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I subscribed by mail to a news letter and then was contacted by an individual who said they would (for an additional fee help me make some good trades.) He would be very excited and I was to follow directions. several times he was upset if he thought I was trading on my own, which I was. the trades that he gave me that I didn't make money on where obvious trades that I initiated on my own.

In honesty, I learned from the experience because I did the research on the trades. I wish that I had followed my gut on actually using his advice. because 90% of the tip were not good tips. Last time we spoke he informed me that I was not at a personal trading level, where he could give me the best trades. That spells $. It cost me $6000. to have him supply me with bad tips, and as well I lost money on the bad tips he gave me. I used my own broker, so gryphon didn't get any of that money.

I am smarter today than I was a few months ago. There are lots of guys out there trying to suck you into thinking they will give you the right tip. Ask yourself why would they be helping you make money. They are sales people selling worthless information. In the meantime TJ and Gryphon financial did make money because I paid them wages. Stupid me for getting scammed by them.

I am still reading all the tips, but I am doing my own research and making the trades I decide. I learned that I have to get smart and learn how to read the markets and the company financial and then I can make my own mistakes. It should be cheaper.

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  • St
      Dec 30, 2008

    I have had a similar experience with them. I want to believe that they are a legit company and not a scam, but I have my doubts.

    I subscribed to Raging Bull newsletter from them and it was terrible. The customer service was terrible too. They have lots of different newsletters and produce a lot of spam type email once you subscribe to one of their newsletters.

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  • Wi
      Mar 21, 2009

    I had a trial subscription. Was then contacted by phone several times by a saleman who claimed he was a successful trader. It quickly became apparent to me that the only thing he strived to be successful at was getting my $ to subscribe to a more expensive service. I found that most of their trades were losers. Many of these firms make trades ahead of their "recommendations" then dump them when others climb on board.
    They also flood you with spam, at least 3-4 times a day touting their other newsletters. I sincerly doubt that they are little more than scam artists. AVOID!

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  • Al
      Apr 05, 2009

    Hi I subcribed to the now defunct Genome Service Many of the recommendations were on stocks with little or no volume. In the end the service was a disaster. There was a period of success in the beginning which turned very negative. They near the end of my subscription convinced me to give the Inner Circle a try. I regret doing this . The fee was $20, 000. The salesmen Bolton Anderson did explain the the service and took my credit card info . He said he would send over the agreement by email and that Mr Warren the "savant " trader would call me . He never called. After reviewing the documents or terms and conditions I decided it was too big for my britches. They never responded to my calls and when I finally did get a call from Mr Anderson several months later to pay more in on successful trades I told him I never opened the service and that I never heard from Mr Warren . I have not received a credit for my 5000.00 Very embarrassing to me I feel sick about this . The only siver lining is in not using the service I probably am money ahead . Do not do business with this company . I continue to try and revceive a credit with no success.

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  • Nw
      Apr 28, 2009

    I think that these forums are really unfair to hard working companies...I have been working with Gryphon for quite sometime and have been in contact with many of their newsletter subscribers whom are are satisfied. They have helped me grow my small portfolio into something significant...and I really appreciate their hard work. Gryphon Financial's satisfied clients are the ones with the money whom don't havr the time to sit and blog negatively they are too busy making money.
    Satisfied Client...N. Woods

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  • Pm
      Jul 10, 2009


    I am in Gryphon Financial VIP Hedge Fund Trader for which I paid $50, 000.00 to join. Gryphon phones me and tells me what to buy and how many option contracts to buy. I recived a phone call on June 22, 2009 from Gryphon to buy five different option contracdts on different stocks. they told me that I will make a quick profit. They said that the stocks will rise within a matter of days. Well, all of the stocks dropped and now I have lost over $50, 000.00 from the investment and $50, 000.00 that I paid them for the service. They are a scam and I want the world to know it. DO NOT DO ANY STOCK OR OPTIONS TRADING INVOLVING GRYPHON FINANCIAL AND DO NOT PAY GRYPHON FINANCIAL ANY MONEY FOR GIVING YOU ADVISE.
    I am now a wiser investor, but what a price I had to pay to learn that Gryphon Financial is a churning organization that is constantly looking for people to pay them for inaccurate advise.

