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Great Vacations CLub / Ventas Riviera Maya / Mayan Palace / Very poor service!

1 United States Review updated:

I have had trouble with an affiliated organization to the Mayan Resorts known as the Great Vacations Club (GVC). This is the final step before you are I signed the contract November 28, 2006. I canceled by telephone (calling the GVC Texas Customer Service office) November 30, 2006, well within the five day cancellation period allowed by Article 56 of Mexican Consumer Protection Law. However, GVC made up lies about how the free massages I was given at the resort as an incentive the day I signed actually activated the contract immediately and therefore I do not get a refund.

I am considering a lawyer in the US as well as a lawyer in Mexico to recover my $5,999 US. The credit card company is no help as they have sided with the merchant in the dispute because the merchants contract states "an active membership may be canceled at any time but the membership fee is non refundable." The grounds for my lawsuit is that cancellation took place within the 5 day period allowed by law.

I am also beginning the process to involve Profeco.

If you have any tips or advice please send to me at

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  • Da
      24th of Apr, 2007
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    It should be noted that I have documentation that confirms receipt of my cancellation request by GVC. GVC is not operating within the law. Neither Mexican law (Article 56 of Consumer Protection Statutes), Texas Law where they have an office (Texas Business and Commerce Code Ann. Sec 39.001) nor California law where I reside (California B&P 11024).

    It is important to know that just because the credit card folks do not intervene does not mean you don't have a case. The credit cards are not obligated to the interpreting the law or making decisions based upon it. They are procedural people. Did you sign a contract? Yes. Are they attempting to deliver? Seemingly so. (But they don't ask: did you cancel it within 5 days of signing? That answer is also YES.)

    It is my opinion to NEVER do business with GVC... EVER. They do not follow the law, and there is much bad press about them at various websites. Search for Great Vacations Club, Mayan Palace, Ventas Riviera Maya, etc.

  • Na
      14th of Jul, 2007
    +1 Votes

    To Whom it May concern,

    We are writing this e-mail very disappointed in the fact that we bought into GVC vacation club yet we are completely dissatisfied. We had gotten duped when we were in Cancun, Mexico. Always looking for great vacation packages, we figured it was definitely a wise investment. For the last three months we have been trying to book a vacation in various locations, even using our 'last minute' certificates, to no avail. Every time we call, there is no availability. I don't understand how this company can have such a long list of hotels in different countries with no availability. I even called the hotel myself to see what the problem was, and they assured me it was not on their part. We are trying to get our full amount that we paid for this 'great' vacation club refunded, which was $2302.00. They definitely do not own up to their promises. Even worse, we will never recommend or stay at any Mayan property.

  • Jo
      30th of Jul, 2007
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    My wife and I purchased an "exit" package from Great Vacations Club while traveling to Cabo in '06. I had not done my homework, but felt comfortable enough that even after we had purchased the package, we had purchased a fairly good deal. This past February, I booked two weeks in Puerto Vallarta for July of '07. Absolutely no issues except the resorts they actually offer (on the most part) are contracted with the various resorts requiring you to purchase an "all inclusive" package for cash!

    I was lucky to get past that and booked the two weeks. To my disappointment, upon our arrival there was no record of our reservation. After about 2 hours, they finally FOUND our reservation and promised me that the second week, although they could not find that one at the time, would be handled before our arrival at the second resort.

    You guessed it, upon our arrival at the second resort - No Reservations. It took them 3 hours to FIND that reservation after requesting that I pay an additional amount and then possibly cancel upon our return to the States. NO WAY JOSE' was my first and only response. Once they found our reservation, we were given a great room - which we dearly loved!

    I then decided to contact the local, on-site director of sales for the GVC group.
    He was rude, arrogant - and an American to boot. Of course, he promised to look into the problem and get back to me before we left. Another empty promise from GVC. Upon our arrival home, I contacted the 800 number for GVC's customer service. I was told that my problem was not with GVC, but with RESERVATIONS at the GVC.

    Our issues are not with the Mayan Palace in PV, but with GVC. I am not sure how to solve the issues, but they have problems and they need to be addressed.
    My advise would be to steer clear of GVC, but if you can somehow find accommodations at the MP in PV, do so.

  • An
      1st of Dec, 2007
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    We purchased a great Vacations Club membership for $4700 in July 2006 during a Mayan resort presentation, after turning down everything else they tried to sell us. We were made all sorts of promises, none of which were true. We were told that we could choose to use our certificates and go anywhere at anytime for $199 or $349 and it wouldn't just be hotel rooms it would be our choice up to a 3 bedroom suite all for the same price.
    We tried to use for our vacation club in the summer of 2007 but everywhere we tried we received back no properties available, but at that time we didn't realize yet we had been scammed.

