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For anyone out their planning on going to this place beware... This salon changes stylist like I change my socks, I have been going to the establishment since they opened in May 2010, since then their has been at least 20 stylist thru those doors. I had some great cuts and some horrible ones, the manager Penny is great and the 2 barbers you get them your in luck if not run, it has been noted that this place had lice and spread it to numerous people GREAT!!! The owner who I"ve met Nancy does nothing but chase clients out the door if you dont decide to stay and while at the receptionis desks twitches like a bangi meanwhile she has no idea how to cut hair..Their was an incidence that occured while I was their with a horrible hair cut she twitched her way over to this poor manager for help. Really?? bottom line you want to catch LICE go to GREAT CLIPS in LODI.

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  • Ho
      Jan 06, 2011

    I so agree I use to go to Danielle then Julie my last straw was with a Lori or Laura she scalped my hair, Yes the manager Penny the blonde is great but hard to get always has a wait gave up. Great Lice...Hopefully that manager is out of their shes over qualified if you ask me

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  • Pe
      Sep 28, 2011

    I have had some great cuts there until today. the manager (a guy with an accent) gave me a feathered early Eighties cut. I looked like something out of the tv show Facts of Life or that British show Ashes To AsHes where the main character goes back to the 80s. avoid him if you can. I spent the afternoon snipping the feathered tips out of my hair. it looks fairly decent now

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  • Jd
      Nov 16, 2011

    This salon is one of the cleanest salons around. The place did have a rocky start, as like any business when they first open. They have really great experienced stylists now. So why not give them another try. As for the Lice comment, do not place the blame on the salon, it is the stylists responsibility to be aware of their clients hair. The owners are wonderful people and would never chase anyone out the door, they treat their customers with care and appreciation. Maybe you are referring to the old manager. If the old manager, Penny, was so wonderful she would have hired stylists who know how to do hair, (all types) and how to handle a lice situation. Apparently the manager at the time (Penny) who was always booked was a good stylist but was not such a good manager. Great Clips, Lodi, today has a wonderful manager (a woman, not a guy as the last post stated) who cares about the customers and the salon. There are so many experienced stylists working there now. As I was told, the reason for so many stylists is the 12 hours days and 7 days a week the salon is open. Which makes sense to me.
    As for the last post of the 80's haircut, maybe you should have brought a picture of the look you wanted. Or next time ask for a book to look at if you don't have a picture available.

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  • Ps
      Jan 08, 2015

    I took my daughters there a little over a week ago and now they have lice. They were off from school for the holiday break so I know they didn't get it there. Now when thinking back I do not recall the hairdresser sterilizing her combs or scissors after cutting a man's hair and then taking my daughter into her chair. I wish I would have thought of it at the time and said something, maybe this would have been avoided. Now I am dealing with two young children with lice. The post above is so true. STAY AWAY!!!

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