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My husband and I purchased a Stickley sofa and chair last October. After the delivery I began suffering allergic reactions to the furniture and discovered that it contained down feathers. I contacted the sales rep (Leon) who said that he did not know that the furniture contained down feathers. We then talked to the Manager (Cheryl) who stated that it was our responsibilty to inform them of my autoimune disease prior to my purchase. The sales rep then called my husband back and began shouting at him over the telephone which prompted us to meet with one of the owners (Tom Lias) who stated that it is not the sales persons' responsibility to know the contents of the furniture rather it is the customers' responsibility. He also stated that he would only give us store credit for the purchase or charge us a 30% restocking fee. What a bunch of bull. Our attorney also contacted him and was told the same thing, store credit or a 30% restocking fee. To avoid a costly lawsuit and restocking fees, we agreed to return the furniture and purchase something else. After months of this nonsense and attempts by Gorman's to up sell us more furniture, we decided to purchase a Stickley sofa and coordinating fabric in an attempt to get out of the situation. They still owe us $500 but they are high end so not sure I will ever have an opportunity to spend the money as I will never make a purchase at Gorman's again as we have never been treated so poorly and disrespectfully in our lives.
Buyer Beware of these stores as their "Make it Right" policy is a lie because it has been nearly 11 months and it still is not right.


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