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Granton Marketing Singapore


scam company

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Granton Marketing Singapore

1. they don't have a company website.

2. they pay by commission.

3. they do not sign a contract with you.

4. require you to tell customers stuff that are not correct.
i was suppose to sell this 'wellness village' granton card, which customers need to pay $29.90 for the card which entitles them to one free facial trial. i was told to tell them that it is their signature intensive facial which they will be providing for free. i was actually convinced by myself so i actually bought one and went down to try it. turned out that it was worst than those normal basic facial i went for outside! Signature intensive indeed!

5. weirdly secretive.
the 'leaders' of the company actually seemed to be withholding a lot of extra information to me when they realise that i am not going to stay there for long. like... there will be a management course which potential leaders will be attending & they did not tell me about it. and like... leaders actually earn $5 more per card. etc etc information which they withheld from me all the time. the way they act like they are so open about everything, but i know they are keeping a lot of things from me, probably because they are scared that if i run off, quit or something, and holding too much information on my hand will only bring them more troubles.

6. claimed to be a new organisation hence recruiting.
i don't know, it really sounds weird. too weird to be explained.

7. fired me just because i didn't manage to turn up for work as i was having splitting headache. told me they will calculate my pay and let me know. but never heard from them again. like wtf?
7. and many more. there are too many things in the company that made it weird.
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A  23rd of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
Total different from their ads in the newspaper, telling how much you will earn a month. After an interview they will let you decide immediately, then you'll proceed to their get together before going on field. It's like you're going crazy, yeah, motivation... but it's so different!!! Sometimes you have to buy the stuff you are selling so that you have sales on that day!!! The team leader? very NOT professional!!! He was asking me to release 2thousand pesos so that we have sales for that day!!! I'm the only one attending to my mom everyday, had this emergency thing...i did informed them that i will not make it that day, then telling me not to come anymore?!! They are CURSED!!!
N  2nd of Nov, 2009 by    +2 Votes
Woah...chill, chill! I've read from the papers that they are an advertising firm. But when my friend and I enquired, we were skeptical of them being lip-tight of their biz practices.
Instead, we were told to go down for an interview and nonetheless, I found it odd that if Granton was/ is an Advertising Agency like Leo Burnette, 10 AM Communications and such, they would have a much bigger office space than filling a mickey-mouse apartment sized office. And the boss - this jerky no more than 25-years old on appearance person, had the gall to hire us as 'Management Trainees'...and after enquiring from their other staffs under the pretex of being magazine writers, we were told that these 'Management Trainees' did nothing but hard sales, going from door to door in heartland areas, trying their best to get aunties and uncles to purchase their cards for a duration of 6 MONTHS. Beautiful...

To make matters worse, there was City Harvest Church music playing in their office front. This gives the church a reputation to be battared, yet again.

But mmm...shouldn't the press expose them? If not, I will.
A  18th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
yeah...!! I agree..When i first came to the interview they told me that it was during lunch break so they told me to wait for some guy to inteview my friend and I. But eventually this arabad guy (the boss) interviewed me. He didn't ask me much. I told ime that I wanted to join the afternoon session and he told me that he would give me a call. I waited for quite long and then decided to give the company a call. The same person (the boss) would be picking up the call and he gave me his hp number and told me that he would call me at 6 in the afternoon or i can call him again. I called him again since he didn't call me. He eventually called me at 10p.m that night and i was to go for a 2nd interview the next morning. I was assigned to work for the morning session because they told me the afternoon session was full. After a few days, i found out that they were hiring people for the afternoon shift. I worked there for about 2 mths and when i quit, ryan told me that he would call me to give me my pay. I asked him for my pay alot of times for 1 mth but they was still no reply from them. They are always motivating us to do well before going to the field and on some days there would be a 'clear cut' day where everyone has to sell their cards before going back to the office at all cost. Some would even work until late at night inorder to sell. If we can't sell all, we wll have to buy them using our own money so that means we will have to work even on sundays to sell them.

