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Gryphon Financial / I'm just going to put them where they belong

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They claim 82% or better track record so far I've lost 82% and much much more. No wonder they have a no return policy. To be fair out I've been given at least 13 picks to date, only one seems to be decent, and even it is rapidly decaying in value. Since their alert or take action line comes on daily or whenever basis I seriously believe I'm just going to put them where they belong; in my virtual trade account where they can do no harm. I am going to take action by simply letting this subscription run out.

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  • An
      12th of Aug, 2008
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    they have made me nothing but money this guy probally doesnt even have real money on the table just another baby crying about the fact he cant win

  • Re
      21st of Aug, 2008
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    In addition the don't answer email and they do not give answers they promised to give,
    waste of time and money!!!

  • Jo
      16th of Sep, 2008
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    You've got to be kidding! the babies in the background thats your problem? Gryphon if you had asked has an equal opportunity for their employees, and an on site daycare with specialized teachers and care providers. isn't that a good thing? and... 90% of their employees are men bringing their children o work!! get a life. they have answered every email and called back every one of my calls. call their competitors see if they get on the phone- i'll bet you they won't. and you lose some and win some, even buffet can't pick over 75%...get a grip

  • Mo
      11th of Mar, 2009
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    The Gryphon Financial service company is apparently a front for a fraud ring. They claim high return on investment activities and promise "lifetime" membership for a fee of $99. They then send you a "receipt" which requires your signature on several issues including granting their right to submit further invoices to you. You are expected to pay 20% of your investment gains in response to their "winning trade recommendations". Unfortunately, they will not provide any evidence of having made "winning trade recommendations"...yet they "claim" an 82% success rate. Apparently most people do not receive those successful recommendations, instead it appears they are merely spur of the moment picks. If you request a refund of the $99 they will be rude to you and most likely hang up the phone. If you call back, they will connect you with a "supervisor" who then tries to convince you to join an even more expensive "service"...but they will not provide a refund. Apparently the credit card charge goes overseas to someplace in Israel, so you will discover not only a $99 charge, but you will also experience a foreign transaction charge on your credit card. The Gryphon Financial service offerings are not ethical. They might be adhering to legal rules so attorneys general offices are not yet engaged in shutting them down, but they are very clearly un ethical. Beware.

  • Ad
      30th of Sep, 2009
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    This response is being posted by Adorno & Yoss LLP, counsel to Gryphon Holdings, Inc. d/b/a Gryphon Financial (“Gryphon”). We have been requested by Gryphon to respond to the false and defamatory statements posted on

    The foregoing statements imply that Gryphon has engaged in fraudulent conduct. Such comments are clear attempts to injure Gryphon’s reputation and discourage the public from doing business with Gryphon. Such conduct is legally actionable and will not be tolerated by our client.

    Gryphon makes very clear on its website ( that it is an educational service--not an investment advisor, stating in its Disclaimer: is an educational service, not an investment advisor. All subscribers to each service receive the exact same trading signal publications. Active trading is not for everyone; please speak to your investment advisor before determining the suitability of educational services for your objectives and risk tolerance.

    The Disclaimer further unambiguously states that the recommendations provided by Gryphon are not guaranteed.

    When consumers visit Gryphon’s website, they must agree to the terms and conditions specified therein and enter their credit card information in order to enroll in any particular service. The webpage clearly provides the Risk Disclosure, which states:

    The risk of loss in trading…can be substantial. You should, therefore, carefully consider whether such trading is suitable for you in light of your circumstances and financial resources. You should be aware of the following points:

    (1) You may sustain a total loss of the funds that you deposit with your broker to establish or maintain a position in the commodity futures market, and you may incur losses beyond these amounts…

    (2) Under certain market conditions, you may find it difficult or impossible to liquidate a position.

    Gryphon has authorized Adorno & Yoss LLP to initiate any and all actions as may be necessary to prevent defamatory statements from being posted about its company on the Internet and will do so in the appropriate judicial forum, not on the Internet through an anonymous name.