    We've again been trying to use it for the past month trying to book a vacation during Christmas. Nothing anywhere in the entire list of destinations was available. I started to realize something wasn't right and over Thanksgiving break my two sons and I went on three different computers and tried to book on any and every destination listed worldwide. Not one destination was available. We tried to use every certificate we had, just as we had tried to do in the summer, last minute, $199, $349, high demand for $149 etc.. and we we got back no properties available for every one, for every destination.

    What made me finally realize this really is a scam is I called one of the Mayan resorts directly. They said we were not able to use the $199 certificate during holidays. I told her we wanted to use one of our other certificates that didn't have any date restrictions and she told us they were not allowed to accept any other certificate and we had to call GVC directly. We talked about timeshares and I asked her if we bought a timeshare were there rooms available that week in the Mayan resorts and she said yes.

    When I called GVC directly right after that they said no rooms were available.

    I also put in some dates for February, which is low season, and just a couple destinations came up and they were more than double the cost of what is on the certificates and for just a one bedroom average looking hotel. So what they promise at the sales meeting about getting a week for $199 or $349 at a luxurious resort is another lie.

    We paid $4700 in good faith yet GVC acted in bad faith so I will be going to every outlet, online, travel sites, travel magazines, travel newspapers etc to warn others and hopefully not lose their hard earned money to this type thing.

  • Da
      18th of Feb, 2008
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    Yea, those people make me sick. What a lousy way to ruin a vacation by being suckered into their miserable scam. If ever there is a class action lawsuit, count me in. Darlene Brenha (San Diego )

  • Er
      23rd of Feb, 2008
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    I'm sad to say my experience with Mayan Palace and GVC has been the same as the others. First the timeshare hard sell, then the GVC false promises leading to a contract that is vague and misleading. Then once I received the package from GVC a month later I disovered everything expires in less than 2 years, there is lots of limited availability and then GVC gives you the run around. When I finally asked about just cancelling the membership they said, "Of course you can cancel at anytime." Of course all that means is they keep 100% of the money AND cancel your certificates. As one other person stated, they're good at covering their butts againt credit card disputes, so I lost out there. Now my only hope of recooping anything (and who could afford to use all those certificates within 2 years even if all the dates were open!) is maybe selling some of them and maybe using one or two if possible. Then of course I will start my lifelong crusade against GVC in particular by making frequent trips to Rocky Point, Mx, where they are making lots of sales and presentations, and bring lots of signs, flyers and personally let everyone in line for their money-making presentation scams, what they will be in for. Hopefully that will hit them where it hurts. Join the crusade! And if you have any other ideas, please let me know!

  • In
      7th of Mar, 2008
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    Can somebody help me out of that miserable situation? The sellers in Acapulco told me that I could not get my money back because the contract said so.It is almost $7.000!!! I am willing to share the cost of an attorney. Inna Almann

  • Er
      7th of Mar, 2008
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    Scammed and lied to by Mayan Palace (Grupo Mayan) Acapulco

    As many other I have read about on here, my husband and another couple were recently scammed at the Mayan Palace Acapulco. We were staying there using a friend’s (parent of our friends) timeshare and signed up to attend the presentation on 2/27/08 in order to learn more about timeshares (we are newbies) and to take advantage of the freebies. Cecilia was our representative. She told us about the opportunity and originally showed us a price of over $49,000 for the 2BR Suite we were interested in. After that, she said she knew that was a lot to paying considering how young we were and would go talk with her manager. She came back and gave us a story that there was a couple getting divorced and that the husband was a friend of the owner. She said they would be willing to sell us their existing contract, as they weren’t planning to pay it off and you can’t resell it until you have had it for two years. The offer then came to be just over $21,400. She built up to this by telling us that we could sell our weeks for $2500 each. When asked where that number came from, she said that was what the brokers were currently asking. We proceeded with the purchase, thinking that we would just rent out the weeks for a couple years so that it didn’t take as much capital and so that we could recoup some of the investment. We did also plan on going to the other resorts, so we weren’t just in it as an investment. She told us a lot about another company called HSI which they had supposedly just started partnering with that day. She said we could sell our rent our weeks and buy them back cheaper through HSI. Once we started signing paperwork, Cecilia told us that since we were buying an existing unit (Fractional ownership not timeshare as they like to say), we waived our right to the 5 day Mexican cooling off period. We had to initial a paper saying this, but we magically did not get a copy of that paper.

