Gold's Gympoor service gold's gym magnolia texas

11/14 / 2018 I was at Golds Gym 6511 Fm 1488 Rd, Magnolia, TX 77354. Time around 12.30 PM I found someone cut my padlock on locker & steal all my personal belongings almost worth of 1000 $ including my wedding ring.
I informed duty manager & he just wrote my name & phone number & said I will inform you after check cameras. That's it. No one call me anything anymore.
Today i attend location & ask about their findings but now they start filling up missing itin log sheet & now they telling me to inform police after 3 weeks. But the time it happened they say nothing.. also the day it happened they share with me same kind incident happened around 8 am but I believe they not taken any preventive actions that's why same thing happens to me same day 12.30 pm.
No one staying 8 am to 12.30 in gym or their has to be 2 entry from same member or I believe someone inwhole from employees.
My question is why duty manager did not complete form of missing or stolen item log sheet same time & why they didn't tell me to inform police at a time. But they saying me to inform police after 3 weeks. So I believe they trying to cover up something.
I am paying membership on time & I am more than 3 years old customer. I want a real action taken on this case & investigation report from the location of Golds gym 6511 Fm 1488 Rd, Magnolia, TX 77354.
Their is nothing has done from location guilds gym staff so that's the reason I am informing corporate. I won't bother even publish this incident on your social media but I know it's bad for golds gym reputations so please investigate why golds gym 6511 Fm 1488 Rd, Magnolia, TX 77354 team not taken proper step at a time ? Did they inform police ? Did they investigate their self ? If yes there the paperwork? I am expecting report on this regards & what action taken on employees who not follow standard operations procedures witch golds gym having.

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