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Guitar Center / rude sales men

1 8475 Castleton Corner Dr , INDIANAPOLIS, IN, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (317) 578-9570

i found this site after searching for almost an hour to send a e-mail to the guitar center manager .

I make my rounds in Guitar Center about once or twice a month and, this new crew in audio department at the Castleton store make me want to drive to greenwood. There is a cut throat vibe going at that store and, i am not digging it .

My experience with the older employees Danial, Noah and Michael in audio is as always wonderful . but these new guys are overly forceful and that tall guy is almost combative with people while the bald guy just seem to want to walk off and find a bigger sale if your looking for cheaper gear.

I am no expert on employee customer relations but i think that maybe the new guys should take a lesson from the old dogs .
hear are just a few things . i have seen lately.

1) do not argue with a costumer in front of everyone . makes you look like the bad guy even in an indignant situation . The manager has the smoothest approach. he rolls in and says what he has to say and puts it out so natural and matter of fact that it leaves little room for rebuttal .

Like i said i spend a lot of time in guitar center.

2) do not tell a customer they are dumb or they are wasting your time. you can be blunt with out being rude.( tall guy )
3) Don't answer the phone while talking to a costumer without asking the customer if its ok i have seen just about every one do this .
they will cut a customer off and say hold on just a second. just ask
(do you mind if i get this?)
4) don't degrade peoples gear. I have seen and heard this exact line. you should have known better then to think this was worth anything (tall guy). People will always think there stuff is worth more then it is .
5) The new DJ cd's with the Guitar Center logo are lewd . i can't see how they passed and kind of censorship team with Guitar Center . and right at the entrance .

6) Telling a customer that a coworker has know idea what the are talking about is not cool. I asked about protools vs logic and told them that i was a mac owner and that Anthony (that's his name the big guy ) said logic would be best for Mac and in fact was made for Mac . I got " well he has no idea what he is talking about man protools 9 is the way to go i just got it and its grate. again not cool .

at this hour that's the most i can think of . just stick with the old crew when you shop Guitar Center at Castleton Mall .

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