Is the company still there? I heard from my ex-colleague that he and many other people have already quit. I guess they are not there anymore. Granton is only good at cheating people. They force people to sell all the cards at they have because they are short of money for thenselves. When advertising in the newspaper, they would eve use names such as 'may' or 'jane' when they don't even work in the company. The office is also very small.

They are also heartless. When my ex-colleague fell sick one day, she even told her leader(which is also my leader) that she is sick. That time my leader was in malaysia for working purpose (that's what they told us). The next day when she reported for work, she was fired. WTF!! They would tell people that this restaurant is good and blar blar blar. Sometimes when i went to the restuarant, it's not very impressive. Sometimes my customers would even call me to say that the company has cheated them. I advise everyone never to work in GRANTON!!!
A  1st of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
ya i currently working there jus a few days ago. they did not ask me to sign any employment contract like example, your name address, the amount of pay the company going to pay you, the number of leave u entitle, what are the number of days notice if you want to quit. they did not say anything about this. i think i gonna question them when i go back . after i read all this thread. i started to believe this thing. kinda go against my conscience. i feeling bad. if i cheat the customer instead giving them the real deal.
A  21st of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I just went for an interview at Granton in the afternoon.This indian(i think) guy interviewed me.I didn t even know his name coz he didn t even introduce himself.I applied as a marketing exec.In their ads, they would put "like to go to the movies?" & state the positions...many. Pay 1500-2500.Min 'O' levels. 36C Hongkong st(near clarke quay). Back to my story. Ok...the application form has only 1 page...not even a front & back page.I find it weird coz i m applying for an exec post.Nevermind dat.

Next, they didn t even ask for my qualification certs(I have a dip but didn t even ask to even view my 'O' level cert).Fine.Then, this guy interviewed me.Being a grad with dip, of course I noe how interviews are conducted so the way he asked me are all those type of 'straight to the point' type of questions...to skip all the front parts if u get wat i mean.He said my asking pay is too much.I mean, come on.I don t have any experience, fine but they posted 'O's as entry level for the job & I have a dip god damn it!

So he said he'll call me b4 5.30 if selected.Indeed the gals at the reception called to say dat i qualify for a 2nd interview tomm.Felt like going tomorrow to know whther it s unethical as said but I just can t bring myself to be part of a company who have been said to have unethical practices to it's employees.I've seen a lot of posts on Granton...even in the US.

I have nothing against direct sales but companies like this give the industry a bad name...making us harder to trust smaller companies to join them.It s about time someone goes in as an undercover to remove such companies.In the eyes of the public, salesmen are shady people who con ppl just to earn.I am pro business & I want to see sales people use ethical methods to do sales.It s about time...

If u got a job there...DITCH it.PRONTO.They only think for themselves.Not for people who work for them.
N  13th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
Q: Who has got your goat?
A: Unethical Sales Corporations.

I have had my fair share of employers who do not embrace the value Public Relations could bring to a corporation, regardless of its size. After being an industry observer for the past year, I have come to a realization that Singapore is way too conventional, unappreciative of the artistic. Corporations are still concerned over the performance of their sales and would do whatever it takes to up their dollars and cents, even if it meant leaving behind their senses in the trash bin. Now, here’s what really gets me annoyed: Hard sales Corporations trying to use deception spins to smitten people to join their them, claiming its part of their PR/ Marketing to promote themselves as a positive and responsible Advertising firm when they are not.

While the majority of corporations out there holds in high esteem the value of sales for its annual profit gained, this has inevitably given birth to a new breed of hard workers. These hard-salesman, given the glorified title of Management Trainee, are willing to work long hours under the hot sun for a span of 24 - 30 weeks, pushing value-for-money cards by local and international beauty firms, prized at $29.90 each to the unsuspecting, usually an aunt or housewife who has long been receptive to beauty commercials. Such is the life of these trainees, who also go from door-to-door in heartland areas, trying their best to persuade the elderly into making purchase.

