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Greentree Financial / Terrible experience

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Greentree Financial as been my mortgage company for 14 years. After having been divorced 4 years into the loan and raising children as a single mother, I have made payments late frequently. Greentree has been continually harassing. To the extreme.

I have had clients of mine called and harassed causing me to lose accounts, I have had my children told to pack their clothes because of their mothers worthlessness they were going to be homeless, I have had neighbors called and asked to deliver notes to me, I have had family members called and questioned about my worthlessness in paying my bills, my tenants have been called squatters and asked to make good on a loan that is not in their name and are constantly harassed, and actually had my home broken into and all my possessions moved to my deck.

My neighbor called me and then went over to see who was at my home only to have the people hurriedly drive away, however, he was unable to get a license plate number. When Greentree called an hour later to gloat and ask how I 'liked' those events they acknowledged being responsible. I filed a police report but w/o a number and anything to concretely tie Greentree to the crime, the police were unable to proceed.

I am having difficulty finding legal representation to help with this as I cannot afford an attorney, and am wondering about any class action suits that may be in the works.

He representatives calling from Greentree are rude, malicious, derogatory and counter productive to their own goals. I have been ridiculed, told that it is understandable that I was divorced, that I am lying, and the suggestion made that I get money the best way I can. A few years ago I was told by a representative of Greentrees that I was late on my January payment on December 12. What? I have complained to my states Attorney Generals office and am waiting to hear, again, what can be done if anything.


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  • Dh
      18th of Feb, 2009
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    I have never been late to Greentree since they took over our morgage last year. I called to make my payment over the phone last night and was harassed because my payment wasn't getting to them on the exact due date, even though I have a 15 day grace period before late charges are added. The lady was demanding, and made me feel like a criminal. This company should be forced out of business. I hate having my home through them. I have never made a late fee payment in the ten years I have had my home, I don't get it there by the 12th, but I do get it there way before the 15 day deadline. Please Greentree get real.

  • Bo
      23rd of Feb, 2009
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    I am understanding everything that you are writing when you talk about Green Tree. They are the devil and they and all of their representatives will go to the devil!!! I am so sick of this company. If I could law them and get them to eat my dirt I would. They have called my house, my job and my family members homes. I don't even live in this home, and havent because my ex husband is in the home. He will not pay the payments! I have both children and bills of my own and I have to make his payments. I have paid them 17, 000 dollars on this mobile home and now they say that I still owe 2603.67 dollars on the home. The home wasn't but just 15, 000 to start with. I want to be included in any class again suit that gets them a**holes.

  • Co
      18th of Dec, 2009
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    My mum went through a similar situation back in the late 90's to early 2003. When mum signed on the dotted line to accept the loan, a woman that was helping her to arrange such unexpected housing, made her believe that this was the best way to get out of her then current situation. I was fortunate that mum and I had housing, however, I had a very odd feeling that the mortgage company was not going to be all roses and butterflies.

    Sure enough, not even a season later, mum discovered the series of harassing phone calls from Green Tree that awaited her. They called all hours of the day and night. Sometimes the callers made it sound like they were going to throw fire on the mobile home just to blame it on either mum and me. Green Tree reps were also causing mum a lot of emotional and physical health problems due to the harassment. Of course, Green Tree reps blamed her for her own health status and of course, belittled me for living with her, and felt that I was old enough to live on my own. Mum had severe cardiac trouble and the school I attended for my A.A. degree was only a few miles away, I wasn't going to live somewhere else when her health was at that status.

    Long story short, I had six and half years worth of hell lifted from my shoulders as well as mum's when we essentially abandoned the home, moved into a very nice apartment and mailed the keys to the nearest Green Tree office. Never heard from them again, with the exception a marking on mum's credit report.

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