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This company has deceptive business practices. There hypnosis seminar does not work and they pressure you into buying weight loss products that do not work as well. They do not point out that there is a specific period for returning their weight loss products and refuse to take it back and credit you when requested. These seminars do not work; do not waste your time and money; buyers beware!

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      29th of Oct, 2014

    We attended the quit smoking seminar which was an absolute joke. It was nothing but a very high sales pitch for vitamins that cost about 379..for that pkg down to 179.00. The entire two hrs went to nearly this pitch and maybe 20mins to relax and have him talk about you licking an ashtray. LIGHTS come on and walla!! Your smoke free and here we go again the high pressure vitamin sales pitch and how he can post date credit cards and other forms of any possible way you can pay...because he use s the old cc slide machine, go figure now we know why..and he sure made ppl feel horrible for not buying. He got more aggravated after the first break when only a couple of ppl purchased them. He reiterated that you must take all of these for this to work and youll get fat if you don't and how ppl with medical conditions can take them and there is NO Dr.that will tell you that you cant!! So purchase them and if your Dr.says no, then you can return them for a refund in a month, bur he knows no Dr.will FOR any reason say NO. He goes on to say how you are saving so much money by quiting smoking today that look at it this way he claims, this is what you'd spend on cigarettes, lighters, gas this month, making you feel guilty. He was so rude when I said I couldnt take them due to medical condition and literally turned his back while attempting to ask about only purchasing the cd. HE in no manner said goodbye..just more high sales pressure, no thank you, nothing but the above. He wasn't so kind to a cple who purchased the 179.00 pk as he tried hard to explain you really need them all for the 379.00! By the time we were supposedly hypnotized he was just plain aggravated from low sales and this came across in his relax and lick an ashtray speech. I asked about the ad which we brought in also which states you get something extra for bringing it in..well dont bother.She said we didnt need the ad, its just a drawing..ridiculous. Ad says guaranteed that you will stop right ppl were there for round two and three as it is just up to you to quit and you can have anyone cite you the speech he gave. There add states NOTHING about a vitamin sales seminar and wasted our time.I am going to speak to State Reps etc.on how to stop them from this here in Portland. We had high hopes upon going in, were so happy to take this step and they just dash your hopes and take your money. The seminar was 50.00.Please do not watch the phoney you tube testimonials. I AM an attendee and what Im stating is truth. It is nothing but sales and I mean that. THE CLAIMS of not smoking and weight loss are to get ppl there, belittle you so that you feel you need these vitamins to get clean and not fat etc.Beware and thanks for reading.

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      6th of Apr, 2017

    I was a 2+ pack a day smoker in from 1985 to 2010. I attended this seminar at the cost of only $50. The leader did talk about licking ashtrays and got upset with me when I would not throw away my zippo lighter. After the first hour they started the sales portion of seminar which I did not purchase anything from them which upset them even further. However to thisday I do not smoke nor have cravings to, so I my case it was not a scam.

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