I called EZ Pumpers and was told that it couldn't have happened as I said because they don't carry diesel at the station. I said my tank was very low when I filled it, so I know the gas came from there, and said that the delivery truck must have filled Pump 1 with diesel by mistake. The man I spoke to was very polite but said "this is Gulf - they don't make mistakes like that." Well, I didn't make the mistake and I'm now out $600. I have copies of all of my receipts and diagnostics from the two Honda dealers. I would expect that Gulf will reimburse me for the full amount I spent.
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