  • Th
      2nd of Feb, 2010
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    I'm an attorney who happened upon this discussion board, and since part of my daily experience is dealing with unwanted spam from the con artists at Gryphon Financial, I thought I'd add my own comments in the hope of sparing some poor soul the experience of being defrauded by these low-lifes.

    But first, let me express my amusement at the post above, presumably from Gryphon's attorneys. This is just one of the many clues that should tell any common sense investor that Gryphon Financial isn't someone you want to do business with. What law firm responds to anonymous posts on the web? You think a legitimate investment firm would do this? Do you see Goldman Sachs -- which gets slammed every day -- bothering with such nonsense? I don't care who wrote this threatening post, whether he or she is an attorney or not, but they aren't anyone you should fear. They're just part of the con -- one of the many persons who spend their days inundating the web with false information hyping Gryphon in the hope more people will fall for their con.

    And this takes me to the point of this post; namely, buyer beware. Look at the Gryphon website and 'press releases' filled with self-serving information and promotional claims. These are absurd on their face. Seldom is an author identified. They have no associations with actual firms, and often reference organizations or people that do not exist and who can't be contacted or verified. They claim to be the envy of Goldman Sachs, but no one at Goldman has heard of them. In fact, no one on wall street knows who they are. They exist only on the phone and on the web, where they cold-call victims and spread the appearance of exclusivity and success, etc. But strangely, there is very little information given about this presumably massive and influential organization. Just one or two names. Several changing and mysterious addresses. Bank accounts in Israel. Sources cited that do not exist. And sickly, false claims of charitable giving. And the abundance of information about the stock market? Most of it appears fabricated and/or copied from other sources. Check it out for yourself.

    But what really annoys me are the calls. If they're so rich and successful, why are they spending their time cold-calling everyone to try and get them to join?... If you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars, as they claim to, in a week. What are they doing calling strangers on the phone?

    Buyer beware.

    Oh, and their disclaimer that they are not financial advisers? That is the one statement they consistently make -- in fine print only, of course -- that is true. They are not licensed or qualified. Even their 'attorney' above repeats it. So why would you pay them a dollar? Of course, on the phone, they tell you they are investment advisors; the best in the world. They're phone reps talk about a trade they're just putting on, etc., and invite you to sign up and get in on the vast fortune that awaits. They challenge you -- asking if you can man-up and trade with the big boys. Sound familiar? It's the first ten minutes of the film WALL STREET -- a complete and total con by desperate, low enders who couldn't hack it on their own.

    If you're not able to see through their veil of lies, you probably shouldn't try to make a living trading. I don't say this to be cruel, but to save you the time and money. Even in the legitimate world of trading there are poor analysts and others eager to take advantage. If Gryphon's crude con worked on you, Wall Street will cut you up and spit you out.

    And now to the spam. These millionaires aren't above spamming the general public for new victims. Take a look at one of their emails. There is no way to unsubscribe, as required.

    If they can't take your money, they settle for annoying you, every day of your life.

    Thom Bradley
    Santa Barbara CA

  • Ed
      8th of Feb, 2010
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    I am not sure about their investment advice, but Gryphon Financial A.K.A. are spammers. They do not have a way to unsubscribe from their email lists. They send out 4 or emails a day. If their is an attorney out there who wants to take these spammers to court, I am in.

  • Ho
      2nd of Mar, 2010
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    I would like to warn anyone thinking of subscribing to Gryphon Financials publications! Following is my story in few words:
    Last October (2009) I subscribed to the Options Elite service $99 for 6 months. Immediately afterward I was hit with ads in my inbox trying to get me to 'upgrade' for the "inner circle" trades. They began calling and being extremely rude, hanging up on me because I said, "no, I am not paying that kind of ridiculous money for recommendations!" Just yesterday (3-1-'10) one of them said they are going to fire me! I laughed at the absurdity of that statement! What??? Fire a paying customer???!!! I will never do business with them EVER again, and beware to anyone who thinks they can stand up to these guys and their intimidation tricks and powerful ads. They will sucker you in if you are weak-hearted, making you believe you are a fool if you don't subscribe to their "inner circle" trades. (I believe the only reason I was able to say no was because my husband and i had just finished doing Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and we were educated on what kind of businesses should get our business) Gryphon Daily does not even register on that scale they fall so far below the line!!!