    As you read this, you can see all the lies and partial truths. It is fraud to tell someone they have to waive their right to the cooling off period. YOU CANNOT waive this right. They falsely represented the market for timeshares, as those $2500 numbers they were throwing out are really 750-1000 on average. They neglected to mention that once you own in Mayan Palace, you cannot sell your weeks to RCI and buy them back through RCI. They indicated that the timeshare would appreciate, which is absolutely false. I found similar units on the internet to what we bought, and they were going for less than $5,000. Please read and information on and get out of this if at all possible.

    We requested the cancellation of our contract and complete refund on the 5th business day following the purchase. We have emailed every Mayan Palace email we can find. We have sent the certified letters to the Mayan Palace Acapulco International Sales, Mayan Palace Adminstrative Center, and Mayan Palace Houston Office. We have disputed the charges with our credit card company and filed a complaint with Profeco. We are hopeful we can get this resolved.

    While the Mayan resorts are nice, they practice unethically and are not the type of company anyone wants to be a part of.

  • Li
      18th of Jun, 2008
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    I hate to be the dissenting voice here but i have been THRILLED with Great Vacations Club which i purchased in Puerta vallarta in 2005. I have been to florida twice at Christmas time, in amazing timeshares, one of them right on the beach, and have also used it locally in canada and twice in las vegas. i even managed to get a week in israel using the lowest price certificate. While i would generally agree with the comments that sometimes it is difficult to find what you are looking for, i would suggest if you can be flexible and persistent, you will definitely find what you are looking for.

  • Di
      11th of Jul, 2008
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    I did the same thing i paid them 6, 000 and now that i dont want to do it, i cancelled within the 5 days to rescind. I contacted the guy that sold it to me and he advised me that it was out of his hands when i was in Puerto Vallarta. It was Day 2 after i signed and he redirected me to call the office in Houston.
    In the contract it states that you have 5 days to rescind. That your suppose to return all the documentation that Mayan Resorts gave to you along with a letter to the Contact Center in Mexico DF stating that you want to cancel. I have done all of this but reading this comments make me think that they wont refind me with my money.
    If this happens im going to have to get a lawyer or just not pay them the rest that i still owe them.
    Unfortunately, it sounded like a good deal at first but after reading the contract i decided that i didnt wanted it.

  • Go
      30th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hi Diane and Cristine,
    We would really appreciate if you give us the opportunity to contact you and clarify your issues with our firm, as the personnel for Gonzalez & Gonzalez is highly trained and supervised; and we can assure you that none of our customers have been attacked in any way.
    Looking through the files and data base of our company we do not show any record under the name of ¨Diane Jersey¨ and/or ¨Cristine ----¨, who are the people complaining and defaming against the firm.
    After 15 years of experience we knew some day this will happen, being conscious of this we back up ourselves by recording every incoming and outgoing telephone call.
    In case of the existence of a recorded conversation with you under another name, we would like to expose it to the internet community to prove the opposite of the complaints made on June 30th against Gonzalez & Gonzalez to discard the fact that the post was exposed by our competitors or from the timeshare developers full of frustration by our advocacy and success on the resolution of the cases handled at Gonzalez & Gonzalez.
    Also, Gonzalez and Gonzalez has never charged such exaggerated retainer fees, we have a long list of satisfied customers who support our firm, with identifications to validate their existence and able to show their satisfaction by the success in the resolution of their cases.
    Gonzalez & Gonzalez counts with ample evidence, to show the Internet community and guarantee that there is no existence of this type of situation in our firm.
    Jose Gonzalez

  • Cl
      3rd of Jul, 2009
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    You certainly know how to write this comments, that means you are part of a hotel staff concerned about a group of people trying to help others scamed by you guys.
    I was one of the clients, real clients not fake ones that you mention, they really help, they don´t keep the money as you say, that is a lie and we are going to give our testimony, people can call us, can call me if they want I have proof to prove you wrong, I talked to them because I read about this complaint and I was very upset and susprised. You time share sales man don´t know when to stop, first you scam us, take our money and when someone helps us finally you try to deshonor them, I am available for anyone that want proof. You make me sick, timeshare is a scam and allways will be.