One such company here is Granton Marketing, whose trainees work from dawn to dusk, sometimes even till pre-dawn just to get rid of their cards before they are allowed to return back to its head office at Hong Kong Street for their daily debrief. These fresh recruits, whose ages, qualification types and work experiences varies widely, are segregated into teams of 5, each led by 2 experienced hard salesmen who would take them out for a morning’s coffee first, before hitting the field. Trainees will be briefed verbally how they should go about selling these cards, and should they encounter any difficulties during their sales, are taught to take things with a pinch of salt, even if it is an unreasonable berating from a prospective client. Should these trainees be unable to sell off all their cards, they would have to either, choose to work, walk the extra mile to get rid of them or, fork out their dollars (as suggested by their leaders) to buy them. And to make matters worse, these salesmen are not paid a CPF contribution, since there is no black and white proof to note that Granton is/was their employer. [### WTF?!!!]

Meanwhile, over at https://www.complaintsboard.com, an international forum dedicated for the unhappy to air their grouses, a discussion thread on Granton titled “Scam Company” was started.

Such unethical practice and conduct certainly casts each and every corporation’s sales department in dark light, thus putting their annual revenue at stake. In return, should there be a dip in their sales performance, large corporations/ MNCs will start to lay off staff and freeze manpower. On the other face of the dice, people would not be interested in doing sales, since they are under the impression that sales staff is not valued. This would result in the company having to plead their support and managerial staff to step out, be bold and help to run errands, an additional onus for them to deal with top of their individual responsibilities. Moreover, with the Singapore government now campaigning for local productivity, it is high time someone rats upon them to society’s law enforcers before this issue turns into a crisis.
A  5th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
I've to agree this company is indeed weird, no doubt .

The application page was a single page, full of weird stuffs . Parent's names ? Who's there in the family, and what so therefore, this is completely senseless. Moreover, they told those who are shortlisted to join them for the orientation. After seeing this many negative reports, I'm starting to have my doubt for them too.

Shall update here again, when i visit that company as a trainee . :D
N  18th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
I am currently working in Granton! I decided to check our company when my fren that quit told me that he did not get his pay when he left! Also another collegue recently got fired for telling the 'truth'. Apparently she was not allowed to use her real name and got chided for telling callers our work scope as well as the name of the company. Wth right?! Once my leader sent me home cus I was sick and he wanted to basically get rid of a burden but apparently his leader did not allow saying that 'whoever sick ask them dun come tmr' so he resorted to calling me asking me to drop 2-3 cards from my family and the rest he cover. WTH. After working for such a short period of time i really feel the hyprocrisy. My one month is nt up yet should i wait to get my one month pay before i quit? I am afraid that they will not pay me! wad should i do?
N  4th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
they did same in pakistan thats why they run away from pakistan
asad musa
N  10th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
I was working in granton for the past few months... and i was promoted as a leader too...I had a manager who was a blood sucker who started using up my money, but he goes around boasting tat he earns 15, 000 a mth.But sometimes ends up wit no money to pay for an ice coffee.They used tricks like within few mths u can be a manager and u wil bring home 15, 000 jus to make use of ur money.And when i was on mc they made me come back to the office to work.how heartless people can be.despite me saying i was having high fever they made me get back to work.
Seriously tis company is a scam..Some people considering themself as highest rollers buy cards by themselves.I feel so bad for their clients too.. screw u Granton..
N  1st of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
Lucky i go and check internet, seeing all these comment and complaining. Last few days i just went for interview... and after the interview by the india guy, evening time that same day called me up saying i been recruited. I am is like... kind of happy haha. And call me the next day i have to go down cementi for orientation. I say nt free, then go internet check the granton detail... really lucky i saw this. if nt i have been regretted. haha
N  28th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
Lucky i serached internet and saw this today... I supposed to go for interview tomorrow, guess i willl find an excuse and not turn up for the interview tomorrow. Thanks-a-lot for posting!
N  13th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
thanks for this report! I went for an interview as well and got called back for a second one. Luckly I checked the internet and found more about this "scam company". Thank you for your help.
A  20th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
same tactic in philippines... unfortunately I am one of their victim. I worked with them for 6 mos, year 2003. I didn't receive my certificate of employment. They are ell cheaters. The only consolation I got from working was friendship from my co-victims. We were bonded by taking off our blind faith in the company.
A  22nd of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
I m totally agree with what they said!!! Granton is indeed a scam company!!! The whole people out there are
all suckers. There is no employment letter at all. I was working there for 2 weeks and the indian manager that took me out was weird as well. Keep bragging how much he earn and to tell me about their management in their company to impress. I was force to go for their extra mile on one weekend to sell more cards in order to acheive my goal else i was not allow to be "release" on that day even though i m new and that is many days whereby i was been pushed to do it without giving us any reason at all. And to make matter worst, they had not give me the balance of my pay since the days i left until now!!! WTF!! And to my aware, a lot of guys out there didnt gotten their pay as well . They even give us a lot of reason as in boss is not in singapore n etc when one of my colleague went over to check on his pay.
I personally feel that all the managers there are all sucks n inhuman. imagine, they keep bragging how much they earn as a manager but when come to ask about our pay, they will just drag and avoid out of it.Therefore, i really believe that they are a scam company in town. They are making use of us to help them to roll in their cash funds only .
A  10th of Feb, 2011 by    +1 Votes
True true, I'm working now at Granton. It's my 4th day there at both Pantech & Hongkong st. They are weird in some ways, and they're hiding alot of things which I don't really like. Complaining behind my back to those " MANAGERS " . Like wtf? =.= I suddenly felt that all the managers are cheating me after I saw this thread. And I seriously don't feel good if this is a scam company, that sells fake promotions. And fake information. Oh, saying about " going on to the field " one of the leader who actually took me out, gaves me an f***ing attitude when I wanted to have my lunch. It's like f***ing 3pm. And alot alot more. Can't really understand what they are up to -.- really lame though. Regret joining this. When they offering take home $70-$100 per day -.- " HA HA ? " LOL. When i'm only taking home $30 per day. f***ed up.
A  13th of Apr, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Don't ever mention Granton again! They are all sinners! I am glad that by GOD's grace I am not made to be like them:)

