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Green Earth Scooters


Inferior product false promises of warranty

Complaint Rating:  91 % with 22 votes
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Green Earth Scooters
United States
Purchase a 50cc scooter from this company.Got a scooter with scratches, dents, disconnected hoses and wires which does not work.Company promises warranty of up to 1 yr (depending on part/module) on their web site.They do not answer their phone and do not reply to any email messages so it is impossible to contact them so I paid over $600 for a piece of crap that I need to take to a shop and probably spend a couple hundred more to get it fixed.Check their record with the BBB (WWW.BBB.ORG) and what other customers experienced with them /link removed/

/link removed/

If you care about your money, stay away from them despite their low prices, it will end up costing you much more than that.
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A  26th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
Has almost the same experience with them, avoid at all costs!!!
A  29th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
My scooter arrived damaged, E-mailed them 4 times in 2 weeks with photos of damage.They responed that they didn`t receive the photos, sent photos again. The scooter would not run as received, had to work on carb to get it running. I don`t think they have a parts dept. or any type of tech. support. The owners manual is a joke, the spark plug the reccomend won`t even fit the scooter.They get your money, you get a scooter, and that`s pretty much the end of it. The scooter is worth $675. but the people suck!
D  30th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
Ordered from GES on 5/16/2011 and my scooter arrived 5/25/2011. It arrived as stated in the ordering instructions and it did have a few minor nicks & scratches, but considering the trip this thing took to get to my door step I am amazed it made it at all. The helmet I ordered was missing and from the looks of the loose straps I believe it was dislodged in transit. GES recommended I purchase their better battery so I did and the acid leaked a bit, but I was able to rectify that. After carefully reading the Post Delivery Guide and performing all recommended tasks I filled the tank and...it started on the first try. The scooter looks and operates way better than I expected. I e-mailed GES about the helmet and I will say they are not up for any awards for charming personality, but they did take care of it. The horn was not working either, but after removing the front cover I immediately noticed the loose connection. Horn Fixed. The electric start is a little unreliable (GES is sending the new one at no charge) but the kick start works great so no inconvenience. If you want absolute perfection right out of the box, you need to go spend $1200 to $1500 (plus tax) at your local dealer. (yes, for their offering consistent with my model) I never had high expectations for a scooter that sells for $679. (By the way, $200 of that is shipping!) I am reasonably proficient with small repairs and maintenance but not a professional and figured I would have to perform some light work. GES even tells you this on their site. These GES guys are more like mechanics than P.R. people and can not be making much margin at all on these scooters, so cut them a little slack. I am very pleased with my purchase and the scooter way exceeds what I expected. I encourage anyone interested in this scooter brand to call GES and get more info for yourself.
N  5th of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
I'd say this last respondent has pretty much summed up what you should expect if you buy a scooter from an online seller. If you expect a perfect vehicle, buy from a local dealer. He fixes all the niggling faults they come with, but you pay extra for it. If you can handle doing repairs yourself then buying online is for you. I've had my online scooter three years and it's still running with over 4, 000 miles. It's the same brand Green Earth sells.
N  27th of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
I bought a JCL-MP 150B about 3 mounths ago and am haveing big problems with it. Not wanting to start and makeing funny noise when it finally does start. I think it is the gear box or something in it but not sure. Have changed fluids as I was instructed and am not pleased with the over all performance of the scooter as a whole. Don't believe what is said about top speed and be prepaired to add a light to the front b/c the stock ones aren't worth much of anything.
N  15th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
Whew! Just glad to not find any complaints of bikes never arriving.

I finally got mine paid off a few days ago and I havent received any kind of confirmation email from them yet. Nothing - no acknowlegement or anything. They do say on their site that they strive to get their orders out the door within 2 to 4 days of your order date, at which point they will send an email with the freight company tracking info in it, but that is not reassuring me at this point .