    I have more than once caught them lying...trying to tell me I said something when I know I never said such a thing! As a business owner myself, I would not expect to be in business very long if I did not run it with utmost integrity, and these guys have no qualms about screwing you over with lies and intimidation. DON'T do business with them.

    I would also like to address their claims on a high rate of return...I have followed their recommendations and there have been numerous ones that have had such thinly traded volume that only a fool would've made the trade. I trade for a hobby but have done enough trading to have learned that you are more than likely to get burned if you trade any security that has low volume. Thom, I agree with you, why are they so desperate to get subscribers when they are able to make thousands doing their own boiler-room trades? The more arrogant, rude, and intimidating they related to me the bigger that red flag became. Save yourself the anger that comes in doing business with people that lie.

  • He
      1st of Apr, 2010
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    I signed up for Gryphon Daily’s "Pipeline Trader" investment advisory service for $79/year in the beginning of February 2010. I immediately got a call from Robert Anthony from Gryphon Daily (earlier trading as Gryphon Financial), who claimed himself to be a senior trader urging me to opt for “Daily Options” service for $1, 000/year and promising to double my portfolio in an year.

    I was given a good trade, on which I made around $7, 000 on a trade of $3, 000. Robert then called me again to sell his new service “Elite Options VIP”. He mentioned that this service is available on the web as “Elite Options” for $1, 499, but he would give me exclusive and explosive trades (the trades may not be listed in the service archives) and personal attention for an yearly fee of $10, 000. Greed got me! I signed up for the VIP service.

    I got few trades; some via un-official email (when I requested Robert to confirm the trade recommendations) and some via phone. First 2 trades made $15, 000 profit for me.

    Both Robert and I now became greedier. Come March 2010. Robert now mentioned that he can still deliver better trades thru “Private Plays” service. The cost is $50, 000 per year. He mentioned that he has few new trades in mind, and he would provide me recommendations, when I sign up for a new service. He also mentioned that, as he does not like to ask money again and again, the contract for the new service is that, I would pay charges, when winning trades are delivered. We agreed on 20% of profits or around $5, 000 (based on average profit of $25, 000 per trade), till the yearly fee is paid completely. I assumed this to be a fair and wise arrangement. But, he needed an initial payment of $10, 000. I agreed on the condition that, as his recent trade recommendations from other services are yet to make profits, he would hold off my signed contract and would not charge my credit card. He then delayed providing me a new recommendation, as he mentioned that the trade recommendation is still being finalized. In the meantime, my credit card was charged for $10, 000. 2 days later on a 19th March Friday, he called me that a new recommendation would be ready by the evening, but I would have to pay $5, 000. I complained, about my credit card charges, and about not making any profit yet. He assured me that this new trade as a part of “Private Plays” would surely make exorbitant profit s, and I would be wise to pay $5, 000. I was in dilemma, and reluctantly told him that, I would provide the credit card number, and requested to charge after the trade would make money the next week. He mentioned that he would deliver the trade recommendation in few hours.

    All these times, I signed off written agreements, while providing my credit card numbers to Robert. The “Private Plays” service was by invitation only, and one could not sign up on the web. As per the agreement for the “Private Plays” service, the credit card would be charged only when a winning trade recommendation is sent (the trade would make $5, 000 for Robert and $20, 000 for me). Gryphon broke its promise, and still charged my credit cards.