And frankly speaking, I rather be a gigaglo and sell myself off to a rich and hot chick then to work for Granton! Granton is a sinner, liar, scam... and all the leaders, executives plus whoever work there are all conman! Yeah! Even gigaglo and prositutes make more money then them!

N  9th of May, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Its all a con-job... the guys going to the field all work with NO BASIC... for anyone still there... WAKE THE HELL UP!!!

Theres no basic, nothing... Granton is a major con job... Arabad is the main con man behind it all.
A  9th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
Yeah! Arabad.. Arrrrrraaaaaa... BAD! He is bad, bad, BAD! Such a bloody ###! A smiling face that is used to cover the face of a devil/satan! Looking at his face makes me feels so sick! He looks so satanic, just like those people who practice witchcraft/Falunggong! So people, stay FWA FWA away from this sinner/satan before you got demon posses! Draw nearer to our HEAVENLY ABBA! Be concious of HIS Goodness, Grace and Unmerited Favor, HE is truely a great GOD that provides and supplies ! Trusting in HIM would not only favor you but also prosper you in no time! Arabad the satan and all his followers (sinners) would only rob you of everything and cause you to be fall from Grace! Trust in our HEAVENLY ABBA and you shall not fear of anything, including Arabad the satan and all his sinners, because when you turn to CHRIST, No Weapons Form Against You Shall Prosper! Never Ever! If GOD is with you, Who can be against you? The answer... Nobody!
D  28th of May, 2011 by    -1 Votes
sorry, I have to say Granton Singapore is not really scam company. Firstly the word "direct sale" mean you have to work hard to get your pay for the day. let take it as your company if you were the boss, will you want to see your guys never give the full effort in work and just waiting for pay day or you want to let your guys learn how to get your enjoyment through hardship? most of the company has given basic pay so people take advantage of pushing work to their junior and waiting for pay day only. i been in granton singapore for only 5 months and i was a leader that time.i took 9 weeks to be promoted as leader but i learn something if i never work myself with hardship, i never have a chance to see my talent to be a saleman.A truly Direct saleman is will have more exp that a retail saleman, because we know there many type of people in this world to handle problem they facing. i left granton singapore because i did something wrong outside. this world every job is all about sale.every company has their policy itself.

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