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Grants Appliances / rebate program

1 IL, United States
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I purchased a microwave from the Grants Appliances Niles store after being told their "Claim Your Groceries" would virtually pay for the product in grocery rebates. The only catch being that the rebate would be $25 per month and I had to send in grocery receipts totaling $100 every month. It would take nearly 2 years to recoup the cost of the microwave but I figured it was worth it in the long run.

I scheduled the installation (and removal of my old microwave) after being very clear with the salesman that I had concerns about the fact that my kitchen had exposed brick and I wasn't sure if that would make the installation trickier. He assured me that their installation fee would cover it and his installation professionals wouldn't have any problems with this type of installation. When the gentleman who delivered the microwave began attempting to uninstall the old microwave they told me they did not think they would be able to do it. After breaking my old microwave (which although very old had been working) they gave up and told me I would have to schedule a special install which would cost more. I phoned the salesman who apologized and said he would send out his best installer to take care of the problem at their expense. He also offered me an additional rebate program called "Claim Your Gas" for my troubles. The new installer did in fact get the installation done. However, he had not been told that I should not be charged additional installation costs. After numerous phone calls I was finally able to get the additional installation charges waived. While the installer was very skilled he scratched my kitchen floor (hardwood) and left a mess for me to clean up. He even left pieces of my old microwave in outside my front door which I discovered later in the day. I figured at this point, although I was really annoyed, it was ahead of the game because I now had 2 rebate programs.

As many of you are aware these rebate programs were scams. I was never even able to activate my rebate accounts. As a result I have seen not one cent from this program. I contacted Grants and was told they would make good by sending a replacement rebate that actually worked. Months went by and I finally received a letter from the CEOs and President of Grants Appliances Electronics and More (Robert A. Bevilacqua and George L. Olsen) telling me that they were sorry for my inconvenience but that the company BBZ Resource Management that they had partnered with failed to live up to their contractual duties. In the letter they stated "Although this program was not a Grants program, we want to extend to you, our valued customer, a discount program on purchases from Grants." They're offering a 20% discount on the purchase of any regularly priced merchandise. These folks have got to be kidding! After being lied to repeatedly by this company there is no way they would get another red cent from me EVER!! Here's the kicker though. I only qualify for this discount if I sign a release from any potential obligation related to the rebate program. Perhaps there is a lawyer out there who'd like to take on a class-action lawsuit on behalf of all of us who were scammed by companies like this.

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