Having really sacrificed to come up with over a $1000 bucks over the last few months, and having long since discovered that it is very rare that they ever answer the phone, I'm kicking myself for not researching them before I gave the first $.

On one occaision someone did answer the phone and took my cc info, but then told me that he was only one of the warehouse guys! Dont know how big they are, but imagine my horror at being told I just gave my cc info to a guy in the warehouse!

I'm just really scared right now that I'll never get the bike nor ever here from them again.
N  16th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
Okay, I jumped the gun a bit. Checked my email at the end of the day (today being the 5th day including saturday and sunday) and finally got the shipping info so my motor bike IS on its way to me now. Whew! I was really, really scared after reading these reviews, so I will keep everyone posted on the condition of the bike when it arrives. Good or bad reviews, people are really starting to rely on them a lot.
N  24th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
Okay, update on the delivery -turns out they shipped it out on the very day I made the last payment, so I got it on day 7 or 8. Have to tell you though, my heart sank to the ground the minute I saw the package.

The packing box was only a mere threat still hanging on to the frame. Very tattered, I pretty much expected everything to be busted up on it. The bike did sustain some major damage, but not as bad as I expected. People make me laugh with comments like "if you wanted a perfect bike you should have bought it from the showroom floor". Bump that, its heartbreaking to rcv a new bike and its already scratched, and bent out of shape, things broken on it, and parts possibly missing.

To make matters worse, I had a smooth working delivery guy from Saia whose been doing this for a long time, who volunteered to do quick look over to make sure all was well, who pulled the cardboard away in certain spots to show me "see, no damage, the crate protects from damage" . Didnt see the damage tll he was long gone and I had already signed off on "everything being just fine". So I guess I screwed on that now. Both ID plates bolted to underside of bike are mangled

Additionally, I'm a chick with no mechanical experience, but I felt very confident that I could put it together as long as they sent good documentation. The documentation is just about useless though. It doesnt even show you where your spark splug is. Offers no visual guidance of the front wheel and the parts involved (I dont really know If I'm missing anything); and they didnt say the headlight would have to be installed also (which means opening up the whole front and top sections to connect the wiring, which doesnt look right because its showing 3 prongs with a spot for a 4th one that may have fallen out)

So, hopefully there is an authorized dealer somewhere near me who can come pick it up (pick up and labor another $200 I Bet). I feel like a deflated balloon right abut now :(
N  30th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
Okay, another update - just got my MSO paperwork in the mail from Green Earth Scooters so I can go and register my new Venice 150cc now. But it still has'nt been put together yet. I checked around at the local authorized dealerships and they all work at $65hr labor, quoting me over $200 to set it up for me. I finally found a local jack of all trades kinda guy that will do it for about $60, but I don't get the feeling he's going to know anything pulling out the spark plug (which none of the manuals even show or tell where it is) let alone adjusting the gap on it, or adjusting the car. Oh well, will cross that when I get to it. I will do another update once I get it up and running. Good or bad, I hope my reviews helps.
N  30th of May, 2012 by    0 Votes
Another update - Finally, finally got my front wheel on correctly! It was VERY hard getting it on because aside from the documentation not explaining the
SPACER or where they go, it is a VERY tight fit. I ended up having to leave off what I think might be the bearings (but now I can ride to a nearby shop and have it taken off and put back on correctly for a more do-able fee. Green Earth Scooters DOES have customer svc, but when I contacted them for a replacement part, described in my manual as the front axial bush (a spacer), they responded with an email asking me to better described the piece I was referring to. (Luckily, turns out it wasnt lost, I discovered later that it was stuck in the wheel) After starting the vehicle up the first time I had what I believed was gas leaking, but strangely it only happened that once, and hasnt happened again so I dont know what to think about that. However, when I emailed them about it they did respond promptly and told me where to begin looking to fix the problem. Now it smells like something that shouldnt be burning is burning and I'm also not sure if I have smoke coming from the front end or not (it could be residue from when it leaked the first time and saturated the muffler). Took it for a few spins around the block and it is a very smoothe ride. I have a Black Venice 150cc and aside from the couple of scratches and the bended/dents on both sides of the floor board where the passenger foot rests are, it is a beautiful, classy looking scooter and it feels good to ride. Hope that I never have to order from on-line again, but if I do, I'd probably order from them again. I couldnt have gotten this scooter without their layaway plan and so far I havent found anyone else that offers one. I'll do another update if anything bad happens with the burning smell...
N  10th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
Our factory/manufacturer is located in China.


