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Goodwill Industries. Dallas / unethical behavior

1 1606 Greenville Ave, DallasDallas, TX, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (214) 824-4351

Much like other complaints on this site the Dallas Goodwill located on Greenville Ave is infested by unethical behavior & corruption from managers & associates. On a daily basis employees can be seen either doing favors for preferred customers (family members) or purchasing items that have not been put out onto the sales floor for customers. The employees take items straight from the bins & if they choose to keep the item they simply carry the item to back where it will be placed for later purchase. All of these actions violate Goodwill employee policy & grounds for termination in any occupation. Goodwill policy states that employees can only purchase items after it has been put out onto the sales floor at the end of the day. Some of these employees have the audacity to speak of the items they purchased for their grandsons, for themselves, & for resale. Managers (Simone & Tijuana) are the main culprits in this store at times refusing to sell an item to customers or literally taking the item from their possession citing that it is not for sale. If anyone has witnessed any of these actions please communicate this to Kylie Allen director over the stores or toMargaret Lee Harder Donations Coordinator at the following:

Goodwill Industries of Dallas, Inc.
3020 N. Westmoreland Road
Dallas, TX 75212
[protected] x 137
[protected] (fax)

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  • Da
      19th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    We agree with Mr. Dupree. We have and even today expierenced this unethical behavior from the Manager or senior associate from Goodwill location on 7812 Lake June Rd., Pleasant Grove.
    The lady in question today refused to give us her name, she is a short slender black elderly lady that has a walking disability. She has a rude attitude, to anyone that she does not associate with. It does not matter if you talk civil to her she has taken items from my wife's hand or sister in law's with the comment that item is not for sale. And the item has a price tag???? This store we have given our business for over fifteen years. And if nothing is done to correct the behavior, we will take our business to other outlets where this preffered behavior is not tolerated.

  • Ba
      4th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have experienced and witnessed the unethical behavior of the manager at 7812 Lake June, Simone. does have a rude attitude with certain customers, she knows the two people I am referring to !! When she is at the store and certain people she does not like is there or come in she tells Mary and Mildred not to put out the merchandise or stop. Simone is verbally abusive to Carol (Carol works just as hard or better than the others, it made our day to see her smile). In the last couple of of months I have seen her crying and sad because Simone has told her not to talk to certain customers, Simone told her she would fire her .Carol does not say anything because she needs her job and fears Simone. How would you like to go to a job where you were subjected to this type of treatment from management? Carol is a human being and does not deserve this type of treatment. As a customer, I have given my business to this location for quite some time, if nothing is done to correct the problem, me and my family will take our business where this behavior deffinately is not tolerated.

  • Fr
      2nd of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I have a complaint against the Goodwill store on Shiloh Road in Garland, Tx. There is a black employee (senior) woman who primarily works putting out clothes in the women's area. I frequent the store. I've never been in the store that I did not hear her complaining. She complains about clothes being in the wrong spot, about shoppers who put clothes in the wrong spot, about shoppers with children, about other employees who don't do their fair share of work, etc. Sometimes when she is especially brash, she ends it with a "kind" word, but she is unkind. If you ask her a question she cuts you off with the answer before you get the question out. I heard her tell a hispanic woman through the dressing room door that she cannot have her buggy in the dressing room unless she has a child in the buggy "because we can't watch your children too". One day I was in there for about an hour and she complained the whole time about an employee who took her lunch box in the back...she is diabetic and they took her lunch. "That ain't right" she continually said. And, she does not talk can hear her several rows over. I hate to go in there anymore.

  • Cg
      2nd of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    Goodwill is becoming pathetic all-over the state of Texas rude. obnoxious, [censor]es working in these stores especially noticable in the Cedar park Tx Goodwill..the merchandise is over-price, , a lot of is dusty, dirty, , and the auctions goodwill puts on.. I've seen a lot of real antiques and collectable on the floor and pure junk in the auction cases.. The Hutto Tx Goodwill has a side door where the employees park, and If you'll just sit in the parking lot and'd be amazed at the merchandise they "put" in their cars..the so-called employees treat the customers extremely bad. I no longer donate to Goodwill and often go out of my drive to smaller thrift stores in small towns to donate..they seem to appreciate it more..and most of them put the profits back into the helping the homeless and with utility bills.. consider donating to the small towns if Goodwill's donations start going down maybe the real management superiors will open their eyes.

  • Ro
      27th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    i agree with this other costumers. today when i went to the goodwill store in GREENVILLE AVE. i have a problem with the manager and the cashier, the manager simone and the cashier monica and she dont want to give me her last name . SHE TOOK MY STUFF AND TOLD ME WAS NOT FOR SALE AND LATER ON SHE WAS TAKING THE STUFF IN A WHITE BAG TO HOME!she bring her family to the store and then when she leave the store with her family everybody have bags with stuff on it . her daugther was taking stuff ffrom the store and the cahier told her if you like you can have . and truE TRUE she took it .and NOBODY PAY NOTHING SO WHERE THE DONATIONS GO?

  • Va
      21st of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    I have a complaint about the Cleburne location. I know it says that they help the diaabled, however I work with this type of individuals and none of the them have been hired. Only people I see working here are a couple of manly looking women and a red head manager that kept giving me dirty looks because I called her out in front of other customers on different prices of the same exact item and asked her why I should pay 1.50 for an item from the dollar store. Some of their clothes have stains or holes and shoes from the 60's that are 7.99. Something really needs to be done. I have also observed them "shopping" in the back. they come out with items that they have saved through out the day for themselves.

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