Goodwill Industries Of Se Wisconsin / orangetta kelly is getting rid of everybody in goodwill laundry

6055 North 91st Street, Milwaukee, WI, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (414)353-6400

Orangetta Kelly is making everybody lose their job because of her actions, Orangetta Kelly needs to go and needs to resign, because she's making laundry co-workers uncomfortable, She's invading co-worker's privacy by hooking her laptop computer with the security camera making co-workers uneasy, uncomfortable, and unsafe by spying on laundry co-workers, Orangetta Kelly is dirty, That's why co-workers don't like her but they hate her.Orangetta Kelly will slander any laundry co-worker, if you work in Goodwill Laundry.Green Bay Packer Wide Receiver Donald Driver is kissing Goodwill's Industries ### and representing them, If I was Donald Driver I would not kiss Goodwill's ### and I would not represent them!!!The co-workers who work in different departments snitch and squeal on you!!! If you slander and backbite in prison wthe inmates will beat your ###, If you do that ###!!!If you were in prison if you snitch and squeal on another person you will get hurt and killed!!!

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