    And with this whole time investment either you don´t have anything to do in your life or you are dum enough to show your real job wich is to look for your competitors or the ones helped by G&G that represent no business for you because you are from a resort or a competitor!!! jajajaja amazing, you just showed us all who you really are jajaja Thank you!!! Now all of u, s clients are sure why we need people as G&G to help us get our dignity back! You don´t know when to stop!!! Can you show deposits? I can, Can someone visit you? They can meet me just stop, you sound so ridiculous

    Plus... the moment you go into a law suit you don´t need to say anything because you will get them on court, and if you say something people run away cause you told 'em you were going to take 'em to court, so either way you're so full of it!

  • Na
      8th of Jul, 2009
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  • Hu
      13th of Dec, 2011
    -1 Votes

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  • Ri
      11th of Jun, 2013
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    My wife and I were scammed by Mayan Palace. They claim they don't misrepresent themselves. Yet the promises and the drinks ease you into signing. Once you've done that, you are screwed. Through all the other initials on your contract, you realize you initialled, that they don't misrepresent themselves. Now you are up the creek. We had 2 timeshares they claimed that Alliance marketing would sell for us in 3 months max. We would recoup the money we paid at the Grand Luxxe and would net out ahead of the game. Well 15 months later, I am out $30k and I still have the original timeshares. I have also not heard a word from Alliance marketing in several months. Plus I found out they are a marketing group, thus not legally allowed to sell. I have had to take a 2nd mortgage out on my house. All the answers I have seen from the Mayan on various websites show they are not at all interested in helping out. Do they not have a concious? This is a good article on how most of the Mayan Palace Timeshare Scams are being committed:

  • Bc
      1st of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes

    Beware of Vacation Class S.A. de C.V. (advertising The Bliss Resorts, Bliss Vacation Club, Grand Mayan, Vida Vacations, VidaSales and more).
    My mother and I traveled to Mexico to celebrate my graduation from college. After about seven hours traveling we were met at the airport in Cancun by some saleswoman misrepresenting her intention. The next day we were at their Grand Mayan where we were subjected to five hours of high-pressure sales tactics before we relented signing an English-only document purporting to be selling "lodging rights and services."

    After getting away, we learned more about whom we had been picked up by from websites like tripadvisor, timesharescam, complaintsboard, scam, mescam, pissedconsumer, independenttraveler, and fodors, to name a few (all ending dot com). We notified the sales office that we cancel and asked for our downpayment back. They pretend to be confused and refuse.

    We learned that Mexican law protects consumers under PROFECO; that all contracts regarding property in Mexico, including timeshares, must be in Spanish and bear certification by a Notario--neither of which was true for us; and that we can file a complaint in at any Mexican Consulate.

    Our lawyer is putting together copies of their responses to share with you the names (and taunting words) of these sales people and the additional aliases they use. We hope that this post reaches you before you travel to Mexico, so you know to stay away from these people when they try to get you at the airport.

  • Bc
      8th of Jul, 2013
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    My mother and I have received an "offer of settlement" (viewable at this link that would obligate us to lie about our experience with these people who have identified themselves to us as Bliss Resorts, Bliss Vacation Club, Vida Vacation Club International Sales, Grupo Vida Vacation, Mayan Resorts, Riviera Maya, et al.

    First, this offer purports to create a contractual relationship between us and another company, to wit: Premium International Vacations S.A. de C.V. We are trying to sever ties with the authors of this unpleasant chapter of our lives, not expand the list of characters.

    Second, this offer purports to have us surrender our free speech rights, and goes further by obliging us to participate in marketing activities, such as posting positive comments, on behalf of the Premium International Vacations S.A. de C.V. and its unidentified "Affiliates, " for no consideration other than the return of our own money.

    Third, this offer demands our silence, requiring us to keep these terms a secret, and never to speak about it, under threat. Meanwhile, we are suppose to trust that the "Person Offering Settlement" noted on this offer with an office at the Riviera Maya (a) has the authority to make this offer, and (b) will eventually refund our downpayment.

    Who are these people? And why would any reputable hotel or resort allow them on their property to take our money? More importantly, why hasn't any of THESE hotels and resorts contacted us to resolve this?

  • La
      14th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes

    bc11385 How did you obtain this Settlement?

  • Hu
      16th of Jul, 2013
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  • Ka
      22nd of Aug, 2013
    0 Votes

    Can anybody advise if they have been successful recently in getting their money back from GVC? I took out membership with them in Mexico, Mayan Resorts... and was repeatedly unable to find any 'available' or 'affordable' weeks. I gave up several years ago after trying to do something about it(calling etc.) and have now seen all the complaints against GVC on the www. i have sent an email to PROFECO asking their advice on obtaining any refund from GVC.

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