Great Clips, Inc.incompetent employee

I visited Great Clips in Tempe, AZ. This is the Mill and Southern location. I asked Brook for 1/4" off of my layers. She looked at the notes from a prior visit and noted that I usually get 1/2" removed. I said, "Not this time. I only want 1/4" off and just a minor lift to my layers." She asked about the length, which was shoulder length, and I told her to leave it alone. She started, then I looked in my lap and 1.5" clumps of hair were sitting in my lap. I asked her what she was doing and she said, "I'm trying a new layering technique." Well, I did NOT ask for a new technique. I asked for 1/4 of an inch to be trimmed. I have a thin fringe around the nape of my neck that looks like a mullet. The rest of the layers are approximately 2" long and one side is longer than the other. Also, there are loose strands that jut out and were not cut in this horrible process. The cut is choppy and not blended. Brook did not do anything that I asked and did what she wanted to my hair. This mess on my head is embarrassing and I have to live with it, she does not.
This happened on 9/15/15 and I am requesting a refund, at the very least. Brook should not be allowed to be in customer service, as she doesn't know what that means. As you look at this picture, remember that the length was shoulder length and is now up to my ears.

Great Clips, Inc.

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