    In those 2-3 days, the last few recommendations from Robert’s “Elite Options VIP” and “Daily Options” services tanked, and I was in a loss of $40, 000. Including the loss and Gryphon’s fees, I had lost half of my portfolio. I was getting nervous. Then on Monday, March 22, I got a call from Greg Fox, another senior trader, that Robert Anthony is no longer with Gryphon, and demanded $7, 000 more for delivering an exciting recommendation for “Private Plays” trade and he would write off $8, 000 of my future fees. I did not agree initially.

    But the loss was eating me from inside. I called Greg for advice, and he mentioned that he can help only if, I pay up $7, 000. He was asking money as a part of his research, and did not consider the contract agreement about payment only when a winning trade is delivered. I provided my credit card number, but did not sign the written agreement. He then postponed the trade recommendation for 2 more days, and called me back on Wednesday for requesting my signature on the payment of $7, 000. I was thinking, about my losses and Gryphon fees. Gryphon has reneged on a contract, did not provide me any service as a part of “Private Plays” and still charging me more and more fees.

    I then decided to put an end to this mess. I told Greg that I am going to contest all charges regarding “Private Plays” and Gryphon should oblige the contract and charge me the fees, only after sufficient profits have been made.

    I then contested all the charges for “Private Plays” service, as no service has been provided till now. A customer rep from the credit card bank told me that, I had signed the contracts, so I may not have any recourse. I also contested the charge for “Elite Options VIP” service, as VIP service has been provided only till mid-March, and then stopped. A VIP service would provide regular portfolio analysis and exclusive trades. I was not a fool to sign up for expensive services, unless promises are made.

    The way Gryphon scams is their services are non-refundable. Its customer service told me later that, I had a grace period of 3 days as per New York state laws, but I was unaware of this, and this was not mentioned in the contracts. This makes the contract questionable, and perhaps may not stand in the court of law.

    I need help.

    Hemant Patel

  • He
      1st of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Gryphon Daily's customer service informed me that as per contract with Robert, he cannot contact his past clients. Gryphon Daily's customer service is now accusing that Robert and I may have conspired to malign Gryphon Daily. My phone records are open for any court to study and judge that this is not true. In fact, I am trying to contact Robert Anthony to talk to him about this mess.

  • He
      1st of Apr, 2010
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    Gryphon’s customer service told me that I have been using their web site services, so I have no case against Gryphon. Its staff still does not understand that, my complaint is not against the services provided by its web site, but against “VIP” service being not provided, and against charging my credit card without winning trades for “Private Plays” service. My complaint is against Gryphon’s fraudulent practices, and about blaming customers instead of resolving customer disputes.

  • Lo
      21st of Apr, 2010
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    The long arm of the law has finally caught up with Gryphon Financial, AKA Gryphon Holdings.

  • Tp
      22nd of Apr, 2010
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    I bought their services but am still waiting for that one in a row winning streak.They don't return phone calls. They don't answer emails. Their ads clearly state that they will cincil you but how can they if they won't communicate. I've asked for specific info and gotten nothing but loss after loss. I hope that at least karma gets them.

  • 20
      23rd of Apr, 2010
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    Here is the web site of the S.E.C. for people to read the charges filed. I suggest that people click on it and read it. Then I suggest that all those who were defrauded by Gryphon contact the U.S. Attorney's office in New York, Roger Burlingame at 718-254-7000 and agree to participate in the case by providing information to them and cooperating with their investigation and gathering of evidence. We may be able to recoup some, if not all, of the money we spent buying their programs which will be shown to be fraudulent and the contracts we signed may also be declared null and void by the court. It is my feeling that those who participate in the investigation will have their names on record with the court and stand a better chance of being reimbursed than those who try and file claims later. Let's all get together on this and contact the U.S. Attorney's office. Here is the web site:

  • De
      30th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    Yes I signed up for "Wolf Option Trader" havent heard a word from my emails and the phones are not connected, I believe it is a clever way of taking your money ...I hope they get their deserved comeuppance soon enough. I lost hard earned monies and fell for their spammng and promises

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