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  • Gf
      Aug 27, 2009

    Gryphon Financial is a financial publishing company and only relays what they are doing with their own money you are responsible for making your own decision...I am an employee of GF and am proud of it. I know in fact that you did not pay anywhere close to $50, 000 and in fact only paid to GF $1, 500.00. All readers should be aware of all of the facts especially that you are trying to recruit for a class action that obviously with these false claims of how much money you sent you really have no leg to stand on. Clients like you are really frustrating to a company like us that work so hard and these websites are a forum for people who have nothing better to do. I anticipate you should receive a letter from our attorney within a day or two and it looks as though you are going to continue to write these defamatory comments and we will have to see you in court.

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  • Ad
      Sep 30, 2009

    This response is being posted by Adorno & Yoss LLP, counsel to Gryphon Holdings, Inc. d/b/a Gryphon Financial (“Gryphon”). We have been requested by Gryphon to respond to the false and defamatory statements posted on

    The foregoing statements imply that Gryphon has engaged in fraudulent conduct. Such comments are clear attempts to inure Gryphon’s reputation and discourage the public from doing business with Gryphon. Such conduct is legally actionable and will not be tolerated by our client.

    Gryphon makes very clear on its website ( that it is an educational service--not an investment advisor, stating in its Disclaimer: is an educational service, not an investment advisor. All subscribers to each service receive the exact same trading signal publications. Active trading is not for everyone; please speak to your investment advisor before determining the suitability of educational services for your objectives and risk tolerance.

    The Disclaimer further unambiguously states that the recommendations provided by Gryphon are not guaranteed.

    When consumers visit Gryphon’s website, they must agree to the terms and conditions specified therein and enter their credit card information in order to enroll in any particular service. The webpage clearly provides the Risk Disclosure, which states:

    The risk of loss in trading…can be substantial. You should, therefore, carefully consider whether such trading is suitable for you in light of your circumstances and financial resources. You should be aware of the following points:

    (1) You may sustain a total loss of the funds that you deposit with your broker to establish or maintain a position in the commodity futures market, and you may incur losses beyond these amounts…

    (2) Under certain market conditions, you may find it difficult or impossible to liquidate a position.

    Gryphon has authorized Adorno & Yoss LLP to initiate any and all actions as may be necessary to prevent defamatory statements from being posted about its company on the Internet and will do so in the appropriate judicial forum, not on the Internet through an anonymous name.

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  • Jm
      Dec 11, 2009

    Yes the place is filled with questionable people, (if the many complaints, here and elsewhere, are of any indication) selling snake oil.500% trades !?!? I have had two such trades in the last year, and both were from services that cost under 20 a month.
    Both were penny stocks.

    Why is Warren not your main client GF ?? With 400 to 500% returns on trades, people should beating down your door, not the other way around.Not to mention they are INCREDIBLY rude.I have actual cash to invest, and the best that the rep could tell me this morning, after another boiler room cold call, was that I was a liar.

    I kid you not !

    They regularly talk over you, talk down to you, and then use very high pressure tactics, and sweat shop sale language to attempt to lure you in.

    Stick with something honest and low cost, like TOS. Take some course's online, from TOS, read a few dozen books on the subject of trading and start small.Do not get greedy, and never bet more then a small percentage of your margin acct on a single trade.

    Cold calls from these types usually end in disaster.Hiding behind the 'Educational' Disclaimer... TRIPE TELLS ME MUCH.Its very...NO, extremely RARE to see a company lash out at its clients with some hole in the wall law firm out of state, when a customer is not happy with the services.Dig and you shall find, the net is vast.There are reports ONLINE --NOW-- of Gryphon employee's being searched for, and investigated by, get this, wait for it...the FBI...

    NEED I SAY ANY MORE !?!?!?!?!??!