The Green Guys

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Cc :
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------- Original Message -------
From : Ed @comcast.net ]
Sent : 9/10/2012 12:23:13 PM
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Can you tell me where your scooters are made?
I was in a store where they were telling me that they
were saving the planet by selling some China made
scooters that were being built in one of the most
pollution generating factories in the world!
Stupid pollyanna americans!

A  2nd of May, 2013 by    0 Votes
Agree. Damaged produce upon arrival and electrical problems.

Very unhappy, bike is ride-able about 20% of the time because it won't start due to electrical problems.

###, that was a lot of money.
A  7th of May, 2013 by    0 Votes
they wont reply to my e-mails warped front tire they where good at first
N  29th of Jul, 2013 by    0 Votes
I did the lay away over 4 months and received my Dash 150 on June 18th. As the truck driver brought it off the truck I could see major damage to the bottom of the frame work that surrounds the bike. The metal frame was strapped to a pallat but over hung both ends about 6". It looked as if the thing was dropped strait down from about 5 feet because the ends were crushed and bent to the ground. After taking off the card board I found a vertical piece of steel that was crunched into the floor board and there was damage but not too bad. Long story short after I went through everything with the set up and changing the fluids, I replaced the stock spark plug with a Nkg brand, I upgraded the coil wire and replaced the CDI with a performance CDI box. I put 93 octane gas in it and it started up after a few cranks of the starter. After I rode it for a test drive I found the the front end was bobbing up and down and got worse with speed. I took the front wheel and tire off and took it to a motorcycle shop to have it balanced. The shop guy had determined the the tire was defective which I was not surprised knowing the the tires were made in china and most likely from a 7 year old kid. I returned home I though I better check the back tire a d sure enough it was wobbling too and both were way out of round. I spoke with GES and they have me a # to call their parts people. The guy said they would send me 2 new tires but they would be the same brand. It has been a few days and I have not got any email or tracking # so I have decided to bite the bullet and I ordered 2 Avon brand scooter tires through Amazon and will have them put on at the bike shop for $60 plus another $107 for the tires. This really sucks but I can't put a price on safety. I had also read up on the CVT belt and that the stock belt will end up breaking around 800-1000 miles and when it dose it is a pain in the ### because it spreads and pieces of it go everywhere and you will have to take a lot of stuff apart to get all of the stuff cleaned out. The recommendation was to replace the belt with a Gate power link belt. This is the stuff you need to know and yeah it is a pain and more money out of pocket but even with the extra $200 plus in upgrades I still have a good bike for $1000 less then the dealer.
N  5th of Jul, 2014 by    0 Votes
wow I already paid a deposit on a scooter then I found all this stuff. O my gosh.. what a scam
A  11th of Feb, 2015 by    0 Votes
Although I agree with these complaints. I really didn't have too many problems. There is no denying that it was nearly impossible to get a hold of them, and mine arrived with the fuel pump on backwards. However, that is exactly what I expected for the price. They seemed like a couple of guys running a drop shipping website, or some other site where they didn't even touch the merchandise. I owned a Honda Elite 80 previous to buying the 49cc China special I did from greenearthscooters. Sometimes people just have to remember how much they are spending and what they should expect for that price.
If you don't spend Honda money, you don't get Honda quality.
Anyway, sorry for the rant as I did have a similar experience as everybody else on here.

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