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Can you believe this?!!! I have been a loyal customer of Barrie Ontario Goodlife for over 10 years now. In those years I have purchased at least 3 personal training packages. In July of this year I decided to sign up with Canada’s top trainer for Goodlife three times a week which cost me $5000.00! I was really looking forward to training with him. In August I developed medical issues. Two doctors recommended that I was not to continue training. My family doctor wrote a note explaining my training should stop due to medical reasons. I read the personal training agreement and on the agreement it states that no refunds are available UNLESS UNDER THE DISCRETION OF THE CLUB MANAGER. I called Goodlife and had my sessions put on hold. Due to this statement and my medical condition I phoned the Goodlife Head Office and I was told that any refunds done were in the hands of the club manager at the club attended and they said they’d email the fitness manager to let him know of my issue to give him a heads up-they also alarmed me and told me that 13 more sessions had been book. I then found out that sessions that are booked and not attended count as missed appointments and the money would have been taken for them even though I didn’t even know about them!!!
I waited a week to hear back from the Barrie club’s fitness manager and no word, even though he was to respond to Head Office about my next step in what to do when a medical issue comes up and a person needs to cancel training. I couldn’t believe that my serious medical problem was getting no attention! I then called the club to speak to the fitness manager and he was always unavailable, I left many messages and finally I go through and said I’d come in to meet him. I explained my issue and his inconsiderate response was that receiving a doctor’s note to him is like receiving a note from a parent that their child needs to be taken out of school! He said that this case would have to be reviewed. Why reviewed? How many hoops do I had to jump through with a health issue??? Goodlife promotes health and well being yet they disregard a doctor’s note?!? I then proceed to contact the club manager, whom also was very hard to get a hold of! When we finally spoke he said he was sorry for my situation, but he’d have to review my case and get back to me- one option would be to extend my time frame for training. An extension sounds reasonable, but when your medical doctor recommends you stop it needs to be taken very seriously and you should not be given the grief or the extended responsibility to complete sessions when your doctor says to stop and your not sure when you will be training again! I still am in disbelief that I am being treated so poorly with such a serious matter!!! What would someone do if they found out they had leukemia? Or couldn’t walk again?? They wouldn’t have a refund either? What does it take to respect human rights and service people accordingly?!!! I have still heard nothing back from the Club!

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  • Gt
      Nov 14, 2010

    I practice law in Toronto, and I too have training at Goodlife in a Toronto club and I asked my manager of this situation. We were under the similar understanding that you, as well as the club fitness manager, are bound to the terms of the contract and given all rights available to you under the Consumer Protection Act, none of which state you are elligible for refund of contractual services under any (medical included) circumstances. Sessions scheduled in Goodlife are charged if no notice is given, ONLY IF THE CLIENT SIGNS THE CONFIRMATION UPON REVISITATION TO THE CLUB, otherwise sessions cannot be processed, even by Management, as they too are enforcable only by signature.
    You also have to note that although you are bound to the terms of the contract, "Indefinite" Medical issues will always be treated with the utmost courtesy and services refunded. As it is in this case it was not indefinite. Furthermore, your complaint is clearly personal, and it sounds to me that you have not explored all options available to you. You are within the right to sell your services to others who may want it, same as an auto loan or other related "Luxury" services contracts by simply exchanging money on your own terms, and submitting a gift letter authorizing the takeover to head office.

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  • Ma
      Mar 31, 2011

    I too am going through grief with Goodlife fitness. They are con artists and only want your money and couldn't care less about your health

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