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  • No
      Jan 07, 2010

    I had a bad experience with Gryphon Financials. They sold me a service called the Raging Bull, whick stictly and email with the name of a recommandation and some financial information from I can't believe that they claim not to make recommandations and only sell an educational service.


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  • Gb
      Jan 08, 2010

    I'm on the fence for Gryphon financials! I did subscribe/pay for several of the news letters, purchased a few of the stocks and I made a little money (Nothing significant like the letters claim you will make). I started getting calls telling me not to subscribe to the letters but work directly with the broker (I think he was a broker or salesman). I would be required to send in a percentage of the money that I made - It seems fair and honest. What seemed odd was that he would say he was going to call some expert trader to see if he had room to take me on as a client (This happened more than one time) and I would be on hold for a bit of time while he made the call. Every time he came back with good news - so and so would be willing to take me on and he only has room for x number of clients. Another time I got a call and I was fishing on a boat in the middle of the lake and the salesman/broker got mad at me cause I did not want to make thousands of dollars (who doesn't want to make thousands of dollars...). I asked him to call me back and give me his direct number and I would call him later - I never heard from him and probably missed out on thousands of dollars. So, I'm not sure they are a scam or legit - I want to believe they are for real...

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  • La
      Jan 24, 2010

    They are going to get what is coming to them soon. As for that legal disclaimer, bring it on! This posting has not been shut down in over a year. There "legal" posting on this comment section is nothing but hot air.
    They better pray the FBI arrests them sooner they later. Jail will be the only safe place for them(maybe), from all the really pissed of "customers" they have really screwed.
    How many have they screwed over I wonder? Mybe some ex cop they screwed, mybe some ex-military they screwed, or just mybe some kid who has relatives in the mob?
    People like them a really short sighted when it comes to these things and do not see the big picture.

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  • Pi
      Jan 28, 2010

    All comments are true, the same that I have seen with this company. I wish that I had searched before I spent money with this outfit.

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  • Tj
      Mar 02, 2010

    The US~Observer is opening a case against Gryphon Financial due to an excessive amount of complaints received against this so called "investment" company.

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  • Ik
      Apr 16, 2010

    I was reading all the comments left by the costumers and cant help but think about the horrible things that these people do not only to their "costumers" but as well as their staff. They are horrible, fake, heartless people. DO NOT TRUST THEM!!! They are only interested in taking your money and letting you believe that they can help. They do not care about your concerns; They will keep you on hold or pretend that they are in "meetings". These meetings are them gathering around each other and discussing ways to screw you out of more money. They only care about you when you are making them money, otherwise they could give two ### about you.
    They are money hungry ###s and deserve to have their business taken from them. I only wish that they would get a taste of their own medicine. Otherwise they will think that they can keep doing this. I believe that they should have their business taken from them and end up on the streets like they deserve to be. I'm telling you dont even waste your time money or effort on them. They will only end up screwing you over in the end.

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  • Lo
      Apr 21, 2010

    The long arm of the law has finally caught up with Gryphon Financial, AKA Gryphon Holdings.

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  • Lo
      Apr 21, 2010

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  • 20
      Apr 23, 2010

    Here is the web site of the S.E.C. for people to read the charges filed. I suggest that people click on it and read it. Then I suggest that all those who were defrauded by Gryphon contact the U.S. Attorney's office in New York, Roger Burlingame at 718-254-7000 and agree to participate in the case by providing information to them and cooperating with their investigation and gathering of evidence. We may be able to recoup some, if not all, of the money we spent buying thier programs which will be shown to be fraudulent and the contracts we signed may also be declared null and void by the court. It is my feeling that those who participate in the investigation will have their names on record with the court and stand a better chance of being reimbursed than those who try and file claims later. Let's all get together on this and contact the U.S. Attorney's office. Here is the web site:

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  • Ra
      Jun 07, 2010

    Gryphon traded my account : My account fell 75% and on top they fraudulently charged me
    $170, 000. I am 70 years old in poor health .I do not know what to do.I am heart broken and without any money. Please suggest any thing. I need HELP

    Rachhpal Kukreja

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  • Mi
      Jul 05, 2010

    Where did these crooks go?

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